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Afghanistan The Facts

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Afghanistan The Facts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Afghanistan The Facts. By Sam Lawson. Afghanistan is in southwest Asia and is slightly smaller than Texas. Afghan Flag. The center emblem is a classic Afghan symbol that has been used for generations

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Afghanistan The Facts

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afghan flag
Afghan Flag
  • The center emblem is a classic Afghan symbol that has been used for generations
  • The Black represents the 19th century when Afghanistan was occupied, The Red represents the blood shed to get independence, The Green represents hope and a bright future
natural resources
Natural Resources
  • Afghanistan produces 30 million cubic meters of natural gas a year
  • Afghanistan is also a large producer of coal and copper
travel concerns
Travel Concerns

Travelers must be aware of possible kidnappings, unexploded land mines, and vehicle borne explosives.

special circumstances
Special Circumstances

Travelers must be aware that banks are unreliable and cash only, phone and internet services are very limited, and women are expected to dress a certain way.

tourist site 1 band e amir lakes
Tourist site #1Band-e-Amir Lakes
  • The Band-e-Amir are a group of 6 natural intensely deep blue lakes. They were Afghanistan’s first National Park.
  • The lakes are in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Central Afghanistan.
tourist site 2 the khyber pass
Tourist Site #2The Khyber Pass
  • The Khyber pass is a mountain pass in the east of Afghanistan linking Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • It is popular with tourists because many famous people including Darius I, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan have led armies through the pass.
tourist site 3 the tora bora cave system
Tourist Site #3The Tora Bora Cave System
  • Tora Bora is a cave complex situated in the White Mountains of eastern Afghanistan.
  • It was a famous hideout of Osama bin Laden.
surprising facts
Surprising Facts
  • Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer opium.
  • Buzkashi or “goat grabbing” is Afghanistan's national sport. It involves players on horseback attempting to get a goat carcass across the other team’s goal line.
  • The term ‘Afghanistan’ means the ‘Land of Afghans’.