mrs duncan s science class n.
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Mrs. Duncan’ S science Class

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Mrs. Duncan’ S science Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Duncan’ S science Class. Exploring our world and beyond. BEGINNING OF CLASS.

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mrs duncan s science class

Mrs. Duncan’ S science Class

Exploring our world and beyond

beginning of class
  • As students come into class each morning, they put their bookbags into the cubbies and take out their Science Journals. I have the goal of that day’s lesson on the ActivBoard for them to copy into their journals. In addition, they may have a few vocabulary words to define. This sets up the focus of the day’s instructional lesson.
eog testing
Eog testing

Your child will take the Science EOG Test for the first time this year. If your child knows the meaning of the vocabulary words he/she is given this year as well as the goal of each lesson, he/she will do just fine on the Science EOG. Vocabulary words are posted on our Word Wall and vocabulary tests are given regularly.


The textbook we use the most is Macmillan/MacGraw-Hill’s Science, North Carolina Edition. It is aligned with our state’s Standard Course of Study. From time to time, we will supplement with Harcourt Science.

group work
  • A big part of our science program is learning to work with others in groups. It is amazing how much students can learn from each other. I am constantly training my students on the development of small group skills. They need to be good followers as well as good leaders.

Homemade barometers




There is nothing like a “teachable moment,” and Mother Nature has presented us with a lot to talk about in class lately. This is a model of a seismograph we made in class recently to help students understand how we measure the intensity of earthquakes.

end of class

At the end of each class period, students lay out their student planners for me to check. If your child has a test to study for or classwork to complete, it should be noted here. If a student has met my expectations for the day, I stamp his/her planner with a frog. If I have some concerns I need to let the parents know about, I write a comment instead of a stamp.


It is your child’s responsibility to keep up with his/her

planner /agenda and have it in class every day. If you do not see a frog stamp or a comment from me, you need to find out why not. Your child should not leave my classroom without one or the other.

help needed
Help needed

With over 100 students in my Science classes, it is often difficult to get enough supplies for group or individual projects. These may be household items or inexpensive items that can be picked up at K-Mart or Walmart. I try to put an alert out early in order to have my lessons ready to go on time. Right now I am collecting empty, clear, 2 liter bottles. They need to be rinsed out and have their lids on. Please send these in if you can.

Thank you!

Thank you for your support for our fifth grade program. Please feel free to call or E-mail me if you have questions or concerns.