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anglo chinese school primary primary 5 l.
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Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) PRIMARY 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) PRIMARY 5

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Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) PRIMARY 5
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Anglo – Chinese School (Primary) PRIMARY 5

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  1. Anglo – Chinese School (Primary)PRIMARY 5

  2. ENGLISH Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  3. Standardised Requirements For P5 English • Spelling & Dictation (weekly) • Journal Writing • Situational Writing • Continuous Writing • ACS Worksheets • SA Revision Papers • Remedial/Enrichment Lessons (for selected students; starting week T1W8) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  4. Differentiated Learning • Each EL teacher will modify lessons and assignments according to the needs of the students. • For example: - Students who are weaker in English will do activities/assignments that are pegged at their level. - Similarly, students who have a better command of English will do activities/assignments that challenge them. Rationale: No student is discouraged or unchallenged. Foundations are built & potential is realised. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  5. English Semestral Exam Components • Oral 30 Marks • Listening Comprehension 20 Marks • Language Paper I • Situational writing 15 Marks • Continuous writing 40 Marks • Language Paper II 95 Marks • TOTAL 200 Marks Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  6. English Semestral Exam Components – Oral Exam Oral Exam (30 marks) • Reading Aloud (10 marks) • Picture Conversation (10 marks) • Conversation (10 marks) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  7. English Semestral Exam Components – Listening Compre. Listening Comprehension Exam (20 marks) Duration: 50 minutes(Multiple-Choice Questions) • Picture Matching • Listening to Various Situations (e.g. dialogue, announcement etc.) & Answer Questions about Them. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  8. English Semestral Exam Components – Paper I Paper I (55 marks) Duration of Paper I: 1 hour 10 minutes • Situational Writing (15 marks) • Continuous Writing (40 marks) (Choice of Picture or Situational Compo) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  9. English Semestral Exam Components – Paper II English Semestral Exam Components – Paper II Duration of Paper II: 2 hour 15 minutes Booklet A: Multiple-Choice Questions (30 marks) • Graphic Stimulus (5 marks) • Grammar & Punctuation (10 marks) • Vocabulary (10 marks) • Reading Comprehension (5 marks) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  10. English Semestral Exam Components – Paper II Booklet B: Fill in the Blanks (65 marks) • Grammar Cloze (10 marks) • SPG (10 marks) • Comprehension Cloze (15 marks) • Synthesis & Transformation (10 marks) • Reading Comprehension (20 marks) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  11. MATHEMATICS Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  12. P5 Shaping Math Activity Book P5 Topical Worksheets (Booklet) P5 ASSAD Weekly Worksheets (Booklet) On-line assignments (AskNLearn) Practice Papers (before Mid-year & End-of year exam) Homework Policy - Math Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  13. P5 Shaping Math Activity Book Worksheets P5 Topical Worksheets (Booklet) P5 ASSAD (Booklet) P5 Topical Tests / SA1 Papers / SA2 Papers P5 Revision Papers Miscellaneous (e.g supplementary lesson worksheets) Math Filing Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  14. Please assist the Math teachers to ensure that your son: does his homework promptly. Priority must be given to school assignments. completes all his corrections and understands the solution. Please also monitor his Math file and ensure that he does his filing regularly. Monitoring and Assistance Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  15. Rationale • Doing Shaping Math Activity book alone does not guarantee mastery of Math skills needed to tackle challenging Math questions. • When one understands Math concepts & masters necessary problem-solving skills (Heuristics, model method, etc.) to tackle specific types of questions, one is more prepared for the exams & its unpredictability. (i.e. worksheets, ASSAD, revision papers.) • Nurture in your son the love for Math. It’s not just about the exams. Mathematics is used in every moment of our life (e.g. spending your pocket money). Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  16. Exam Format Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  17. SCIENCE Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  18. Required Science Materials My Pals Are Here! Course Book Activity Book Process Skills Workbook (yet to be in market) 1 green Science file Topical booklets (Topical Review Worksheet, Topical notes, Topical Spelling list) Topical Tests Revision / Examination Papers Young Geneticist Card

  19. Science Topics Semester 1 Semester 2 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  20. Science Paper Format • Part I – 60% 30 MCQs • Part II – 40% 14 Open-ended Questions (2 / 3 / 4 marks per question) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  21. Weightage of SA1 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  22. Weightage of SA2 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  23. MOTHER TONGUE Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  24. P5 Chinese Teachers Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  25. Email of CL Teachers

