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Atlantis. Fact or Fiction?. Robbie Kollar. The Wrath of Poseidon. What exactly was Atlantis?. History of Atlantis. Atlantis was a city that is said to have been engulfed by the ocean as the result of an earthquake.

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Fact or Fiction?

Robbie Kollar

history of atlantis
History of Atlantis
  • Atlantis was a city that is said to have been engulfed by the ocean as the result of an earthquake.
  • The first accounts of Atlantis appear in Timaeus and Critias, two books by Plato.


history of atlantis1
History of Atlantis

Atlantis was explained to be in the shape of a bullseye. Alternating rings of land were separated by water.

background of atlantis
Background of Atlantis

Atlantis was said to have been in the Atlantic Ocean.

background of atlantis1
Background of Atlantis

If you look at a map, you will see that the continents fit together like a puzzle - with the exception of the USA (in North America) and Western Europe.  Could Atlantis be the missing piece? 

background of atlantis2
Background of Atlantis

Atlantis was also said to have been in the Atlantic Oceanby the Bermuda triangle.

more background of atlantis
More Background of Atlantis


Some claim that Atlantis was found in the Aegean Sea and was part of the historical destruction of Thera and the Minoan empire.

more background of atlantis1
More Background of Atlantis

Finally, Atlantis could have been nearthe Azores Islands which are just west of the Straight of Gibraltar.


science fiction theories
Science Fiction Theories

In April of 1939, Edgar Cayce was thought to have fallen into a trance and spoke about Atlantis.

Atlantis was thought to have been in the Atlas Mountains of modern Morocco and Tunisia.

Atlantis is said to have been the true “Garden of Eden”.

Atlantis is said to have been located around the tips of the Canary Islands.

Edgar Cayce

scientific explanation
Scientific Explanation
  • The Canary Islands have a legend involving Atalaya.
  • The Basques of Northern Spain have Atlaintica. 
  • The Vikings told the tale of Atli.
  • Northern Africans called their legends Attala.
  • The Aztecs have Aztlán
  • North American Indians called their legend Azatlán.
scientific explanation1
Scientific Explanation

Atlantis has many possibilities of where it could be located. However, there is no scientific evidence strong enough to prove that Atlantis has existed.

Pillars were found on the ocean floors, but are these pillars natural or man-made? Is it possible that they could be part of Atlantis?

Could Atlantis have been sunk by a great ice age?

your reasoned judgment
Your Reasoned Judgment

Atlantis could not have existed. There is absolutely no evidence that proves that Atlantis existed.

Although there is no concrete evidence that says Atlantis could not have existed, there are several reasons as to why Atlantis could not have existed.

reasoned judgment cont
Reasoned Judgment cont.
  • First of all, there are many stories about Atlantis that place it at many different locations around the globe, taking credibility from the myth.
  • Usually in stories about legendary places, even through different cultures, all the stories put the legendary places in roughly the same location.
  • Most natural disasters have been recorded. If something happened to Atlantis, it would have been recorded or someone would have at least kept track.
reasoned judgment cont1
Reasoned Judgment cont.
  • It would be very hard for a whole continent to sink into the ocean or to just disappear. If a continent as small as Australia can’t sink, I think it would be very hard for something as big as Atlantis to sink. If something like Hawaii hasn’t sunk, why would something as big as Atlantis sink so quickly?
  • Going even smaller, if Haiti didn’t sink with all the earthquakes, why would something as big as Atlantis sink with the same amount of earthquakes?
reasoned judgment cont2
Reasoned Judgment cont.
  • The answer is simple: islands are only mountain-tops surrounded by water. An island might crumble into the ocean, but not “sink” into it. If it did disappear due to an earthquake, the base of the island/mountain would still be under the surface of the water.
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