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God’s Redemptive Plan

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God’s Redemptive Plan. As Seen Through Daniel’s Eyes. Purpose of This Presentation. This presentation is designed to show God’s plan of redemption in the Book of Daniel How Satan – though against God – is used to bring God glory How God used Daniel to show us the details of His plan

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god s redemptive plan

God’s Redemptive Plan

As Seen Through Daniel’s Eyes

purpose of this presentation
Purpose of This Presentation
  • This presentation is designed to show
    • God’s plan of redemption in the Book of Daniel
    • How Satan – though against God – is used to bring God glory
    • How God used Daniel to show us the details of His plan
    • How Satan has been attempting to overthrow God by uniting the world under his cause
    • How God will always be triumphant and His purposes will prevail
god s redemptive plan1
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • God’s redemptive plan was never “Plan B”
  • God’s redemptive purposes always succeed
  • Satan fell by promising several things:
    • I will ascend to heaven;
    • I will raise my throne above the stars of God,
    • I will sit on the mount of assembly…
    • I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
    • I will make myself like the Most High
  • His goal is to be LIKE God as RULER of universe!
  • God’s goal is to RESTORE all of Creation!
god s redemptive plan2
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • Satan said he would ASCEND to heaven
  • He said he would RAISE his throne above stars (angels)
  • Sitting on the mount of assembly is reference to RULE
  • This began Satan’s quest to rule over all that God had created
  • Satan – a created being – saw himself as an ETERNAL being - uncreated

God’s Redemptive Plan

The Flood – Gen 9

Satan Falls

Creation– Gen 2

The Fall – Gen 3

After Creation

Before Creation

Babel – Gen 11

God Intros Languages – Gen 11

Nimrod – Gen 10

After Creation


God’s Redemptive Plan


Moses Almost Killed


Prophets Killed

After Creation



Jesus’ Life

Birth of Christ

Babies Slaughtered

After Creation

god s redemptive plan3
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • Satan caused Adam/Eve to fall (Genesis 3)
  • Once they fell, Satan gained control of the earth
  • Part of the plan of redemption included Jesus regaining the title deed to earth (Revelation 5)
  • Satan also learned that one day, the Savior would come and deliver a fatal blow to him
  • Because of this, Satan chose to corrupt humanity
  • Corrupting humanity would keep Savior from being born (he thought)
  • Satan succeeded (Genesis 6:11) except for Noah and his family
god s redemptive plan4
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • God saved Noah and specific animals to start over again (Genesis 9)
  • By Genesis 10, Satan had raised up Nimrod
  • Bible says he was a “hunter of men”
  • Nimrod is the first “type” of Antichrist in the Bible
  • Nimrod wanted to create a global government with him as leader
  • Already HAD several kingdoms (Genesis 10)
  • Tower of Babel was symbol of Nimrod’s desire to rise above earth toward heaven
  • The world spoke one language making this easier than today
god s redemptive plan5
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • God stopped the progress by introducing many languages
  • People went off with others who spoke their language
  • Attempt to build one-world government was halted
  • God had things He needed to accomplish first
    • Israel needed to be created
    • OT prophets needed to live and write
    • Birth of Savior needed to be foretold
    • Times of Gentiles needed to be told (human empires)
    • Savior needed to be born, live, die, and rise again
god s redemptive plan6
God’s Redemptive Plan
  • After these things, God would allow Satan to create a one-world government, to be led by Antichrist
  • It would take many generations to accomplish
  • Summary of events toward one-world government:
    • Satan gained control of earth with the fall of Adam/Eve
    • Tried to keep Savior from being born by corrupting all humanity - FAILED
    • Tried to create a one-world government by using Nimrod - FAILED
    • Though Satan failed, God allowed him to try again
    • Ultimate failure would prove Satan could not keep his promises and that God is NOT a liar
seeing through daniel s eyes
Seeing Through Daniel’s Eyes
  • Daniel provides insight into what is known as the “Times of the Gentiles” (or the “70 Weeks”)
    • Man-led empires that began with Nebuchadnezzar
    • Man-led empires that will end with Antichrist (last “Nimrod”)
    • Tracing these empires helps us understand what God is allowing Satan to TRY to accomplish
    • These man-led empires take us up to the actual, physical return of Jesus to earth
    • For the details, we turn to Daniel
summary of daniel
Summary of Daniel
  • Chapters 1 – 6: Historical & Predictive
  • Chapters 7 – 12: Apocalyptic
  • Daniel 2:4 to 7:28: to the nations in Aramaic
  • Daniel 1; 8 to 12: to the Jewish people in Hebrew
  • Daniel reveals many aspects of God’s (as well as Satan’s) plan for humanity

