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Name ______________________________. Coyote Places the Stars Retold and Illustrated by Harriet Peck Taylor Prediction

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Presentation Transcript

Name ______________________________

Coyote Places the Stars

Retold and Illustrated by Harriet Peck Taylor



Author’s Purpose

inform persuade entertain


Coyote Places the Stars

  • Focus Skills:
  • To understand the use of comparison and contrast within a text
  • To read and understand a Native American legend
  • To read and understand a nonfiction article
  • To use adjectives for what kind correctly
  • Genre
  • Native American Tale- a story that has been passes down through time.
  • Summary
  • By shooting arrows, Coyote arranges the stars in constellations. Then he summons the other animals to view his handiwork.
  • Reading Strategy
  • Summarize
  • In legends, like folktales, animals often act like humans. Legends may have unusual names and events. It helps to stop reading every few pages and summarize what has happened so far.



Amazing Things Coyote Does

Compare and contrast our coyote with a real coyote.

Story Coyote

Real Coyote


Coyote Character Traits




What does Coyote discover ha can do after he reaches the moon?

What does he do with this new skill?

How are the pictures Coyote makes in the sky different from each other? How are they alike?





What happens as a result of Coyote’s howling?


How did the animals move?



How do you think the animals feel about seeing their pictures in the sky? Why?




What do the other animals do to show Coyote how grateful they are?

Did Coyote expect the other animals to react this way? Explain.

Why was this story originally created?

What important things have you learned about Coyote?


Think and Respond

  • How does Coyote place the stars? Why does he do it?
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Why do the animals give a great feast for coyote?
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • How does this story explain why Coyote howls?
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • What pictures would you have made if you had arranged the stars?
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Use the graphic organizer to follow the following questions.

  • What type of story is this one most like?
  • When does this story take place?
  • What does Coyote shoot one arrow at the sky after the other?
  • Which event happens first?
    • Coyote makes a picture of Bear from stars.
    • Coyote begins to howl.
    • Coyote returns to Earth
    • Coyote hits a star with an arrow and makes it move.
  • Where does Coyote get his ideas from most of the star pictures he draws?
  • What do the other animals think about Coyote’s howl?
  • What type of words are woofing, whiffing, screeching, and squawking?
  • Why does Coyote make animal-shaped pictures?
  • Why do the animals have a great feast?
  • What word would best describe Coyote?
  • What is the purpose of the story?