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Student Financial Services

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Student Financial Services. Financing Your Legal Education Fall Open House 2012. Student Financial Services. Who we are Kathleen Koch – Assistant Dean Lynette Splinter – Director Paula Nagel – Associate Director Eric Bender – Records Specialist/Evaluator

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student financial services

Student Financial Services

Financing Your Legal Education

Fall Open House 2012

student financial services1
Student Financial Services
  • Who we are
    • Kathleen Koch – Assistant Dean
    • Lynette Splinter – Director
    • Paula Nagel – Associate Director
    • Eric Bender – Records Specialist/Evaluator
    • Natasha Murphy – Program Coordinator
    • Susan Murphy – Computer Specialist
  • Office hours
    • Monday, Thursday
      • 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
      • 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • How to reach us
    • Tel.: (206) 398-4250
    • Fax: (206) 398-4058
    • E-mail:
    • Web:
what we re going to cover
What we’re going to cover
  • Information about the cost of attendance
  • Steps in the financial aid process
  • Resources for paying for law school
  • How to prepare financially for law school
  • Question & Answer Time
what is the student budget
What is the student budget?

2012-13 Cost of Attendance

  • Full-time 9 months12 months
    • Tuition $39,810 $39,810
    • Books/Supplies $1,192 $1,192
    • Room $11,313 $15,084
    • Board $3,033 $4,044
    • Personal Expenses $3,132 $4,176
    • Transportation $2,088 $2,784
    • Loan Fees $97 $97
    • SBA Fees $74 $74
    • Matriculation Fee $100 $100
  • Total $60,839 $67,361
so now how do i pay for it
So… now how do I pay for it?
  • Own resources
  • Financial aid
    • Scholarships
    • Employment
    • Loans
  • Outside Resources
    • Outside scholarships
    • Tuition remission (employer tuition programs)
    • Family help
    • VA benefits
scholarships free money
Scholarships Free Money!
  • At-Entry Scholarships are awarded based on admission information and do not require a separate application.
    • Range from $2,500 to $22,500 and renewable based on the conditions of the scholarship.
  • Full tuition awards, require a separate application:
    • Scholars for Justice full tuition scholarship. See for more information.
    • Adolf A. Berle, Jr. full tuition scholarship. See for more information.
    • Native American Law full tuition scholarship. See for more information.
  • Community Service Stipend: $3000 for first year based on prior participation in AmeriCorps, City Year, Peace Corps, VISTA, Teach for America or Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Requires documentation of qualifying service.
  • Year-end Achievement Scholarships
    • Based on class rank after the first and second years.
    • Range from $1,000 to $18,000.
  • On-campus Employment
    • Employment opportunities available through Federal Work Study or non-Work Study positions.
    • Hourly wages currently range from $9.45 to $11.70
    • Job Fair held in the fall to meet and set up interviews with different departments in the law school.
  • Outside Employment
    • Student option to work during law school.
    • Hours limited to 20 hours per week if attending full-time per ABA regulations.
    • Part-time students can work up to 40 hours per week.
student loans
Student Loans
  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan
    • $20,500 annual maximum
    • Interest rate fixed at 6.8%
    • Interest accrues but may be deferred until repayment
    • Repayment begins 6 months after graduation (or dropping below ½ time enrollment).
    • Stafford loan qualifies for Income Based Repayment and Public Interest Loan Forgiveness options.
  • Federal Perkins Loan
    • Need Based up to $2,000
    • Interest rate fixed at 5%
    • No interest accrues while in school and during 9 month grace period
  • Alternative Loans
    • Credit Based
    • Up to the Cost of Attendance less other financial aid
    • Fixed interest rate of 7.9% for Federal Graduate PLUS Loan. Normally a variable interest rate for private loans.
    • Graduate PLUS loan qualifies for Income Based Repayment and Public Interest Loan Forgiveness options.
outside resources
Outside Resources
  • Outside Scholarships
      • Also listed in the student newspaper (PR)
      • Announced on The Docket (
  • Tuition Remission
    • Employers may have programs that pay all or part of tuition, such as Boeing or Microsoft.
outside resources1
Outside Resources
  • Family help
  • VA Benefits
    • Registrar’s Office is the contact for setting up the VA benefits with the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Make sure that you inform Student Financial Services about any outside funding you receive.
financial aid process
Financial Aid Process
  • Complete the FAFSA online, after 01/01/13 and by 02/15/13 for consideration for all funding.
    • SU School code is 003790
    • If applying to other schools, always check for deadlines and application process with each school.
  • Award Letters mailed about 3 weeks after admission letter, but not before the middle of March.
    • FAFSA must be completed and processed. Review comments on SAR.
    • Additional information may be requested by the processor or our office.
  • Review award letter, respond to any requests for more information and ask questions.
repeat the process again
Repeat the process again
  • Must complete the FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA each year to be considered for financial aid.
    • Very important to complete all necessary forms by the priority deadline of February 15th to be considered for need-based programs for second and third years and to receive an on time award letter.
keep records
Keep Records
  • Read all correspondence from the lenders.
    • Update information, such as new address, etc.
    • Check that the loan is not in repayment before scheduled.
  • Get a binder to keep all the paperwork in for each academic year.
    • It can be as simple or complex as you like.
    • By having all the paperwork in one place, it is easier to correct any problems and keep track of your borrowing.
what are my next steps
What are my next steps?
  • Plan your budget – how much do you really need?
    • Go through your expenses and bills to figure out your monthly budget.
    • Add 10% for an emergency fund.
    • Pay off any current debt or at least pay it down as much as you can.
    • Focus on reducing discretionary expenses, such as food and entertainment.
    • Prepare to live like a student.
    • Computer costs, with proper documentation, may be included.
check your credit
Check Your Credit
  • Request a credit report
    • Federal law allows 1 free annual credit report from each of the credit bureaus.
    • You can obtain this information at the federally sponsored website –
important information
Important Information
  • – complete online FAFSA
  • – complete the MPN
  • - complete loan entrance counseling
  • – general financial aid information and outside scholarship links
  • – free scholarship search
  • – law school website
  • – general financial information and calculators
  • – obtain free annual credit report from all agencies