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SPONSORSHIP. A Presentation for Sisters of the Holy Family June 15, 2009. PURPOSES OF THE SESSION. To explore the concept of sponsorship as SHF are currently exercising it and as it might be exercised in the future. Defining sponsorship

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  1. SPONSORSHIP A Presentation for Sisters of the Holy Family June 15, 2009

  2. PURPOSES OF THE SESSION To explore the concept of sponsorship as SHF are currently exercising it and as it might be exercised in the future

  3. Defining sponsorship • Sketching a history of the concept of sponsorship • Describing some structures of sponsorship • Reflecting on the CSJ experience of moving to new models of sponsorship • Identifying challenges • Offering resources • Answering your questions

  4. What do you want to know?

  5. The Spirit of Vatican II • Be grounded in Gospel values • Return to the spirit of the Founder • Read the signs of the times

  6. He went around all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom, and curing every disease and illness among the people. (Mt 4:23)

  7. Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him. He appointed twelve to be with him and to be sent out to proclaim the Gospel and to have power to cast out demons. (Mark 3:13-15)

  8. Go and do likewise. (Lk 10:37)

  9. The Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph(1650) The union of ourselves and all people (and creation) with God and one another in and through Christ Jesus (C#11) To bring about this unity, we search out and undertake any spiritual and corporal work of mercy that may be within the power of the Congregation (C#13)

  10. 17th Century Social Analysis Divide the city, Identify the ills there, Work with others to alleviate them.

  11. Mother Bernard--1912 (She) brought to our California foundation the Congregation’s heritage of profound humility and cordial charity in all relationships. To this heritage, she contributed a pioneer spirit of bold faith, foresight, and flexibility as gifts for our mission. (C#10)

  12. Mission of Holy Family Sisters To seek out and advocate for the poor and needy, especially families, for the Kingdom of God

  13. SHF Vision Statement—c 1990 As Gleaners, we stand at the edge of society where Christ is encountered in Word, Silence, and Action, where power of His Kingdom pushes out the boundaries of our world.

  14. SHF Vision We will be recognized by our simplicity of life and visible presence among the most abandoned. Our mission as Gleaners will be to serve segments of the population who are underserved by Church and social institutions. Our coming together as a community will be typical of the gathering of disciples around Jesus. Thus, we are open to the power of the Spirit which unifies and empowers us with a passion for mission.

  15. SHF Vision The richness of our community life will be the result of our commitment to interact with one another and assume the responsibilities of active participation as we live our common faith and mission. This will be enhanced by our spirit of inclusiveness where individuals, drawn by the charism, freely choose levels of participation where they live out their commitment as vowed members or Associates.

  16. SHF Vision Our position in the world as Gleaners calls our congregation and institutions to a larger social agenda. Toward that end we will network and collaborate with other congregations, institutions, and others for the purpose of solidarity with, as well as advocacy for the poor; impacting policy with Gospel values and promoting the values upon which we were originally established.

  17. How I am using words • Mission: why we exist • Ministry: any spiritual and corporal work of mercy within the power of the Congregation • Works

  18. What do you mean when you use the word Sponsorship?

  19. Dictionary Definitions • Sponsor is one who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation and undertakes responsibility for the person’s religious education or spiritual welfare • One who assumes responsibility for another person or thing

  20. Person or organization that pays for or plans and carries out a project • Person or organization that pays cost of radio or TV program

  21. Sponsorship connected with Ministry “projects, programs and institutions for which the Sisters…are corporately responsible” ~ Concilia Moran, RSM

  22. Support of, influence on, and responsibility for a project, program or institution which furthers the goals of the sponsoring group

  23. Sponsoring group is publicly identified with the project, program or institution and makes certain resources available to them.

  24. Canonical Definition Relationship between religious congregations, their ministries, and the Church. The sponsors hold these ministries in trust in the name of the Church for the good of society.

