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  1. The EuroFIR network – Delivering high quality food composition data across Europe Paul Finglas (IFR) and Claudia Krines (ttz)Buenos Aires, Argentina 26th October 2007

  2. Outline • Background & Current Activities • The EuroFIR Platform & Technical website ( • General Information • Description and Specifications • Tools & Services • Future challenges

  3. Having data of sufficient quality & quantity… • Supporting nutrition & health surveys, medical research and interventions, and health policies   • Information for public health government bodies and regulators to educate their populations about health and food heritage; • Information that enables food industry to produce healthier foods, and obtain a larger share of the international food market; • Information to consumers – via labels and via printed/electronic information – to enable them to play a more active role in protecting and enhancing their health

  4. EuroFIR Consortium Grows to 48 Partners • Started 1/1/05 with €12M for 5yrs • Partnership between 48 centres from 25 countries including: • 27 national food database compilers • MoUs with Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia & Slovenia • Key users & stakeholders: • CIAA, BEUC, EFSA & food industry (SMEs) • USDA, FAO (Latinfoods, Afrofoods), NZ

  5. Five Strategic Objectives • To strengthen scientific and technological excellence in food databank systems by integrating the critical mass of resources and expertise needed to provide European leadership; • To identify and provide new information for missing data for nutrients and biologically active compounds, and covering all food groups; • To spread excellence and enhance impact in FCDBs and public health nutrition beyond the boundaries of the partnership through training, sharing of methods and facilities; • To interact with all user and stakeholder groups, in order to establish and deliver requirements to ensure that the food databank systems are durable and sustainable; • To disseminate and exploit new scientific and technological knowledge in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the food industry

  6. The EuroFIR Platform A virtual platform of inter-connected national and specialised databases: • Distributed configuration • Using client – mediator – server applications • Draft European standard for food data (SIS TC 505) • Standardised vocabularies - thesauri • XML format data interchange • Quality management

  7. Communication with the EuroFIR Tech Web

  8. Creation of Common EuroFIR Thesauri • Common description of foods and values in European food composition databases: • Food Description - common indexing of foods • Value Documentation • Common component definitions (with cross-reference to ChEBI, CAS, INFOODS, legal definitions, etc) • Common analytical method description • Common bibliographic database (CiteXplore) • Common data quality assessment • Common XML template for data transfer (EuroFIR Food Data Transfer Package)

  9. Communication with the EuroFIR Tech Web

  10. LanguaL (Langua aLimentaria) • Automated method for describing, capturing and retrieving FC data • Adapted to computerised FCDBs and consumption databanks • Multilingual thesaural system using facetted clasification • Facilitates links to many different databanks and coherent data exchange. Search for foods already indexed Visualise description of selected food EuroFIR Food Product Indexer

  11. LanguaL food indexing • 26 national data sets => 25 674 indexed foods • Specialized data sets • EuroFIR BASIS (bioactive substances in foods) • INFORMALL (information on allergenic foods) • GEMS/Foods (WHO/FAO Global Environmental Monitoring System)

  12. The EuroFIR model (Web services) ‘Extractors’ Web services National/local databases EuroFIR General Search Engine Local Search Engines

  13. EuroFIR eSearch facility Web Services deliver data in XML format

  14. EuroFIR’s European Food Composition Information Platform Online Databases Linking using LanguaL food description Databases underimplementation 14 online + 6 under development Static information(data in table format) Offline Information(publications) GL IS IS FI Information pending FO NO SE SE EE Specialized datasets SE LV RU DK EuroFIR BASIS LT JP DK UK CD UK EI BE NL PL BY DE BE USA DE CZ UA US FR SK US FR AU US AU FR CH MD US SI HU HR CZ IT RS RO GE Other online databases BA IT PT AL BU MD SP TR FR FR SP GR GR IL CY TN DZ MA March 2006

  15. Communication with the EuroFIR Tech Web

  16. Tomato

  17. Communication with the EuroFIR Tech Web

  18. CiteXplore Pubmed & Agricola

  19. ChEBI

  20. Future Challenges/Take Home Messages • Improve value documentation of available data specially quality • Extend accessibility/coverage of data to users – links to other parts of the world (Global Resource) • Make available tools & services to all international compilers & other users • Quality checked new data from published articles • Traceability of data to original references • Sustain EuroFIR Platform for Food Composition community

  21. EuroFIR Acknowledgements