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PIA 3395. Development Theories. The Main Event. I. Golden Oldies: II. Literary Map: III. Synthesis:. Development Management as a Field of Study. Defined.

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PIA 3395

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pia 3395

PIA 3395

Development Theories

the main event
The Main Event

I. Golden Oldies:

II. Literary Map:

III. Synthesis:


Development Management

as a Field of Study

  • Development Management is the process of determining and monitoring of planning applications, and other associated applications in the promotion of economic and social change. It ideally involves public, private and non-profit collaboration.
core terms and assumptions core terms and assumptions
Core Terms and Assumptions:Core Terms and Assumptions:

 1. Comparative Public Administration- Structural Functionalism in 1950s

 2. Development

Administration- 1960s

core concepts two
Core Concepts, Two

3. Comparative Administration Group (Sponsored by the Ford Foundation).


Milt Esman

John Montgomery

Norm Uphoff

Ferrel Heady

Fred Riggs

Bill Siffin

core concepts three
Core Concepts, Three

4. Special Attention: The Theories of Fred Riggs

  • Prismatic society
  • Sala model
  • Fused and diffracted
  • Institutional development and culture
core concepts four
Core Concepts, Four

5. Problem of ethnocentricity of modernization

  • Ford Foundation and Vietnam
  • “Madame Nhu and MSU”- Ramparts Magazine
  • Michigan State in Vietnam (CIA Infiltration) and Security Training in Iraq
  • 1975- End of the Development Management and Growth Era

Ralph Smuckler and Louis A. Picard, “Higher Education, Capacity Building, and Aid: Lessons Learned,” in Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy: Lessons for the Next Half-Century, edited by: Louis A. Picard; Robert Groelsema; Terry F. Buss (New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2008).

core concepts five
Core Concepts, Five

6. Development Management- involves private sector and non-profits in government coordinated development activities

7. Development Planning vs. Development Economics: Basis in Keynesianism (Rejected by neo-orthodoxy)

8. Modernization Theory: Basis for Development Management

core concepts six
Core Concepts, Six
  • 9. Development Policy vs. Development Politics= Public Policy?
  • 10. People Centered Development?
  • a. Bottom Up
  • b. Community Development
  • c. Micro-enterprises and micro-credit
  • d. Rapid Rural Appraisal
development management issues
Development Management Issues

1. Development Administration vs. Development Management (people centered development?) What is the difference?

2. The flat pyramid principle

3. The critique of the bureaucratic form

4. Capacity building, NGOs and Organizational weakness (PVO experiences)

=Mini-Discussion: Critique: the project

non profits
  • Centro de Derechos Humanos y Democracia, Brigada 2506 (MIAMI)
development management issues19
Development Management Issues

5. Hierarchy vs. Democracy- How does one reconcile?

 6. Local Government and absence of personnel in LDCs

-Key: lack of fiscal and personnel devolution

 7. Development Administration vs. Representative Bureaucracy



=Political Loyalty

8. Development Management in the 21st century: National Policy or Donor Driven

mock question

Does Development Management exist? Is it different from Development Administration? To what extent is the latter term (or both terms) an oxymoron? What is the relationship between state centric views of development and people centered development?

Mock Question:

"One of the major Problems encountered so far has been is with the management of the project."

James Mackie

“Development and Management is an Oxymoran.”

An Old Philosopher


"Administrative corruption...[is] the institutionalized abuse of public resources by civil servants."

David Gould

Public administration is..."the scarcest resource...the lack of such managerial and administrative capability is the single scarcest public resource in the developing world.

Michael Todaro


Group Four: Deconstruct Question

Group Three: Identify Ten authors and write ten one sentence summaries that can be used in the question

Groups Two and One: Write mock comp. questions for each quote above