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Shipping news chapters 29-39 abstract notes. Chapter 29. Billy asks Quoyle if he has yet seen Alvin Yark about building a replacement boat. Alvin Yark , it turns out, is Wavey’s Uncle Quoyle makes a fruitless dash to the harbour to see a burnt ship towed in

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Chapter 29
Chapter 29

  • Billy asks Quoyle if he has yet seen Alvin Yark about building a replacement boat.

  • Alvin Yark, it turns out, is Wavey’s Uncle

  • Quoyle makes a fruitless dash to the harbour to see a burnt ship towed in

  • Wavey agrees to organize a meeting with her uncle.

  • Wavey, Quoyle and their children visit Mr. and Mrs. Yark for dinner

  • Mr. Yark discusses his technique for boat building.

Chapter 30
Chapter 30

  • Agnis announces that she has been hired to do the upholstery work on a burnt-out ship called the Rome and will need to live in St. John’s.

  • She questions Quoyle about his intentions: Does he plan on moving back to NY?

  • Quoyle tells his aunt he could never go back to the U.S.

  • *241 Bunny makes a cat’s cradle with the knotted string she found in the car.

Chapter 31
Chapter 31

  • Quoyle and his reporter colleagues banter about stories they are writing.

  • Nutbeem is shortly to leave for the Caribbean aboard his sailboat.

  • Winter is coming.

  • *248 Quoyle determined to stay.

Chapter 32
Chapter 32

  • Quoyle leaves the girls with Beety and goes to Nutbeem’s going away party

  • Quoyle inspects Nutbeem’s trailer, and considers renting it for the winter.

  • Guests arrive, there is quite a bit of drinking. Quoyle has fun.

  • *255 The guests get even drunker and proceed to trash Nutbeem’s boat.

  • Quoyle passes out at the inn.

Chapter 33
Chapter 33

  • Next morning, an extremely hungoverQuoyle calls on Beety. The children have colds and will ride it out at the Buggits.

  • Dennis goes to help Nutbeem with his boat.

  • *263 Quoyle goes to the green house where sections of knotted rope have been laid outside the door of each room.

  • Quoyle visits the cousin, who lives in a squalid hut.

  • He returns the knotted rope and tells the cousin not to do this again.

  • Quoyle visits Alvin Yark to check on the progress of his boat.

  • He later visits Nutbeem and finds that the boat has broken and drifted out to sea.

  • Nutbeem figures he’ll now take a flight to Brazil.

Chapter 34
Chapter 34

  • Tert card announces he is leaving the Gammy Bird and that Billy will be in charge

  • Quoyle attends the Christmas pageant at the school.

  • Quoyle and Wavey exchange xmas presents. She has knitted a pullover for him

  • Quoyle contrasts this with previous Christmases with Petal

  • Dennis suggests they check Quoyle’s distant cousin Nolan.

  • Nolan is hungry and cold and Dennis suggests the old man would be better in a retirement home.

Chapter 35
Chapter 35

  • Jack Buggit appoints Quoyle as managing editor of the Gammy Bird, replacing Tert Card

  • Quoyle will be continuing his Shipping News

Chapter 36
Chapter 36

  • Partridge phones to tell Quoyle of violence and mayhem in the U.S.

  • *Buggit conducts an editorial meeting with Quoyle – on Jack’s boat while he fishes and Quoyle cleans the catch.

  • Quoyle must travel to St. John’s to sign commital papers for the cousin, diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

  • Quoyle takes Wavey with him to St. John’s.

  • *Agnis, we learn, had been raped by her own brother (Quoyle’s father) and had undergone an abortion.

Chapter 37
Chapter 37

  • *Quoyle is called to Bunny’s school because Bunny has attacked a teacher.

  • Beety is able to coax Bunny to tell her that she had attacked the teacher for harassing and humiliating Herry.

  • Quoyle and the aunt visit the principal to sort things out.

  • We learn that Wavey and Quoyle both had abusive partners in their past.

Chapter 38
Chapter 38

  • At the Burke house, which he is renting, Quoyle gives a party to celebrate his aunt’s return to town.

  • Wavey buys a husky puppy for Bunny and Sunshine. They call it Warren.

  • Wavey and Quoyle kiss in front of everyone!

  • A terrible storm rages, blowing away the green house.

  • The Aunt shows her toughness and says she’ll buy another house with the insurance money.

  • Quoyle considers, again, buying the Burke house

Chapter 39
Chapter 39

  • Quoyle’s boat is finished. He feels pretty good.

  • Dennis calls Quoyle up to tell him that Jack is missing!

  • Jack is found. Drowned.

  • Quoyle assures the Gammy employees that their jobs are safe.

  • They plan to do a special edition for Jack.

  • Wavey thinks it would be a good idea to take Bunny to the wake to learn of death.

  • The wake…*

  • Quoyle and Wavey commit to each other.