  25. Distinction between • What the Congregation or Community is doing corporately • Work of individual Sisters

  26. “Sponsorship” arosein a context • Fewer Sisters, fewer Sisters in historically all-Sister run ministries • Increased complexity of the ministries • Changes in legal/civil structures • Sisters starting up new ministries

  27. Catholic identity • Relation to the Church • Ministry / ministers • Consistency of works with mission of the Congregation • Preparation of Sisters and others • Relationship of Congregation with ministry • Planning for future of ministry

  28. Sponsorship for SHF What does SHF sponsor? How are your ministries structured to ensure the mission of the SHF?

  29. Ministry History • Congregational charism and mission • Response to human needs • Historical and ecclesial context • Vision of an individual adopted by the whole • Decisions of elected leaders • Invitation, desire and / or approval of church leadership

  30. Kate Grant—Time Periods • Pre-1960s / pre-Vatican II • Post Vatican II 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s • And beyond

  31. Kate Grant--Elements • Governance • Management • Sponsorship • Organization or structural relationships

  32. Kate Grant--Waves of Evolution • Family business • Franchise • Partnership • Next generation

  33. Structures of Sponsorship Support of, influence on, and responsibility for a project, program or institutions which furthers the goals of the sponsoring group; public identification; provision of resources

  34. Under the Congregation’s Civil Corporation • Education NETWORK • CSD • Bethany • Ministry to eliminate trafficking

  35. Separately Incorporated • Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation • Taller San Jose • St. Joseph Health System • St. Joseph Health Ministry (sponsor of SJHS)

  36. CSJ Education NETWORK • Founded to continue commitment to education • Celebrating 20th Anniversary • Sister Director; religious and lay staff • Advisory board • Operating expenses paid by Congregation; small membership fee • Evolution of services

  37. Center for Spiritual Development • Year-round retreat and conference center • Thirty years of service • Sister Director; lay and religious staff • Programs planned and presented by staff • Budget from Congregation, fees, donations

  38. Bethany • Over ten years in operation; located in Motherhouse • Sister Director; religious and lay staff • Advisory board–religious and lay • 24/7 program • Budget from Congregation, fees, grants

  39. General Council • Receives a Quarterly Operational and Financial report • Appoints a Council liaison for each of these ministries • Meets with the Sister Director at least annually

  40. Challenges • How much direction can / does Congregational leadership give? • How much development of ministry is based on vision of founding Sister and/ or the Sister Director? • What is the role of Congregational leadership in succession planning, strategic planning?

  41. How does the Leadership and Congregation determine level of financial support? • How is the program/Sister Directors evaluated? • What “power of placement” does Congregational Leadership have?

  42. Taller San Jose • Job Training Program for Youth 18-25, Santa Ana • Ten years+ service • Sister Director recently transitioned to Lay Director

  43. Fiduciary Board of Trustees • Decreasing subsidy from Congregation, relies on grants and donations • Congregation has short list of reserved rights • Council liaison

  44. Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation • Established with funds from charitable contribution • Almost 15 years • Board of Trustees, staffed by Grants Manager • California Dept. of Corporations • Congregation has reserved rights • Council liaison

  45. St. Joseph Health System • Established in 1982 • 25+ years of service • Lay CEO, lay and religious Trustees • Hospitals, home health, physician foundations

  46. St. Joseph Health System Context • Increasing complexity of healthcare • Fewer Sisters, fewer Sisters in institutional ministries • Beginning to share responsibility with laity

  47. St. Joseph Health System Established to • Structure the Congregation’s influence on the ministry • Intentionally and intensively share responsibility for healthcare ministry with lay colleagues / co-ministers

  48. Corporate Member Reserved Rights / Responsibilities • Anything related to the Mission, Vision and Values • Selection, evaluation, termination of the System CEO • Appointment of Sister Trustees to the System and local ministry boards • Appointment of a majority of members to the System board–CSJs, other religious men and women • Acquisition and alienation of property

  49. Models of Sponsorship • Single Sponsor—corporate members • Co/multi-sponsor • Foundation • PJP

  50. Public Juridic Person • Public Juridic Personality • Church structure – similar to corporation in civil law • Authorized to act on behalf of the Church

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