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Arthritis Walk Logistics

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Arthritis Walk Logistics. Colleen Ryan Logistics Chair, Arthritis Walk National Volunteer Committee Southern California Chapter. Executing a Smooth Logistics Plan. Importance of pre-planning Organizing a successful logistics committee Empowering volunteers / delegating

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arthritis walk logistics

Arthritis Walk Logistics

Colleen Ryan

Logistics Chair, Arthritis Walk National Volunteer Committee

Southern California Chapter

executing a smooth logistics plan
Executing a Smooth Logistics Plan
  • Importance of pre-planning
  • Organizing a successful logistics committee
  • Empowering volunteers / delegating
  • Building an exciting event – including Mission Delivery and Advocacy
  • Incorporating all of the important pieces
recruit a logistics team
Recruit a Logistics TEAM
  • Tap into current volunteers, walkers, team captains, volunteer groups
  • Match people to their interests and skill sets
  • Train, support, guide and motivate while delegating
  • Promote ownership of areas
  • Be willing to break down the job and think outside the Box
some committee possibilities
Some committee possibilities:
  • Volunteer Recruitment Chair
  • Registration Chair
  • Food and Beverage Chair
  • Mission Delivery Chair
  • Kids Zone Chair
  • Photography Chair
  • Entertainment Chair
  • VIP tent chair
  • Bank Day / Kick-Off-Wrap party Chair
  • Team Tailgate Chair
  • Route Chair
creating a timeline action plan
Creating a timeline / Action Plan
  • Set dates for important walk events such as Kick-Off, Team Captain Meetings and Bank Day
  • Set Meeting schedule – consider agenda specific meetings – not everybody needs to be at every meeting.
  • Use Walk in a Box
    • Ask your Walk chair for the logistics folder
    • Documents in there are just a guide—don’t feel constrained—think outside “the Box” too!
pre planning for day of event
Pre-planning for day of event
  • Incorporate the Arthritis Walk Standard Event Day Components
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Hero Involvement
    • Arthritis Walk T-shirt
    • Mission Delivery / Advocacy
    • Banners & Signage
    • Evaluation Form / Participant Survey
    • Celebration / FUN!!!!
    • Closing Ceremony
key elements
Key Elements
  • Route must be 5K with a 1-mile option
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Visible directional signage
  • Prominent placement of AW banners and signage
  • Water stops each mile along the walk route (including water bowls for dogs)
  • Trained volunteers to lead participants along the route and help them navigate traffic areas
  • If at a large site, make sure signs and/or volunteers are visible to guide walkers to registration
registration the first impression
Registration – The First Impression
  • The first 10 minutes a participant walks into the event are VERY important.
    • Have greeters meeting walkers and guiding them to the registration area
    • Have registration on time – there are always early birds!
    • Have the registration table fully staffed, making sure everyone knows their role
    • You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!
    • Don’t forget dog walk registration

Memorable Mission Delivery….

  • Heroes Banner
  • Wall of Heroes
  • Blue Hats
  • Faces of Arthritis
  • Mission tent
  • Advocacy
  • Program info
  • Statistics
  • Let’s Move Together
  • Don’t forget the route!
  • Plan for about 30% attrition on registered volunteers
  • Assign according to skills and interests if possible
  • Re-assign throughout the event – use the time wisely!
  • Have a volunteer coordinator / sign in booth
  • Have volunteer designation – hats, shirts, stickers etc. so they can be easily spotted
  • Give adequate training / cheat sheet
involve your heroes
Involve Your Heroes
  • Heroes lead the walk
  • Special Hero recognition
    • Hero reception/activity area in which you greet your Heroes and their families prior to the Walk
  • Blue hats given to walkers with arthritis
  • Annual Hero pin given to returning participants
  • Wall of Heroes forwalkers to write messages, post photos, etc.

Kids Zone!!

  • Bouncers
  • Face Painting
  • Tattoos
  • Games
  • Crafts, coloring
  • Kids raffle
  • Police cars
  • Fire trucks
  • Clowns
  • Mascots
  • Kid specific snacks

Building Participant History

  • Fundraising Incentives- throughout the build, at the walk
  • Raffles
  • Team Tailgate area!
  • Recognition – on Kintera, at the walk, VIP Tent
  • Kicking off the next year – Thank You’s
don t forget
Don’t forget…..
  • Security
  • On–site communication (cell phones, radios)
  • First Aid – emergency plan
  • Parking / directional signage
  • Supply boxes for all areas
  • Permits (if applicable)
  • Vendor contact info / event sheet info
  • Transportation for injuries / volunteers
  • Trash removal / pick-up
successful wrap up
Successful Wrap -Up
  • Notes from committee / area coordinators while memories are fresh!
  • Participant survey – at the walk, or online
  • Committee wrap meeting
  • Participant / Team wrap party
  • Commemoration online – photos, videos, web site updated
  • Thank you to vendors, sponsors and walkers
  • Save the date for next year!