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Tool Factory Keyboarding Presentation. Overview. Keyboard Skills what are they? why are they so important? Tool Factory Tool Factory’s Keyboarding Skills and Keyboarding Adventure Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure key features and benefits. Do you want your students to: .

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Presentation Transcript
  • Keyboard Skills
    • what are they?
    • why are they so important?
  • Tool Factory
  • Tool Factory’s Keyboarding Skills and Keyboarding Adventure
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure key features and benefits
do you want your students to
Do you want your students to:
  • Have increased confidence in using PCs?
  • Learn desktop applications faster?
  • Reduce their time on the limited number of PCs in the school?
  • Quickly complete research?
  • Submit their assignments in word or email format?
  • Be prepared for college?
  • Improve their career opportunities?
  • Learn a life-long skill?
If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then you have identified that your students need to learn to touch type and improve their keyboard skills.
keyboarding skills
Keyboarding Skills


“Touch typing is an automatic or sub-conscious skill, where all ten fingers are used. It enables fast and accurate entry of characters onto the computer screen, without looking down at the keyboard and without searching for keys.”

why are keyboard skills so important
Why are keyboard skills so important?
  • Studies have shown that students who can touch type learn other desktop applications 40% faster.
  • Increases confidence in software use.
  • Reduces the time spent at PCs.
  • Requirement in today’s digital age - assignments are submitted by email and 90% of business documents are electronic.
  • It means ideas can be recorded at 3-5 times the rate of handwriting.
  • Students learn a life-long skill.
Founded on the goal – “to bring better software to American schools”.
  • Mission - “To make a difference in education”.
  • The current Tool Factory catalog features over 150 CD-Rom products, digital cameras and training seminars, all geared for K-12 education and inclusion classes.
tool factory keyboarding skills

Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure

Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills
  • These programs have been available internationally for over 20 years.
  • Over 4 million people worldwide have been trained with this system.
  • Personalized course for every student so they learn at their optimal rate.


  • Are successfully used in thousands of educational institutions.
  • Teach correct touch-typing techniques.
  • Are self paced and computer managed.
  • Are interactive and tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offer personalized and positive feedback.
  • Have clear reports for staff and parents.
  • Are easy to install and easy to use.
tool factory keyboarding adventure
Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure

Discover the Australian Outback with your animated young guide Kewala, as in Key…wala! He will take you on an amazing typing journey to the Kingdom of Eaz. Recommended for grades 1-6.

tool factory keyboarding skills11
Tool Factory KeyboardingSkills

The classic course which will develop keyboarding skills in the quickest possible time, recommended for grades 6-13+.

Teaches students to touch type in 10 interactive, motivational, educational, personalized and fun lessons.
  • Students discover keystones as they explore the Australian outback with Kewala as their personal tour guide.
  • Clever commentary, 2,500 animations, over 20 characters plus original sounds and music engage and motivate the students to keep typing without realizing they’re learning.
  • Student login options
  • Setting course options
  • 6 courses
    • Finding the Keys
    • Royal Challenge
    • Royal Challenge 2
    • Punctuation Course
    • Keypad Lessons
    • Custom Courses
  • Administration and reporting
student login options
Student Login Options
  • The administrator sets the parameters.
  • The options are –
    • Enable automatic login.
    • Students can create their own accounts.
    • The administrator can import students IDs from a CSV file.
    • The administrator can add students.
setting course options
Setting Course Options
  • The students will inherit the configuration you set when they first start the course and can then make changes according to their own preferences.
  • Preferences can be set for how you want to use a course and how it displays. The options include:
    • Audio and visual preferences.
    • One or two spaces after a period.
    • Space or carriage return at the end of a line.
    • The type of keyboard displayed.
visual options
Visual Options
  • Fonts
    • Default Times New Roman 20
    • Black text on white background
  • The students can change this by either
    • Tool Factory Main Menu/Settings/Visual or
    • Toolbar Lesson/Settings/Visual
  • Students can change text and background color
lesson options
Lesson Options
  • Spacing
    • Default is set at one space after words and periods.
    • Default is set to hit the space bar to continue on to the next line.
    • The students can change these via the settings options on the Tool Factory main menu or the toolbar by selecting Lesson>Settings>Lesson.
course overview
Course Overview
  • 6 courses
    • Finding the Keys
    • Royal Challenge
    • Royal Challenge 2
    • Punctuation course
    • Keypad lessons
    • Customized speed and/or accuracy courses
  • Each course is broken down into lessons
  • Each lesson is broken down into 3 parts
course finding the keys
Course - Finding the Keys
  • This is the first part of the Adventure. You and your students will be touch typing by the time you reach the Kingdom Of Eaz.
  • This course teaches correct finger positioning for the alpha/numeric keyboard in 10 structured lessons.
  • As you travel on the 10 routes marked

on Kewala’s map, you will earn (and lose) points.

finding the keys
Finding the Keys
  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Wise Fella
    • “Posture is important” information
    • Home keys
  • Lessons 1 – 6
    • Keyboard keys
  • Lessons 7 & 8
    • Top row number keys
  • Lessons 9 & 10
    • Building speed and accuracy
finding the keys21
Finding the Keys

Making learning fun with Kewala!

  • Lesson 1 – 6
  • Parts A & B of the lesson teach the letters of the alphabet in upper and lower cases.
  • Part C is the consolidation of all keys learned to date.
  • Kewala enjoys a ride on an emu, a killer whale, a flying moth, a lantern fish and a goat, while escaping dingos and sharks.
finding the keys22
Finding the Keys
  • Lessons 7 & 8
    • Part A & B Learning the top row number keys while riding a hog along the highway and a lizard deep underground.
    • Part C – Consolidation of all keys learned.
  • Lessons 9 & 10
    • Build speed and accuracy while finishing Kewala’s fun story and finally reaching the Kingdom of Eaz.
student reporting
Student Reporting
  • At the end of every lesson you can view your results and print a Statement of Proficiency.
  • Progress Reports
    • Analysis
      • Displays results in table format. You can order the results by Lesson, Accuracy, Words per minute in either ascending or descending order.
student reporting24
Student Reporting
  • Progress Reports
    • 2 Key Reports
      • The first shows the speed of each key stroke against your goal wpm speed and your average speed.
      • The second report shows the percentage errors.
  • Statement of Proficiency
      • The student can print a Proficiency Statement
creating a custom course
Creating a Custom Course
  • The TQAdmin program enables administrators to create, amend, replace or delete additional courses, using customized lesson text.
  • Create new text files in any word processing program and save the text files as a speed or accuracy lesson.

Custom Courses

  • Running the Custom Course
    • The new course can be found by selecting “Choose a Course” from the Typequick Main Menu.
    • Highlight the lesson required and click OK. The lesson will begin.

Track your students and organize data based on the heading categories.



Import student names and ID numbers.


Run a search based on lesson parts and field types.

Run a query to find specific data. For example “Best WPM greater than 30”


Click on an individual student to view the lessons they have completed or attempted.

Select a specific lesson to view key stroke data.


Grades K-6

Grades 6-13+