  26. Materials for Chinese Text Book 课本 Exercise books(听写+笔记+习字) Workbook 活动本 Worksheets课文填充 Mother Tongue Yellow File华文文件夹 Filing to be done according to the types of worksheets e.g. comprehension, written expression etc. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  27. Homework Policy Work to be done for every chapter: Workbook 活动本 Spelling 听写(Every Wednesday) Spelling list will be given Listening Practice 听力练习 Oral practice口试练习 Reading Practice 阅读 Magazine《知识报》 Selected stories 5. Writing Exercise Picture Writing 看图作文 Narrative Writing 命题作文 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  28. Chinese Exam Component • 小学华文考试 +高级华文 • 新的考试项目New Exam Format • 考试蓝图会在三月假期之前通知家长 • Blueprint for the examination format will be given to the pupils before March holidays Anglo–Chinese School (Primary) Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  29. Programme Cultural Journey China Trip Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  30. TAMIL Tamil Paper 1 40% Paper 2 90% Oral 50% Listening Compre 20% Total 200% Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  31. HOMEWORK POLICY FOR TAMIL • Homework will be given at least 3 times a week: • After every grammar topic written exercises will be given- • Worksheets • Workbook • Spelling & Dictation (every Friday) • Comprehension • Listening Skills • Practice given after each unit. • Exam format listening comprehension practices are given every month. • Oral Skills • Oral practices are given once a week. • Pupils are expected to express themselves using spoken Tamil. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  32. HOMEWORK POLICY FOR TAMIL • Reading Skills • Reading is conducted every week • A lot of practices and focus is given to pronunciation, voice modulation & intonation • Writing Skills • Composition is given fortnightly. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  33. Expectations: • Homework must be completed and to be returned the next day. • Pupils are expected to use the school diary to jot down their homework & reminders. • Any form of communication to the parents will be through the diary. Please check their diaries. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  34. Malay Malay Language Teacher Cikgu Norharyati Communication with parents • Via E-mail • • Pupil’s Diary Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  35. Required Books • Malay Mekar Textbook Malay Mekar Workbook • Two Exercise Book One Exercise Book for Journal One Writing Book (60A) for Karangan One Writing Book (60A) for Keratan Akhbar Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  36. P5 MT ComponentsListening Compre ( Pendengaran ) 20Oral (Lisan ) 50Composition ( Karangan ) 40Paper 11 ( kertas 11) 90 MT (Total ) 200 Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  37. P5 MEKAR Work Book • Parents’ signature is again needed at the end of each unit to help monitor pupils’ progress Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  38. Worksheets-Malay • Worksheets are done based on units. • Parents’ signature is needed at the end of each unit to ensure there is Parent • and Teacher Collaboration. • Pupils need to place these worksheets in the 3 inch yellow ring file. • Parents’ help is needed to ensure that • worksheets are placed in the big file accordingly. Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  39. Filing of Malay worksheets 3 inch yellow ring file with 5 dividers 1) Kertas Latihan Berdasarkan Unit 2) Bahasa & Kertas Tambahan 3) Kefahaman & Kefahaman Mendengar 4) Karangan & Nota 5) Ujian & Peperiksaan

  40. Programme Malay Buddy Reading (every Wednesday, 7-7.30am) Buddy Reading will begin in Term 1 Week 4. Extensive Reading Programme (Majalah CERDIK)

  41. Reading Programme- Malay • Our Theme, ‘Reading is fun’ • The contents of this booklet are interesting • Pupils are encouraged to identify their favourite characters, draw their favourite scenes and many more… • Please ensure that your child reads the stipulate number of books in order to obtain collar pins

  42. Oral-Malay • Weekly Oral practice • Booklet for Oral • Include tips on reading • Include tips on • conversational oral Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  43. Assignments On Fridays • These are the following work to be completed over the weekends. These works are to be submitted on every Monday • 1) Newspaper Cutting- 5 new words • Meaning should be in Malay • Pupils need to be able to construct sentences based on these 5 new words • Pupils need to include why they have chosen the newspaper article • 2) Journal- They need to complete their weekly journal Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  44. Homework • Kindly check your son’s diary (if possible daily) as they will jot down their homework in their diary. Any outstanding work will also be reflected in their diary. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated  Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  45. What you can do to helphim ? • Close supervision. • TV & Radio Programmes. • Newspaper & Magazines Anglo–Chinese School (Primary)

  46. Thank You !