The “Times of the Gentiles” (or “70 Weeks”) is revealed in Daniel

The “Times of the Gentiles” EQUALS the “70 Weeks” in Daniel

chapter summaries of daniel
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 1: Daniel’s background
    • God used Nebuchadnezzar to capture parts of Israel
    • Israel had continued problem with idolatry
    • Young Daniel taken by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies back to Babylon
    • Nebuchadnezzar wanted to find out which young men he could use in his court as counselors
    • He tries to brainwash them with good things
    • King also changes their names
    • Daniel passes first test by refraining from eating the King’s food or drinking his wine
chapter summaries of daniel1
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 2: God’s Revelation of Gentile Nations
    • God reveals to Daniel what will happen in the world
    • God notes that the Times of the Gentiles domination begins with Nebuchadnezzar
    • Will continue until return of Jesus
    • Final empire will be led by Antichrist
    • The accuracy of events in Daniel is uncanny
    • Many critics have said it was written after the fact by a counterfeit Daniel
chapter summaries of daniel2
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 3: Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue/Fiery Furnace
    • It’s as if Nebuchadnezzar is trying to create what he saw in his dream from chapter 2!
    • Nebuchadnezzar had a statue built
    • All must worship it
    • Anyone who refused was to be killed
    • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to worship the statue
    • This enrages Nebuchadnezzar
chapter summaries of daniel3
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 4: Fiery Furnace and Nebuchadnezzar
    • Nebuchadnezzar demands fiery furnace be heated 7 times greater than normal
    • Soldiers are killed as they throw the three men into furnace
    • Nebuchadnezzar sees a fourth “man” walking around with the original three
    • Nebuchadnezzar’s amazement turns to awe as he begins to see the truth
    • Remainder of chapter four shows what is in store for him
chapter summaries of daniel4
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 5: Writing on the Wall
    • Belshazzar throws party inside palace while Medo-Persian armies are outside trying to gain access to Babylon
    • Belshazzar decides to use vessels taken from Jewish Temple that Nebuchadnezzar simply stored
    • Temple vessels were used to drink from during party
    • A disembodied hand appears and begins writing on the wall
    • Belshazzar knew what the words meant, but he did not know what they meant in relation to him
    • Ultimately, it meant Belshazzar’s downfall
chapter summaries of daniel5
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 6: Darius the Mede Gains Control of Babylon
    • Daniel is well respected by Darius
    • Darius places 100 satraps under him
    • They are jealous of Daniel and try to have him killed
    • Daniel continues praying even though decree says not to
    • He is turned in by satraps
    • Daniel is thrown in lion’s den
    • Daniel survives because God chose to shut lions’ mouths
    • Darius then throws satraps and their families who spoke out against Daniel into lions’ den
chapter summaries of daniel6
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 7: Vision of the Four Beasts
    • We go BACK to Belshazzar (before Darius)
    • Daniel learns of God’s future intent with Gentile kingdoms
    • This vision is different from chapter 2, but similar
    • Daniel is shown things here from God’s perspective, not man’s
    • Daniel learns of the Ancient of Days
    • Daniel learns of the “little horn” and his
      • Arrogance
      • Blasphemy
chapter summaries of daniel7
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 8: The Ram and the Goat
    • God tells Daniel of future history - remarkably accurate
    • The Ram represents the Medo-Persian Empire
    • The Goat represents the Hellenistic Empire
    • This mirrors the order of empires in Daniel 2
    • The goat had a big horn that was broken
    • Out of the broken horn comes four horns
    • Alexander created a huge empire but died at age 32
    • His empire was divided into four parts – one for each of his four generals
    • “Little horn” rises out of four – Antiochus Epiphanes
chapter summaries of daniel8
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 9: The 70 Weeks
    • Only section of Scripture that deals with 70 weeks
    • Daniel via Jeremiah learned that 70 year captivity was almost over
    • Daniel prayed for understanding
    • Gabriel arrived to give understanding to Daniel
    • Said Israel would be released at end of 70 years
    • Also said Israel would experience 70 “weeks” of captivity after that – aka “Times of the Gentiles”
    • Gabriel explains the 70 weeks in detail
    • The 70 weeks take humanity up to 2nd Coming of Jesus
chapter summaries of daniel9
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 10: Another Vision
    • During reign of Cyrus, Daniel receives another vision
    • Daniel waited for 21 daysto receive an answer to his prayer for interpretation
    • We learn of Prince of Persiaand Prince of Greece
    • These “princes” = demonscontrol areas or empires
    • We learn that not all angels are equal in strength
    • Michael the Archangel is required to help the first angel
chapter summaries of daniel10
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 11: More Conflicts
    • We learn more details about kings of north and south
    • Learn a great deal more about Antiochus Epiphanes
    • Antiochus was Israel’s and Syria’s main oppressor
    • Antiochus is a type of Antichrist
    • He is not the actual Antichrist – still yet future
    • In 168 BC, Antiochus desecrates the Jewish Temple
    • Jesus refers to this event as the Abomination of Desolation (cf. Matthew 24)
chapter summaries of daniel11
Chapter Summaries of Daniel
  • Chapter 12: Then Comes the End
    • At beginning of chapter, Michael the Archangel “rises”
    • He is ready for a battle
    • Michael standing up coincides with the terrible things that will happen on earth at a future time
    • The stone built without hands crushes all Gentile empires
    • Stone represents Jesus and His reign on earth begins
    • Jesus will reign from his earthly “father” David’s throne in Jerusalem for 1,000 years
times of the gentiles daniel 1
“Times of the Gentiles” – Daniel 1
  • Daniel is taken into captivity during the 3rd year of the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah
  • God used Nebuchadnezzar as His arm of judgment on an unrepentant Israel who continued in idolatry
  • Verse 2 says “the Lord gave” to Nebuchadnezzar
    • Jehoiakim
    • Some vessels from the Temple
  • Nebuchadnezzar took these vessels and stored them in the house of his god (in Shinar)

