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Phantom of the Opera Review

Phantom of the Opera Review. Firmin. New owner of the Opera Populaire Very concerned about money. Andre. New owner of the Opera Populaire More concerned about appearances Likes to say he made his fortune in scrap metal, not the junk business. Carlotta. Reigning Diva of the Opera Populaire

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Phantom of the Opera Review

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  1. Phantom of the Opera Review

  2. Firmin • New owner of the Opera Populaire • Very concerned about money

  3. Andre • New owner of the Opera Populaire • More concerned about appearances • Likes to say he made his fortune in scrap metal, not the junk business

  4. Carlotta • Reigning Diva of the Opera Populaire • Back drop falls on her • The Phantom trades out her throat spray with a solution that makes her croak • Loved herself more than anyone else

  5. Piangi • Leading male singer of the Opera Populaire • Strangled by the Phantom during Don Juan Triumphant

  6. Meg Giry • Christine’s best friend • Madame Giry’s daughter • Ballet dancer • Leads the mob to the Phantom’s lair

  7. Raoul • The Vicomte de Chagny • Patron of the Opera Populaire • Christine’s childhood sweetheart • Beats the Phantom in a duel but does not kill him • Marries Christine

  8. LeFevere • Sells the Opera Populaire to Andre and Firmin • Heads to Austraila

  9. Madame Giry • Ballet instructor at the Opera Populaire • Rescued the Phantom from the Freak Show Carnival • Saved Raoul from the Phantom’s noose • Tells Raoul the truth about the Phantom • The Phantom’s messenger

  10. Christine Daae • Orphaned at the age of 7; has lived at the Opera Populaire ever since • Trained by a mysterious singing teacher (the Phantom) • Raoul’s childhood sweetheart • Shows the Phantom compassion • Marries Raoul • Easily manipulated

  11. Phantom • Born with a deformed face • Sold to a carnival; became the Devil’s Child • Murdered the man who owned him • Rescued by Madame Giry • Lived in the Opera Populaire his entire life • Christine’s secret singing tutor • Is a magician, musician, genius • Murdered Buquet and Piangi • Set the Opera House on fire

  12. Joseph Buquet • Creepy backstage worker • Murdered by the Phantom for seeing too much and telling about it

  13. Opulence • Outrageous show of wealth at the Opera House • Visible in decorations • Visible in costumes • Visible in set design • People in the “Masquerade Scene” are dressed opulently

  14. Don Juan • The Phantom writes the opera, Don Juan Triumphant • The Phantom trades places with Piangi during the opera so that he can sing with Christine • Piangi was playing the role of Don Juan • Don Juan was a fictional character who always got the ladies

  15. Magical Lasso • What Buquet calls the noose the Phantom uses to strangle people

  16. Flashback • The entire movie is a flashback. • It is told from the point of view of the old man, Raoul. • He is remembering all of the strange and mysterious events that happened when he found Christine at the Opera Populaire. • He remembers these events as he travels from the auction (where he bought the monkey music box) to Christine’s grave.

  17. Pandora • Pandora is the mythical character who opened a box that had been given to her by the gods. She was told not to open it, but her curiosity got the better of her. When she opened it all the evils of the world were released. • The first time Christine takes off the Phantom’s mask, the Phantom calls her Pandora because her curiosity made the Phantom very angry.

  18. Delilah • The Old Testament woman who betrayed Sampson when she told the Philistines that his hair was the source of his strength. • The Phantom calls Christine Delilah when she removes his mask because he feels betrayed by Christine.

  19. Montage • Series of events shown quickley to tell a story • After the chandelier raises at the beginning of the movie, there is a montage that introduces all of the Opera Populaire to the audience.

  20. Color Symbols • White—innocence and purity • Black—evil; darkness • Red—passionate love • Gold—opulence • Pink—pure love; true love

  21. Mixed Color Symbolism • Red and Black—tainted love • White and Black—goodness trying to hide evilness • White and Black makes grey—a person who is neither good nor bad; tries to make good decisions, but they turn out bad • White and Red—pure love

  22. Phantom’s Special Powers • Ability to hypnotize • Be everywhere at once • See everything

  23. “Keep your hand at the level of your eye.” • Madame Giry tells Raoul to do this as he makes his way to save Christine from the Phantom. • If he kept his hand at the level of his eye, the Phantom would be unable to lasso him.

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