Mechanix in thymed essays
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Mechanix in Thymed Essays. Quotes within quotes: Berry writes that “to protect and encourage the American farmer at the job of being “breadwinner” to a world of families,” we must… In the essay Home of the Free , … The book is “ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

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Mechanix in thymed essays
Mechanix in Thymed Essays

  • Quotes within quotes:

    Berry writes that “to protect and encourage the American farmer at the job of being “breadwinner” to a world of families,” we must…

  • In the essay Home of the Free, …

  • The book is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

  • Wendell Berry had this to say

  • I agree with Wendel

  • I agree with Barry

  • This is ridiculous, where’s the satisfaction in driving?

  • Sure you would have gotten the benefits right away

  • I was shivering violently but I still wanted to know…

And more spel czecking
And more spel czecking

  • By the time we were done with the house, we wanted to buy it. Not because it was such a great house, but because we put our love, time, and effort into it…

  • He is correct in realizing… however he stumbles and goes to far…

  • And giving the person exactly what they wanted…

  • Wendell Berry described…

  • Berry believes people have efficiency, production, and consumption but little satisfaction. People with money would rather have someone do it for them.

  • Imagine a world where people never had to do anything that they didn’t want to do; every task that we hate to do can be performed by a remote control…

And evn moore misteaks
And evn moore misteaks

  • … ship the rest of to someone that’s not “too good for it.”

  • With technology, people do not know how to get “down and dirty.”

  • For example, the John Deere display.

  • With a future based around computers I would also ask…

Concrete vs abstract detail
Concrete vs. Abstract Detail

  • Concrete detail is what we’re looking for: it’s detailed, specific, and precise.

  • Abstract detail is vague, generalized, and often times difficult to grasp.

    Consider the following example: With every blink there is new technology to fix that blink. Was there ever a problem with that blink? We become isolated from the reality of the problem because we are told that is a dire necessity.

Tying back to the source text
Tying-Back to the Source Text

  • When you offer an example (not from the text), you should tie back to the source text, to analyze the connection you’re making. Consider the following example:

  • … I personally do not like rugby practice. It is a gruelling two hours of conditioning and running through our plays. But when the game starts, I love the satisfaction of performing a game smoothly and being able to run for longer than half an hour. It is the satisfaction that keeps me playing. (ends here, but might’ve gone on) This is just what Berry suggests when he points out how though he put in a hard day’s work spreading manure on his farm, such labor “has given me no end of pleasure and instruction.” Though initially such labor is odious (and odorous!), ultimately we realize its value—and in that is clear satisfaction.