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Category of the Phantom of the Opera PowerPoint Presentation
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Category of the Phantom of the Opera

Category of the Phantom of the Opera

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Category of the Phantom of the Opera

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  1. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  2. AUTHORGaston Louis Alfred Leroux (6 May 1868 – 15 April 1927) was a French Journalist and an author of detective fiction. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  3. Category of the Phantom of the Opera Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (English: The Phantom of the Opera) is a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  4. Information About Gaston Leroux Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux was born in Paris in 1868. He went to school in Normady and studied law in Paris, graduating in 1889. in 1890, he began to work as a court reporter and theatre critic for L'Écho de Paris. In 1905, he was present at, and covered, the Russian Revolution. He suddenly left journalism in 1907, and began writing fiction. In 1909, he and Arthur Bernede formed their own film company  Société des Cinéromans to publish novels and also turn them into films. He first wrote a mystery novel entitled Le mystère de la chambre jaune(1908; The Mystery Of TheYellow Room), starring the amateur detective Joseph Rouletabille. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  5. Plot • It tells about a ghost who loved Christine Daaé and something which he did because of his love in the Paris Opera House. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  6. SUMMARY OF THE NOVEL Şeyma Elif Akbaba

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  12. SETTING It takes place in the Paris Opera House. But sometimes the events take place in the Erik’s secret room. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  13. Main Characters • Erik — The "Phantom" and "Opera-Ghost". • Christine Daaé — A young Swedish soprano. • Raoul — Christine's childhood friend and love interest. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  14. The Persian — A mysterious man from Erik's past. Madame Giry — The suspicious caretaker for Box Five. Meg Giry — Madame Giry's only daughter, a ballet girl. Joseph Buquet — The chief scene-shifter. La Carlotta — the lead soprano of the Paris opera house. Gabriel — The superstitious chorus-master. Shah and the sultan — The two kings that tried to kill Erik after he made them a palace. La Sorelli - the lead ballerina Supporting Characters Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  15. Author’s Style Gaston Leroux used a fluently language but I couldn’t understand something. Because, I haven’t been in Pre-Intermediate level, yet but this book is for Intermediate people. But if I am an Intermediate person, I would think that the author used simple words and sentences so I would say that the language was understandable. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  16. My favourite character is • ERIK. Because he is mad and so am I. So I love somebody who is mad. If I am Erik, I would do the same thing and I would combat for my love. So he is my favourite character. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  17. The lesson you have to take: • I think we mustn’t fight against a ghost because they are very dangerous but in this story the ghost love Christine and he never hurt her. Only he caught and hid her so he was very emotional and sensitive. At the end he has already understood everything about he couldn’t fall in love with Christine who loved Raoul. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

  18. How would I promote the story? • I think this story was very exciting and interesting because in normal life there were no ghost and although there was a ghost in this story, the ghost loved Christine. So it was also a very crazy story. Şeyma Elif Akbaba

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