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Terms. How to not sound like a total noob in the theater. Blocking. •Planned movement of actors on stage WHY?! •To facilitate the plot •To create interest •To manage stage traffic •To focus attention. Stage Directions. Upstaging. •When an actor moves upstage . . .

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How to not sound like a total noob in the theater.


•Planned movement of actors on stage


•To facilitate the plot

•To create interest

•To manage stage traffic

•To focus attention


•When an actor moves upstage . . .

•gaining attention . . .

•by forcing other actors to turn their backs to the audience


types of stages
Types of Stages



Black Box



Theater in the Round, West Bank, U of M

black box
Black Box

Has no given structure

Often times chairs are brought in for audience


Wurtele Thrust, Guthrie Theater


Masking- scenery or curtains that block the backstage from view

Batten- pipes that support lighting instruments

Catwalk- walkway above the theater

terms cont
Terms cont.

Act- divisions or portions of the play (didn’t exist in Greek theater)

Fourth wall- an imaginary wall that separates the audience from the action on the stage.

Aside- breaking the fourth wall, or addressing the audience

terms cont1
Terms cont.

Corpsing- bringing attention to yourself when your character on stage is supposed to be dead.

Costume- anything worn by the actor on stage

Cue- words or actions at which an actor is expected to deliver a line or a crew member is expected to perform a task (i.e. close a curtain or turn a light on or off)

terms cont2
Terms cont.

Dress rehearsal- a full performance before the run of the show begins where every aspect of the show is put together.

Hand prop- something small, like a hanky or a hat, that can be used as a part of the action of the play or as part of the character

House- the entire theater beyond the stage

terms cont3
Terms cont.

Mark- a place on stage where an actor will deliver a line (“find your mark”)

Mugging- playing obviously to the audience

Off book- the point in the rehearsals where everybody should know their parts

Pace- the rate or speed at which the piece is performed

terms cont4
Terms cont.

Prompt- to give an actor their line

“If you’re on time, you’re late.” -the rule of thumb for being timely to theater practice

Standing Ovation- when a performance is so incredible that you believe it deserves more than the standard clap. It is completely overused and doesn’t hold the same meaning that it used to.