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Sponsorship Training

Sponsorship Training

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Sponsorship Training

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  1. Sponsorship Training

  2. Why Have a Sponsor • Relocation can be: • Mentally demanding • Emotionally demanding • Expensive • Time-consuming • Sponsor’s assistance can make all the difference! • Good sponsor can greatly ease the anxiety and stress that comes with relocating

  3. Impacts • Operational Readiness • Minimizes member’s (and family members) concerns about PCS move; • More focus on new assignment • Well Being • Dramatically decreases anxiety of many ‘unknowns’ for member and family members; • Enhances satisfaction with assignment • Retention factor - the little things add up!

  4. Purpose of Sponsor • To provide member and family • Realistic expectations; • Basic guidance; • Samples and suggestions • Ease of transition to new area • Sponsor can do wonders for a member’s first impression of new command • Can have a positive or a negative experience

  5. Positive or Negative Effect • “An extremely disappointing experience! Questions such as ‘Should I bring my household goods or car?’ were left unanswered. Of course, this is not something you want to complain about to a new command.” • “Several sponsors were assigned due to deployments; therefore sponsor assistance was a hit or a miss! • “I like the idea of having a driver come to the airport with a large van; I really believe the sponsor should ride along to meet you and ensure you have the monies available for the transportation, etc. My sponsor did sell us a couple of transformers but was on leave a couple of weeks just after we arrived. We had to learn mostly through trial and error!

  6. Positive or Negative Effect • “My sponsor helped me with ‘as smooth of a transition’ as I could imagine! I felt comfortable moving here with all questions answered! • “Needless to say, I was extremely nervous making this huge adjustment. My sponsor did an outstanding job ‘showing me the ropes’. I have no complaints! • “Sponsor was there to greet me upon my arrival and assisted me in getting settled into TLA and orientation, the base and surrounding area. Sponsor also invited me over for dinner which made me feel very welcomed. I felt my sponsor went above and beyond what was expected of him and I am really appreciative!

  7. Positive or Negative Effect • “My sponsor transferred back to the states and was unable to assist me at all! • “My sponsor was TDY upon my arrival. He did a pretty good job with initial contact and answering some questions; but I was pretty much left on my own when I arrived! • “I was given the name of my sponsor which I now can’t remember. I had made an initial phone call to my sponsor but never did receive a return call. Needless to say, our experience was mostly 100% D.I.Y. (do it yourself). If anyone knows or can determine who our sponsor was, we’d love to know! • “I would not recommend my sponsor to sponsor anyone else! I was left to find and do almost everything for myself!

  8. Positive or Negative Effect • “My sponsor waited at Gatwick for 4 hours due to my flight being delayed. She met my family and I with a friendly smile, ready to assist in any way. She took us to the hotel, NEX and bank before ensuring we had everything we needed. She gave us her phone number and picked me up the next morning for work. My wife and I were very pleased with her professionalism. • “My sponsor communicated with me as soon as my orders were issued via telephone. He then communicated with me via email on a daily basis; then sent letters to my family and I. Upon arriving in London, he had my family and I over for dinner at his home. The following day, he took us on a tour of his own town and other surrounding areas. He was the best sponsor I ever had in 20 years of Navy service.

  9. Objective Ensure newcomers arrive feeling like members of the new team Ensure newcomers and their families have a positive first impression Strategy Provide proactive assistance to newcomers and their families Pave the way for a smooth transition from losing to gaining command Objectives and Strategies

  10. The Ideal Sponsor • Sponsor selection: • Grade level equivalent • Marital status • Single • Single parent • Married • Married with children • Not going TDY or PCSing

  11. Assess the needs of the newcomer and family Be proactive - make the initial contact; Be helpful and sincere - listen Be responsive but honest If you don’t know the answer; indicate you will find out and get back Meet the needs of member (and family) Get your family involved Information base - final decisions rest with member Tactics

  12. SITES at any installation worldwide or on the web Welcome Packets ACS Web Site Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) Information and Referral ACS Can Help

  13. Make initial contact with member within two days Email works best Make sure to keep command in loop! Send out Welcome Packet See ACS Letter with full name, home and local addresses, home and work phones & fax numbers Unit information (include web site; if available) on mission, work hours, uniform, duty hours, etc. Write the letter as if you were sending it to a friend Newcomers Needs Assessment Checklist Pre-Arrival Stage

  14. Dual Career Military Families Single Parent Families Exceptional Family Member (EFMP) Program Single Personnel Special Needs Groups

  15. Child Care facilities (military and civilian) availability Schools with extended day (hour) programs Certified family home child care 24-hour child care availability Family Care Plans Dual Career Military Families

  16. Child Care resources on base; in the housing area, and in the local community Schools with extended day(hour) programs Other single parents on base Single Parent Families

  17. Info on medical care/TRICARE Child care resources on base and in the community for children with special needs Support groups EFMP Clinic Exceptional Family Member (EFMP)

  18. BOSS Program Recreation facilities available Athletic programs Barracks life Social activities Education programs Volunteer programs Single Personnel

  19. Spouse Employment Contacts Where to send mail Miscellaneous Topics to Cover

  20. Orient Newcomer to Local Area Show newcomer installation facilities PX, Commissary, Darling Hall Fitness center, clinics, chapel Show where you live; where you shop, etc Show major shopping areas and landmarks Accompany Newcomer to In-processing Introduce to supervisor and co-workers Check-in with Housing Office Check-in with Personal Property Take newcomer to banks, post office, etc. Arrival Stage

  21. Invite newcomer to your home Include spouse and children in sponsor process Have them over for dinner Assist in house hunting They may need transportation to get to commissary, house hunting, etc When household goods arrive; offer to babysit any children so member and spouse can focus on getting house situated Assist with registering a vehicle Post Arrival Stage