Jets and missing et in the atlantis event display
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Jets and Missing-ET in the Atlantis Event Display - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jets and Missing-ET in the Atlantis Event Display. Qiang Lu, Juergen Thomas, Peter Watkins (Birmingham) Hans Drevermann (CERN) Andrew Haas (Columbia) Eric Jansen, Pieter Klok, Charles Timmermans (Nijmegen) Simon Dean, Nikos Konstantinidis, Zdenek Maxa (UCL).

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Jets and missing et in the atlantis event display

Jets and Missing-ET in the Atlantis Event Display

Qiang Lu, Juergen Thomas, Peter Watkins (Birmingham)

Hans Drevermann (CERN)

Andrew Haas (Columbia)

Eric Jansen, Pieter Klok, Charles Timmermans (Nijmegen)

Simon Dean, Nikos Konstantinidis, Zdenek Maxa (UCL)

Jet/Tau/ETMiss Group MeetingParis SW Week, 8 Dec 05


  • Producing JiveXML output from Athena and starting up Atlantis

  • Display of Jets in various projections. Matching with Calo data

  • Display of Missing-ET

  • Upcoming developments - AOD objects including taus

Basics 1 running jivexml
Basics (1): Running JiveXML

  • In default mode, Athena package JiveXML will dump xml format output file, to be read back into Atlantis (a Java standalone application)

  • Also possible to run over a large number of events and only display (produce xml files for) a few of them (JiveXML is now an AlgTool)

  • Default mode: Switch flag “doJiveXML=True” in RecExCommon/

  • Details on: for 10.0.x, it is recommended to check-out JiveXML-00-04-00 before running RecExCommon. Not needed in 11.0.x

  • For general help, and suggestions, please contact:


Basics 2 atlantis java
Basics (2): Atlantis (Java)

  • Website has plenty of documentation & tutorials:

  • The latest Atlantis version is now available from the Offline releases (package graphics/AtlantisJava):

    cmt co graphics/AtlantisJava

    cd AtlantisJava-*/cmt

    cmt config




  • Alias ‘atlantis’ available after setting up your athena environment (Alternative: reduced options and functionality: ‘atlantis_beginner’)

  • Running under Windows / Mac as a java application works (may require installing Java 1.5 SDK) Copy directory ‘AtlantisJava-*’ from release, start atlantis.jar

  • Note: Although Atlantis is inside the release, it has no dependency on other packages. It is a Java standalone application. Inclusion into release only to simplify distribution and code management.

Basics 3 atlantis gui
Basics (3): Atlantis GUI

Menu bar

Window Control

Interaction Control

Parameter Groups


Output Window

Displays for jets 1 xy projection
Displays for Jets (1): XY projection

  • XY projection. (Here: WW into 4jets from DC2 production)

  • Fisheye zoom used

  • By default, calorimeter cell energies are displayed as yellow areas

  • Fraction of cell outline filled is proportional to energy, normalised to sum of energy in detector (em / had).Option: normalise to overall energy.

Displays for jets 2 color by jet
Displays for Jets (2): Color by Jet

  • Option for Calorimeter cell entries in XY projection to ‘Color by Index of Jet’: one colour for each jet index.

  • Note: All colours in Atlantis are freely adjustable ! Here, defaults are shown.

Displays of jets 3 cuts
Displays of Jets (3): Cuts

  • For cuts on Jet ET, go to Parameter Group ‘Cuts’ -> ‘Calo’. For filtering low-ET jets

  • For selection of data type: ‘Data’

Displays for jets 4 fh projection
Displays for Jets (4): fh projection

  • Jets displayed in fhprojection as circles

  • Circle radius is proportional to ET (default)

  • Optional switch for circle size by Energy

  • Note: Here, electromagnetic calo cells are green, hadronic are red. Option: both yellow

Displays for jets 5 fh projection
Displays for Jets (5): fhprojection

  • Now: ‘Color by index of Jet’ option selected. Matching of calo cells to jets can be clearly seen.

  • ‘Pick’ on jet circles, jet data is written out:

  • Jet = 11 ET = 162.177 GeV E = 162.239 GeV η = .028 Φ = 292.469°

Displays for jets 6 r z projection
Displays for Jets (6): rZ projection

  • As in XY, ‘Color by Index of Jet’ indicated jet in this projection

Displays for jets 7 legoplot
Displays for Jets (7): Legoplot

  • In Legoplot projection, Jets are displayed as shaded circles (grey by default) at the base plane. Default size 0.4 (adjustable)

  • Calorimeter data represented by yellow towers (optionally: different colour for had and em)

  • Allows for visual matching of calorimeter data with reconstructed jets

Displays for jets 8 legoplot
Displays for Jets (8): Legoplot

  • Again, option ‘Color by Index of Jet’ is useful for visual matching

Displays for missing et 1 fh proj
Displays for Missing-ET (1): fh Proj.

  • Missing-ET is displayed in fhprojection as one dashed (grey) circle

  • By default, it’s MET_Final

  • Switchable to CaloETMis and MuonETMis

  • ‘Pick’ on dashed circle, Missing-ET value is written out:

  • ETMis: Sum-ET = 635.664 GeV ET-Mis = 45.480 GeV ETx-Mis = 44.488 GeV ETy-Mis = -9.446 GeV Φ = 348.012°

Displays for missing et 2 xy proj
Displays for Missing-ET (2): XY Proj.

  • Missing-ET is displayed in XY projection as dashed line, continuing outside of the detector

  • ETMis: Sum-ET = 398.299 GeV ET-Mis = 33.627 GeV ETx-Mis = -29.062 GeV ETy-Mis = -16.915 GeV Φ = 210.201°

Displays for missing et 3 legoplot
Displays for Missing-ET (3): Legoplot

  • In Legoplot, Missing-ET is a (yellow) line at the back of the plot, with height proportional to Missing-ET value

  • Value always written out with energy axis scale

Future developments aod data
Future developments: AOD data

  • Taus are currently not displayed in Atlantis (only if they are inside the Jet container, but then just as jets).

  • Currently work ongoing for displaying all AOD data (already in: missing-ET, jets, to follow: electron, muons, photons, taus, b-jets, etc.)

  • First step: include data in xml file – already done

  • Next step: Display in fhprojection as circles (other shapes/ colours) with same ‘Pick’ functionality.

  • Add cut options and extended data dumps (e.g. tau likelihoods). Add to Legoplot, and other projections

  • Ready soon. A first impression is shown on the next slide. Your ideas about this are very much welcome !

Jets and missing et in the atlantis event display

  • Tau is a light blue circle

  • Note: All Tau’s in TauJetCollection are shown. Grey circles are KtTowerParticleJets. AOD Overlap still very visible. Reasonable cut needed.

  • TauJet = 2 ET = 163.370 GeV E = 267.832 GeV charge = 0.0 num Tracks = 3 η = -1.078 Φ = 148.016°

  • (Red: Electrons, yellow: Muons, dark blue: B-Jets - Will likely be modified ! E.g. shapes)

Not available currently.For illustration only. Likely to be modified.


  • Jets can be inspected in the Atlantis Event Display in many projections, shown as circles or by colouring calorimeter cells, cuts can be applied

  • Missing-ET is also displayed in many projections. Switchable to Muon/Calo-only values

  • Development for displaying more AOD contents, including taus, is on the way

  • Up-to-date Atlantis is now inside releases

  • Also new: Use of interactive Athena to re-run secondary vertexing (see Atlantis talk in PAT meeting yesterday)