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Samosa an irresistable snack PowerPoint Presentation
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Samosa an irresistable snack

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Samosa an irresistable snack
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Samosa an irresistable snack

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  1. Easy to cook food recipes Samosa – irresistible indian snack

  2. Samosa is a luscious mouthwatering dish. If spicy it may turn your eyes watery but instead of stopping to eat, I bet, you will relish every bit of it. Mostly, we eat this dish outside on street and rarely prepare it at home believing that such a yummy food can only be made by experts. A false notion that stopped me for years from making this dish my-self and probably you also feel the same.

  3. Ingredients for samosa

  4. That is all we need to prepare Samosas however you can vary (add or remove ingredients) according to your taste and preference. a) First to make dough we will mix all purpose flour, cumin seeds and ghee. Slowly pour water to make lissome dough. b) Cover it with moist cloth for 10 minutes. c) To prepare the filling first take a skillet and pour oil in it. Keep it at high flame till it gets heated. To check whether oil is hot, put some cumin seeds, if you see bubbles coming, then the oil is ready. d) First put some cumin seeds and stir the oil till the cumin seeds get brown. Add chopped onions, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt (as per taste) and stir the mixture till onion turn translucent.

  5. e) Now add potato cubes and boiled peas. Mix it well and after a minute or two turn off the flame. Our stuffing for the Samosa is ready. Outer Crust of samosa

  6. Make small tennis balls of dough and use rolling pin to convert them into oval shape, just like we make chapattis. b) Use Knife and cut oval shape along the center to convert them into semi-circle. c) Then take water and apply it on the straight end of semi circle. Place your finger on the middle of the straight line and join the two ends to form a cone shape.

  7. d) Place the cone between your index finger and thumb. Now fill in the stuffing. Make sure to fill it evenly and leave it empty near the edges. e) Wet your finger and apply it on edges to seal the stuffing. f) Make more balls out of the dough and follow the above directions.

  8. Instructions for frying samosa a) Use the skillet and pour oil in it and allow it to heat.b) After it is hot, gently slide the Samosas. Number of samosas that can be fried depend on the size of the skillet. c) Keep moving the samosas till they turn brown. d) To remove the excess oil transfer the fried samosas on absorbant paper.