The Land of Shinar


times of the gentiles daniel 2
“Times of the Gentiles” – Daniel 2
  • Daniel 2
    • Provides information on the individual empires that make up the Times of the Gentiles
    • Daniel is shown (via Nebuchadnezzar’s dream) the order in which the empires will occur
      • Babylon
      • Medo-Persian
      • Greek
      • Roman
      • Revived Roman Conglomerate
babylon 1st empire
Babylon – 1st Empire
  • Head of Gold is represented by Babylon (vv. 37-38).
  • Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Solomonic Temple and Jerusalem in 586 B.C.
  • Began the Gentile domination of Jerusalem
  • Nebuchadnezzar was given grant to rule the entire earth, but chose not to exercise this rule as confirmed in Jeremiah 27:5-8 and Ezekiel 26:7-14
medo persian 2 nd empire
Medo-Persian – 2nd Empire
  • Two Arms of Silver united is represented by the Medes and Persians
  • Established the Medo-Persian Empire (v. 39)
  • This empire is declared to be inferiorto the Babylonian Empire.
  • Lacked inner unity because the Medes and Persians, though united, never fused into one people.
greece 3 rd empire
Greece – 3rd Empire
  • The Belly and Two Thighsis represented by Alexander the Great and the Grecian Empire (v. 39b)
  • This empire embraced both east and west
  • Two thighs may also represent Syria and Egypt, which arose from the Hellenistic Empire and controlled Jerusalem and Jewish territory
rome 4 rd empire
Rome – 4rd Empire
  • Legs of Iron and the FINAL empire both represented by Rome – the Fourth Empire
  • This fourth empire goes through three stages
    • United Stage (v. 40)
    • Two Division Stage (v. 41)
    • Ten Division Stage (vv. 42-43, as seen in the 10 toes)
  • Part of the empire will be weak and part strong
  • Unity is impossible
  • This empire totally subdues and crushes all that precedes it
reasons rome fell
Reasons Rome Fell
  • Decline in Morals
  • Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard
  • Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending
  • Failing Economy
  • Unemployment of the Working Classes (The Plebs)
  • Decline in Ethics and Values
  • Slave Labor
  • Natural Disasters
  • Christianity
  • Barbarian Invasion
satan s plan moved forward
Satan’s Plan Moved Forward
  • Satan created a global pathway to recreate what brought Rome down on much larger scale – GLOBALLY
  • This has been ultimately directed to the
    • European countries
    • United States of America
  • Paul tells us that in the End Times, we will experience a Great Falling Away
  • This will clear the path for Satan to create his final and GLOBAL union
    • One-world government
    • One-world leader
    • One-world company
    • One-world currency
daniel 9 24 25 70 weeks
Daniel 9:24-25 – 70 Weeks
  • “Times of the Gentiles” is also defined by the “70 Weeks” of Daniel 9
  • The 70 sevens is broken down by Gabriel into two main sections:
    • From decree to rebuild Jerusalem to…
    • Messiah the prince
    • 7 sevens and 62 sevens together = 69 sevens
    • 69 “sevens” equals 483 years
    • Now what?
    • There is only one “week” (one seven) left
daniel 9 24 25
Daniel 9:24-25
  • Shouldn’t the last “week” havealready occurred?
  • Shouldn’t it be long in our past?
  • YES…IF…
daniel 9 24 251
Daniel 9:24-25
  • There is NO break between weeks (sevens)
  • Does the text indicate a break?
  • Verse 25 teaches us about the 7 and 62 weeks (sevens), totaling 69 weeks (sevens)
daniel 9 24 26
Daniel 9:24-26
  • Daniel 9:26 says,

“Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined.”

daniel 9 24 261
Daniel 9:24-26
  • Once the 7 weeks and 62 weeks finish running consecutively without a break, THEN a break occurs
  • Note the 62 weeks (sevens) immediately follows the 7 weeks (sevens) of verse 25
daniel 9 24 262
Daniel 9:24-26
  • Verse 26 describes three events that must occur when the 69 weeks (sevens) have finished their course
    • Messiah will be cut off - killed
      • Cleary represents crucifixion of Jesus
daniel 9 24 263
Daniel 9:24-26
  • Three events continued…
    • People of prince to come – (who is that?)
      • They will destroy the city AND the sanctuary
      • This represents the Romans in A.D. 70 when both Jerusalem and Temple were destroyed
daniel 9 24 264
Daniel 9:24-26
  • End will come with a flood
    • End of Jerusalem?
    • End of the Tribulation?
    • Flood is used in Bible for actual flood or to represent a military invasion
    • Gabriel then jumps ahead to THE end of human history:
      • War
      • Desolations
daniel 9 27
Daniel 9:27
  • Gabriel then refers back to someone here with “he”
    • He will confirm covenant with many
    • Who is “he”?
      • Jesus?
      • Someone else?
      • Can we know for sure?
      • What about rule of antecedents?
daniel 9 271
Daniel 9:27
  • Last Antecedent Rule
  • “President Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address speech…”
  • “His” obviously refers back to Lincoln
  • “His” is the referent to Lincoln
daniel 9 26 27
Daniel 9:26-27
  • 25 …until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress. 26Then after the sixty-two weeks theMessiahwill be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to comewill destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined.
  • 27 And hewill make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week hewill put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate
daniel 9 272
Daniel 9:27
  • Who is “he” of verse 27?
  • Is it Messiah?
  • Are there TWO different princes mentioned or just ONE?
  • Last Antecedent – first use of “he” in verse 27 must refer back to the…
  • “people of the prince who is to come”
  • Can we know if Messiah the prince and second “prince” are different?
daniel 9 273
Daniel 9:27
  • Key is found in the phrase:
  • “people of the prince who is to come”
  • Who are the people who destroyed the city and sanctuary
  • This event occurred AFTER 62 weeks (sevens) but BEFORE final week (seven)
daniel 9 274
Daniel 9:27
  • “Then after the…” (v. 26)
  • Points to a break between 69th and 70th weeks (sevens)!
  • How long is this break?
  • Are we still in it or did it end?
today s society
Today’s Society

The Future:

Now To End of Age

“So Shall It Be in the Days of the Coming of the Son of Man”

7 heads revelation 13
7 Heads – Revelation 13

“And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up

out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems,

and on his heads were blasphemous names.” – Revelation 13:1

3 Empires Total

These empires link to the passages in Daniel we have already discussed.

7 heads revelation 131
7 Heads – Revelation 13

Grecian Empire





4 Smaller Empires from Grecian Empire

7 heads revelation 132
7 Heads – Revelation 13






1 Empire

6 Empires TOTAL

7 Heads = 7 Empires

all the empires
All the Empires

Broken into FOUR Empires

7 heads of revelation 13 17
7 Heads of Revelation 13/17
  • Daniel 7 Beast Has 7 Heads
  • Revelation 13 Beast Has 7 Heads
  • Same Beast!
    • Babylon- the "lion“
    • Persia- the "bear“
    • Greece- the "4-Headed leopard“
    • Turkey
    • Syria (Assyria)
    • Egypt
    • Rome
  • All absorbed into the Roman Empire
  • Revised Roman Empire will be Final Empire led by Antichrist
10 horns of revelation 13 17
10 Horns of Revelation 13/17
  • “As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings will arise; and another will arise after them, and he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings.” – Daniel 7:24
  • 10 Horns arise out of “this kingdom”
  • Which kingdom?
  • The 4th Kingdom Segues into Revised Roman Empire
  • Will be controlled by TEN kings
10 horns of revelation 13 171
10 Horns of Revelation 13/17
  • Who are Ten Horns?
  • Based on history and treaties…
    • Britian
    • France
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Turkey
    • Syria
    • Egypt
    • Iraq
    • Iran (Persia)

These will join together to form a single union

of nations to form the beast of Revelation

Countries in yellow are the original empires oflong ago and absorbed in original RomanEmpire