Increasing sales with improved displays customer service techniques
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Increasing Sales with Improved Displays & Customer Service Techniques - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Increasing Sales with Improved Displays & Customer Service Techniques. Pam Rye Area Small Farm Specialist. Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s). Product Variety, Quantity, Features… Price Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Discounts… Place Supply Chain, Logistics, Assortments, Locations… Promotion

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Increasing sales with improved displays customer service techniques l.jpg

Increasing Sales with Improved Displays & Customer Service Techniques

Pam Rye

Area Small Farm Specialist

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Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s) Techniques

  • Product

    • Variety, Quantity, Features…

  • Price

    • Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Discounts…

  • Place

    • Supply Chain, Logistics, Assortments, Locations…

  • Promotion

    • Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations…

Composing an attractive display l.jpg
Composing an Attractive Display Techniques

  • Foundation

  • Signage

  • Preservation of Produce

  • Seasonal Interest

  • Whimsical Touches

Foundation l.jpg
Foundation Techniques

Signage l.jpg
Signage Techniques

  • Allows you to stand out in crowded farmers market.

  • Simple & inexpensive

  • How to attach?:

    • Use large clamp on each side of table and wood scraps with braces to stabilize the sign.

Signage6 l.jpg
Signage Techniques

  • Label Products

  • List Prices

  • Offer Suggestions, entice

  • Keep it Consistent!

  • Use re-useable blackboard or plastic signs for prices

Preserving your produce l.jpg
Preserving Your Produce Techniques

  • Higher quality = longer life

  • Shade, shade, shade

  • Keep delicate fruits, perishable items on ice or in coolers

    • In transit

    • On display if possible

    • Flowers in fresh water at all times

Produce that can be iced l.jpg
Produce That Can Be Iced Techniques

  • ArtichokesAsparagusBeetsBroccoliCantaloupesCarrotsCauliflowerEndiveGreen OnionsLeafy GreensRadishesSpinachSweet cornWatermelon

Produce damaged by direct contact w ice l.jpg
Produce Damaged by Direct Contact w/ Ice Techniques

  • StrawberriesBlueberriesRaspberriesTomatoesSquashGreen BeansCucumbersGarlicOkraBulb onionsRomaine LettuceHerbs

Seasonal interest l.jpg
Seasonal Interest Techniques

Masses of color or product are very effective at grabbing attention

Seasonal display l.jpg
Seasonal Display Techniques

  • Change colors and hues to reflect the season.

  • Blues & yellows in summer. Lavender and sage in spring. Fall use golds, oranges, reds, earthy colors.

  • Keep storage items and trash in truck to avoid clutter, etc.

A bit of whimsy l.jpg
A Bit of Whimsy Techniques

  • Add whimsical touches that are also functional

    • wagons, decorative baskets, cute and also help transfer items from truck and use in the display

  • Attention getters

    • Windchimes

    • Fresh flowers

    • Relaxing music

    • Water feature

Whimsical touches l.jpg
Whimsical Touches Techniques

Things to know about customers l.jpg
Things to Know about Customers Techniques

  • Customers rebel against

    • Pressure

    • Surveillance

    • Lack of Trust

    • Stupid Questions

  • 20% of sales lost due to a “Turn Off”

Timing l.jpg
Timing Techniques

  • Learn the flow of the sale

    • 1. Advance

      • Greet quickly with meaningful dialogue

    • 2. Retreat

      • Be patient, Wait for the sale (“permission”)

        **Stay busy, but attentive**

Meaningful dialogue l.jpg
Meaningful Dialogue Techniques

  • Learn the power of YES and YOU

  • Remove the Negative

    • Avoid questions that get negative answers

    • Avoid “HAVE TO”, “NEED TO”, (even on signs)

  • Don’t answer DEVIL QUESTIONS

    • Give them reasons to buy instead

Meaningful dialogue18 l.jpg
Meaningful Dialogue Techniques

  • Learn ‘One Liners’ to shut them up or close a sale

  • Take compliments!

    • Tell them what you want: Them to tell other people

Meaningful dialogue19 l.jpg
Meaningful Dialogue Techniques

  • Once you have “permission” CRANK UP THE VOLUME”, b/c Everyone is listening

  • NEVER say “thank you” until you get the $$$

    • Say you appreciate it and why, but not “thanks”

It takes the whole package l.jpg
It Takes the Whole Package Techniques

  • Product

  • Price

  • Story

Catch them in your web l.jpg
Catch Them in Your Web Techniques

  • Encourage people to use their senses

    • If they touch it they’re 4 times as likely to buy it

    • Pleasant sounds, tastes, etc, enticed to linger

    • Demonstrations, recipes, etc

Seeing is believing l.jpg
Seeing is Believing Techniques

  • Create Effective Displays

    • The Zone

      • the belt buckle to 6” above eyes

    • Make it Bright

      • Improve or enhance light

The story l.jpg
The Story Techniques

  • Take an active role in the sales process

  • Learn to talk about your products and articulate their benefits

    • Features about the product

    • Benefits on how it improves/enhances their lives

      • Helps to up-sale or get a 2nd sale

  • Project energy and enthusiasm about your work or business

Respect patience l.jpg
Respect & Patience Techniques

  • Make and maintain eye contact

    • Believable, sincere, and the head nod

  • Treat your customers as individuals

  • Be patient and help them make up their minds

Men women children l.jpg
Men, women, & children Techniques

  • Men: side to side

  • Women: face to face

  • Children: Set limits w/o offending

Energy sells l.jpg
Energy Sells Techniques

  • Project positive body language (aura)

  • If you can’t, hire someone who can!

  • Use your hands in the selling process

  • Avoid the Change Rattler Syndrome

    • Sellers: take it out of the pockets

    • Buyers: give them something to do, eat, etc.

No no s l.jpg
No, No’s Techniques

  • Don’t Sit

  • Don’t Read

  • Don’t Talk on the Phone

  • Don’t Open late or Close early

  • Negative talk

Practice makes perfect l.jpg
Practice Makes Perfect Techniques

  • Practice salesmanship like it is a musical instrument

  • Be willing to evolve

  • Concentrate on what works & have fun!

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Pam Rye Techniques

Area Small Farm Specialist

1030 Cumberland Heights Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37040