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1990’s - Present

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1990’s - Present. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. George H. W. Bush. Bush defeats Michael Dukakis (D-MA) > 426-111 Promised to help people and push for a bi-partisan gov’t. George H.W. Bush. Domestic Policy Reduce the federal budget > up under Reagan

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1990’s - Present

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1990 s present

1990’s - Present

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

george h w bush
George H. W. Bush
  • Bush defeats Michael Dukakis (D-MA) > 426-111
  • Promised to help people and push for a bi-partisan gov’t
george h w bush1
George H.W. Bush
  • Domestic Policy
    • Reduce the federal budget > up under Reagan
    • Promised no new taxes… “read my lips, no new taxes”
    • Gave money to education and war on drugs
george h w bush2
George H. W. Bush
  • Foreign Policy
    • Operation Desert Storm
    • Persian Gulf War
    • Protecting Kuwait from Iraqi take over
bill clinton
Bill Clinton
  • Defeated George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot in the 1992 Election
  • Former Governor of Arkansas
  • 1st baby boom era President
bill clinton1
Bill Clinton
  • Domestic Policy
    • Health Care Reform
    • Clinton put is wife, Hillary Clinton in charge of universal heath care reform
    • Congress rejected in 1994> too expensive and would limit choices
bill clinton2
Bill Clinton
  • Domestic Policy
    • Nominates 2 Justices (Ginsburg and Breyer)
    • Fought with a bi-partisan Congress (Republicans had control)
    • Line Item Veto does get passed
    • Easily wins re-election in 1996
    • Turns around the economy
bill clinton3
Bill Clinton

Terrorist Attacks

  • 1993 attack on the World Trade Center
  • Al-Quada explodes a truck bomb in the parking garage
    • 6 killed and 1,042 injured but didn’t bring the towers down
bill clinton4
Bill Clinton
  • More Terrorist Attacks
    • 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya
    • 2000 attack on the USS Cole
    • Both done by Al Quada
      • Bin Laden put on FBI’s top 10 wanted list after Kenya bombing
    • Clinton’s response was to launch missiles from US battleships
    • Had a chance to get Osama Bin Laden but had he deported to Saudi Arabia
bill clinton5
Bill Clinton
    • North American Free Trade Agreement
    • Canada/Mexico/US signed
    • Increased trade because the tariffs were lowered or removed
    • Many US companies relocate because less money to spend by companies on health care
bill clinton6
Bill Clinton
  • Foreign Policy
    • 1994> Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa
    • Tried to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine> Wye peace plan)
    • Lead NATO bombing campaign against Serbs (Slobodan Milosevic) because of ethnic cleansing
bill clinton7
Bill Clinton
  • Impeachment
    • Clintons’ being investigated for “Whitewater scandal”> investment in real estate company in Arkansas
    • Affair with Monica Lewinsky gets uncovered
    • Clinton lies under oath about affair> this is what he gets accused of
    • Impeached by House
    • Found not guilty by Senate and returns to White House
george w bush
George W. Bush
  • Wins a controversial election in 2000 when he defeats Al Gore
    • State of Florida was questions because of voting issues (votes not counted and the hanging chad)
george w bush1
George W. Bush
  • Domestic Policy
    • Bush’s tax cuts
    • Social Security running out
    • 9-11
      • Development of the Department of Homeland Security
george w bush2
George W. Bush
  • Foreign Policy
    • Bush Doctrine
      • War on Terror
      • Afghanistan and Iraq
      • Calls Iran and North Korea “Axis of Evil”
        • Both are in the process of developing nuclear weapons
george w bush3
George W. Bush
  • Wins re-election in 2004
    • Defeats John Kerry
    • 2nd term consists of the war on terror, failing economy
    • Nominates two new justices (John Roberts (Chief Justice and Samuel Alito
    • Increase in money to stop illegal immigration from Mexico
    • Hurricane Katrina
barack obama
Barack Obama
  • Wins the Election of 2008
    • Defeats John McCain and Sarah Palin
    • 1st African-American to be nominated and elected President
    • Wins Noble Peace Prize
barack obama1
Barack Obama
  • Domestic Policy
    • Working with the economy
    • Corporate Bailouts: Banks, investment companies, Auto Makers
    • Universal Health Care Plan gets passed
      • Gov’t Insurance Plan that the uninsured can get
      • Small businesses must provide insurance for their workers
barack obama2
Barack Obama
  • Foreign Policy
    • Reduced US involvement in Iraq and increasing US efforts in Afghanistan