In search of the killer app the internet2 experience
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In Search of the Killer App: The Internet2 Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In Search of the Killer App: The Internet2 Experience Douglas E. Van Houweling President & CEO 24 April 2003 Disruptive Innovation, Higher Education, IBM & the Internet NSFNet -> Internet2 NSFNet/Merit partnership – NSF, IBM, MCI, Michigan

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Presentation Transcript
In search of the killer app the internet2 experience l.jpg

In Search of the Killer App:The Internet2 Experience

Douglas E. Van Houweling

President & CEO

24 April 2003

Disruptive innovation higher education ibm the internet l.jpg
Disruptive Innovation, Higher Education, IBM & the Internet

  • NSFNet -> Internet2

    • NSFNet/Merit partnership – NSF, IBM, MCI, Michigan

      • IBM Research designed and built the core routers – by 1993 had the best technology in the world

      • IBM also sold a proprietary network – SNA

    • November 1993 Westfields meeting

      • Introduce Lou Gerstner to the higher ed community

      • NSFNet panel

      • IBM decision not to productize Internet routers

      • Cisco did not have a backbone networking product

Internet2 mission l.jpg
Internet2 Mission

  • Develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet.

Internet2 goals l.jpg
Internet2 Goals

  • Enable new generation of applications

  • Re-create leading edge R&E network capability

  • Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

Internet2 partnerships l.jpg
Internet2 Partnerships

  • Internet2 is recreating the partnerships that fostered the Internet in its infancy

    • Industry

    • Government

    • International

Internet2 universities 202 university members april 2003 l.jpg
Internet2 Universities202 University Members, April 2003

Additional participation l.jpg
Additional Participation

  • Over 50 Internet2 Corporate Members

  • Over 30 Affiliate Members

  • Over 30 International Partners

Internet development spiral l.jpg
Internet Development Spiral





Research and



Source: Ivan Moura Campos

Download of the matrix dvd comparison of the internet2 land speed record l.jpg
Download of “The Matrix” DVD(Comparison of the Internet2 Land Speed Record)

Abilene network backbone core map march 2003 l.jpg
Abilene Network BackboneCore Map, March 2003

What is advanced broadband l.jpg
What is Advanced Broadband?

  • Multi-megabit in both directions

    • Well beyond today’s 300 kbps

  • Always on and always available

    • Home, work, traveling

  • Services rich

    • Multicast, IPv6, measurement & monitoring

Advanced broadband in action14 l.jpg
Advanced Broadband in Action

  • Education

  • Large Companies

  • Small and Medium Enterprises

  • The Home

Education media distribution l.jpg
Education: Media Distribution

  • University-owned PBS stations working on new models of interconnection

University of Washington

Washington State University

Education media distribution16 l.jpg
Education: Media Distribution

USC’s Robert Zemeckis Center for the Digital Arts

Super high definition video across Internet2


Education collaboration l.jpg
Education: Collaboration

  • Space Physics and Aeronomy Research Collaboratory

  • “Better than being there”

  • Enriches education of next generation of scientists

Education k 20 l.jpg
Education: K-20

  • Neptune: A planned “ocean observatory”

Education health care simulations l.jpg
Education: Health Care Simulations

  • California Orthopaedic Research Network

  • Expanding nationally and internationally

  • Focused on training

Real time collaboration l.jpg
Real-time Collaboration

  • You can be everywhere no matter how large or small your enterprise

Duke University

Corporations data mining l.jpg
Corporations: Data Mining



  • Getting data from disparate sources

  • Real-time and interactive

  • Increase the information flow from customer experiences




Data sets


Corporations strategic advantage l.jpg
Corporations: Strategic Advantage

  • Increased productivity

    • Real-time analysis, discovery, dialogue

  • Enabling new business processes

    • Not just “doing things faster”

  • Strengthen partnerships with universities

  • Leverage and scale global capacity

Challenges infrastructures performance l.jpg
Challenges: Infrastructures & Performance

100 mbps


  • The need for infrastructure

  • End-to-End Performance --- realizing the benefit of the advanced infrastructure

HBS (Boston)

1 gbps

NoX GigaPoP

2.4 gbps

Abilene NYC Router

10 gbps

Abilene DC Router

10 gbps

Abilene Atlanta Router

622 mbps

Ampath GigaPoP

45 mbps

NWS (Miami)

Challenge l.jpg

  • Cyberinfrastructure built on federated enterprises

    • Security

    • Privacy

    • Trust

  • Answer: Middleware

    • Industry consensus through alliances

    • Internet2 providing key technology in security and privacy space

Federated enterprises l.jpg
Federated Enterprises

Federated trust, privacy, security

Enterprise A

Enterprise B

Enterprise C

Enterprise D

Local authentication

User attribute control

Universal access


Login Locally, Access Globally

User Interface


Challenge building a system l.jpg
Challenge: Building a System


End-to-end Performance







Challenge last mile l.jpg
Challenge: Last Mile

  • Vision: Gigabit to the home and small businesses

  • Why?

    • End user is the innovator

    • Personal publishing

    • Equal access for all

  • How?

    • Community investment

Models l.jpg

  • Community fiber projects,

    • California: “One Gigabit or Bust”

    • UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agancy) – FTTH project in Utah

  • Trends in customer-owned fiber

    • Corporate infrastructure

    • Higher education community

Summary30 l.jpg

  • What should we be doing?

    • Living in the future, being early adopters

    • Cooperation in middleware

    • Facilitate knowledge and technology transfer

    • Where does the high performance Internet reside in the disruptive technology space?

More internet2 information l.jpg
More Internet2 Information