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Snack Wise

Snack Wise. Drexel University Nutrition Center. Project Sponsors. USDA project funded through the Food Stamp Program. School District of Philadelphia. Nutrition Center, Department of Bioscience & Biotechnology Drexel University.

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Snack Wise

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  1. Snack Wise Drexel University Nutrition Center

  2. Project Sponsors • USDA project funded through the Food Stamp Program • School District of Philadelphia • Nutrition Center, Department of Bioscience & Biotechnology Drexel University Funded by the PENNSYLVANIA NUTRITION EDUCATION TRACKS, a part of USDA’s Food Stamp Program. To find out how the Food Stamp Program can help you buy healthy foods, contact the PA Department of Public Welfare’s tool-free helpline at 800-692-7462. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

  3. Eat.Right.Now Nutrition Education Program • Mission: to provide nutrition education to food stamp eligible adults and children in the Philadelphia community • Official Nutrition Education Program of the School District of Philadelphia • Nutrition activities provided by trained nutrition educators

  4. Nutrition education in the classroom Nutrition lessons for teachers Health fairs, Science fairs Assembly programs Girls and Boys Clubs Cooking clubs Fruit markets What We Do • Training for School Personnel • Home and School meetings • Parent workshops • School Health Council • Sports Nutrition • Career fairs

  5. Prevalence of Overweight in Youth

  6. Overweight Youth = Obese Adults National Institute for Health Care Management, Nov 2003

  7. We must intensify our efforts for early identification and early prevention of overweight and obesity, or we are going to have the first generation of children who are not going to live as long as their parents. George Blackburn, MD, Associate Director, Division of Nutrition, Harvard Medical School Why prevention is necessary

  8. Name the Candy Bar

  9. Name the Fruit or Vegetable

  10. AlmondJoy Mounds Butterfinger Twix KitKat Rolo Baby Ruth 3 Musketeers Snickers Pay Day 100 Grand Milky Way Name the Candy Bar (Answers)

  11. Avocado Cantaloupe Onion Apple Artichoke Potato RedCabbage Papaya Yam Kiwi Squash Tomato Name the Fruit or Vegetable (Answers)

  12. Parents have a key role in Healthy Snacking • Snacks are important for growth and energy needs of kids • Continue to introduce new foods to your child, especially fruits and vegetables • Find out what your child is willing to eat and introduce new foods that may have similar tastes • Control portions • Look for ways to “hide” fruits and vegetables in healthy snacks • Make healthier snack options available to your children

  13. Reading Labels

  14. Reading Labels How many calories would you consume if you eat the whole package? 500 calories How many grams of fat? 24 grams of fat

  15. Percent Daily Value (%DV) • Shows how a food fits into a daily diet • Based on 2000 calorie diet • Interpreting Percent Daily value • 5% is Low • 20% is High • Fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium should have a low % • Fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C should have a high %

  16. Reading Labels Which nutrients have high values? Fat, sodium, and calcium Which nutrient has a low value? Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Iron What nutrient is this food lacking? Dietary Fiber

  17. Activity Label Reading

  18. Which has fewer calories ? 17 French fries 1 ounce of pretzels 1 cup of noodles 1 ounce of chips

  19. Which has fewer calories ? 108 calories 265 calories 17 French fries 1 ounce of pretzels 152 calories 197 calories 1 ounce of chips 1 cup of noodles

  20. Which has fewer calories ? 155 calories 164 calories 12 ounces of cola 12 ounces 100% juice 179 calories 154 calories 12 ounces orange soda 12 ounces low-fat milk

  21. Low fat yogurt Veggies and low fat dip String cheese Pretzels Peanut butter & jelly toast Low fat microwave popcorn Fruits Granola bars Baked tortilla chips & salsa Peanut butter & celery sticks Low fat or skim milk Graham crackers & milk Cereal & milk Healthier Snack Options

  22. Any Questions??

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