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Phantom of the Opera Study Guide Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Phantom of the Opera Study Guide Questions

Phantom of the Opera Study Guide Questions

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Phantom of the Opera Study Guide Questions

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  1. Phantom of the OperaStudy Guide Questions 7th grade GRC Literature, 2004 OMMS, Mrs. Cline

  2. POTO Study Guide Questions Prologue 1. Music box & poster 2. A collector’s piece, velvet lining, figurine of lead 3. Opera house goes back in time, chandelier is restored & rises above

  3. POTO Study Guide Questions ACT I Scene 1 a. Hannibal by Chalumeau b. Elissa c. Hannibal d. Opera house manager; he’s retiring e. Andre & Firmin f. Always has her head in the clouds g. A backdrop crashes to the floor h. Leave Box 5 open for his use & reminds them his salary is due

  4. POTO Study Guide Questions i. Let Christine sing the part j. Transforms to the Gala & Christine is in full costume Scene 2 a. he liked it b. Secret & strange, unseen genius, Angel of Music, guide & guardian c. Hands get cold, face turns white d. A note Scene 3 a. he was 14 & he rescued her scarf from the sea

  5. POTO Study Guide Questions b. Little Lotte c. She says the Angel of Music is very strict d. Insolent boy, ignorant fool e. A love triangle f. Through the mirror g. it symbolizes the two sides/two perspectives of everything; (examples: good/evil, beauty/ugly, light/dark) Scene 4 a. dream-like; in a trance

  6. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 5 a. Giant candelabra, bed, pipe organ b. he needs her with him to serve him & sing his music c. Turn your face away d. Surrender to your darkest dreams, purge your thoughts of the life you knew before, let your spirit start to soar e. Leave it behind f. a wax figure image of herself in a wedding gown & it thrusts its hands towards her

  7. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 6 a. Playing the organ & writing down the music b. mist, a lake, candles, a boat & a man c. she tears the mask from his face & sees his face d. Fear can turn to love Scene 7 a. makes fun of him b. With fear & delight c. Madame Giry Scene 8 a. newspaper articles

  8. POTO Study Guide Questions b. He likes it; the seats get sold c. The chorus was entrancing & the dancing was a lamentable mess d. My salary has not been paid e. Do not fear for Miss Daae, Angel has her under his wing, make no attempt to see her f. Raoul g. Your days at the Opera Populaire are numbered, Christine will sing your part, a great misfortune will happen if you take her place h. She went home

  9. POTO Study Guide Questions i. Cast Carlotta as pageboy, Christine will play the role of Countess j. A disaster beyond your imagination will occur Scene 9 a. Box 5 b. the Phantom said to leave Box 5 empty for him or else . . . (foreshadows disaster) c. Countess d. Serafimo (pageboy) e. Little toad f. It turns into a croaking sound (like a frog)

  10. POTO Study Guide Questions g. Phantom is laughing & he said a disaster would occur h. Carlotta runs offstage crying & managers announce Christine will play the part i. They see shadows of the Phantom & Buquet is killed j. they’ll be safe there k. It was an accident Scene 10 a. she’s afraid he’ll kill her & keep killing b. she’s seen him

  11. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 10 c. His voice d. Her freedom, her guide & guardian e. He says she denied him & betrayed him f. Chandelier falls to stage at Christine’s feet/he’s angry at Christine for pledging her love to Raoul

  12. ACT II Scene 1 a. As skeletons in an opera cape b. 6 months c. they are secretly engaged d. a crimson cape with a Death’s head visible through the hood e. Don Juan Triumphant Scene 2 a. Travelling fair in the city b. a prodigy, scholar, architect, inventor, musician, composer, deformed from birth, freak of nature

  13. POTO Study Guide Questions c. From birth d. He escaped & they never found him Scene 3 a. get another first bassoon, get rid of 3rd trombone b. some chorus members must be sacked (let go) c. she is afraid of the Phantom, but she wants to please Raoul & help him catch the Phantom d. 1. must be taught to act 2. Must lose some weight 3. Must learn their place is in an office 4. If she wants to excel she has much to learn & she should return to Phantom

  14. POTO Study Guide Questions e. Perform his opera, have Christine sing, have doors barred & armed men there to trap Phantom (Christine will be their ACE) f. She’s afraid the Phantom will take her & she’ll never see Raoul again g. Every hope & prayer rests on her helping Scene 4 a. Says Reyer’s way is better – it sounds like music b. Plays by itself c. Sings independently

  15. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 5 a. her father’s b. To say goodbye, ask forgiveness, give her strength c. Angel of Music d. Throws fireballs at his feet e. Let it be war upon them both Scene 6 a. In the orchestra pit b. The voice of the Phantom c. There is confusion

  16. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 7 a. Don Juan b. uses the Punjab lasso to strangle him & takes his place in the opera c. Aminta d. it’s hidden in the cowl of his robe e. A ring f. He sweeps his cloak around her & they vanish g. Madame Giry Scene 8 a. The wickedness of his abhorrent face b. Removes his coat & plunges in the water

  17. POTO Study Guide Questions Scene 9 a. A mask b. in his soul c. if she chooses the Phantom then Raoul lives; if she chooses Raoul then he will be killed by the Phantom d. the Phantom e. Leave him; take the boat f. He loves her g. He disappears