the nqt induction period n.
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The NQT Induction Period

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The NQT Induction Period - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The NQT Induction Period. The Park Community School Barnstaple. Produced as part of the Partnership Development Schools (PDS) Strategy Phase 3 2008-09 (Lead PDS: The Park Community School. Contact Chris Ley ( The Career, Entry & Development Profile (CEDP).

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the nqt induction period

The NQT Induction Period

The Park Community School


Produced as part of the Partnership Development Schools (PDS) Strategy Phase 3 2008-09 (Lead PDS: The Park Community School. Contact Chris Ley (

the career entry development profile cedp
The Career, Entry & Development Profile (CEDP)
  • A working document to help you make the transition from ITT to your first teaching post
  • Focuses on you by:
  • Providing feedback on progress
  • Recording strengths and experiences
  • Identifying development/INSET needs
  • Setting action plans and targets
the career entry development profile cedp1
The Career, Entry & Development Profile (CEDP)
  • Divided into 3 transition points:

1 – towards the end of ITT

2 – at the start of the NQT induction period

3 – towards the end of the NQT induction period

  • Completed mainly by you with support from ITT tutors/NQT induction tutor
  • Model CEDP -
the aim of the nqt induction period
The aim of the NQT Induction Period
  • To help you become an effective teacher, meet pupils’ needs and to provide a strong base for career-long professional development by:
  • building on skills from ITT
  • supporting you through your first year of teaching
the induction period timeline
The Induction Period Timeline
  • Cannot be started unless QTS has been awarded (pass your skills tests!)
  • Has to be completed successfully to teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school in England
  • No deadline for starting, but expected to complete within 5 years of first term at school
  • Lasts for the equivalent of 3 school terms
  • Can be completed part time on a pro-rata basis
the nqt induction period1
The NQT Induction Period
  • Two main aspects:
  • Individual programme of professional development and monitoring
  • Assessment against national standards
professional standards for teachers
Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Cover the following 5 career stages:
  • Q – qualified teacher status
  • C – core standards for main scale teachers (working towards during NQT induction period)
  • P – post threshold on upper pay scale
  • E – excellent teachers
  • A – advanced skills teachers (ASTs)
how are the standards arranged
How are the standards arranged?
  • 3 inter-related sections:
  • professional attributes
  • professional knowledge and understanding
  • professional skills
  • Show clearly what is expected at each stage
  • Each set builds on the previous set
  • Can be downloaded at:

the induction period what to expect
The Induction Period – What to Expect
  • Support from an Induction Tutor
  • 90% timetable
  • Individualised programme of support & monitoring
  • Development opportunities
  • Regular meetings with the Induction Tutor
  • Involvement in departmental planning
  • Observation of lessons within and outside of subject area
  • Visits to other schools
  • Participation in more formal courses/training events
  • Further support as felt appropriate from within/outside of the school
the induction period what to expect1
The Induction Period – What to Expect
  • You will be observed at least once every half-term
  • Review of progress after each observation
  • Termly formal assessment meetings
  • Report written on progress following first 2 meetings
  • End of third term – recommendation made to LEA/GTC on whether you have met core standards
  • GTC will issue certificate of satisfactory completion
professional responsibilities
Professional Responsibilities
  • You would only do cover under exceptional circumstances
  • You would normally have a Year 7 tutor group
  • Getting involved with extra-curricular activities will help you become fully involved in the life of the school, improve your relationships with students and provide valuable evidence/experience for career progression
professional values and practice
Professional Values and Practice
  • GTC sets out a statement of Professional Values and Practice for teachers
  • High professional standards are expected of you in relation to:
  • Your teaching
  • The educational, physical and emotional well-being of your students
  • Parents/carers
  • Your contribution to your school and its work
  • Your CDP
what if
What if…?
  • I fail my NQT year
  • Cannot repeat induction year
  • Appeal can be made to GTC
what would you do if
What would you do if…?
  • You felt you were being taken advantage of
  • You need help!
  • You cannot get on with your head of department
  • You are finding it hard to cope
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
masters degree
Masters Degree
  • Up to 30 credits for prior professional experiences, non-accredited INSET and CPD
  • PGCE counts as 60 credits (1/3) towards a Masters Degree (University of Exeter)