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Healthy Snack Alternatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Snack Alternatives

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Healthy Snack Alternatives
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Healthy Snack Alternatives

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  1. Healthy Snack Alternatives

  2. Snacking is a deal breaker especially for body-conscious people who cannot handle their urge to indulge on their snacks and desserts. Snacks and desserts are truly indulgent and if you cannot control the amount of snacks and desserts you put in your mouth, your 2-hour workout in the gym or you 2-week juice fasting is totally useless.

  3. Healthy snack alternatives are the solutions for those who have low snacking EQ. If you find a bag of potato chips or a huge bowl of chocolate-covered chocolates sitting ever so proudly inside your refrigerator, make sure to promise yourself that it is the last time that you will buy that stuff from the supermarket. Replace your indulgent and guilty snacking adventures with health snack alternatives.

  4. Instead of ordering a tall glass of chocolate chip milkshake with extra syrup and chocolate pumps, go for a fruit smoothie that is every bit as tasty and refreshing. What is great about fruit smoothies is that you get to consume the fruits that you need for the day without feeling so stuffed from all the eating. Especially when fruit smoothies are paired with a dollop of yogurt, a fruit smoothie can go from a simple afternoon snack to a complete meal.

  5. A chocolate ice cream loaded with marshmallows, peanuts and syrup can be a stress-reliever, but a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream should do the trick already. Avoid eating ice creams that have too many ingredients to nibble on. Though marshmallows, peanuts and syrup are healthy, it is prudent to make sure that you consume these add-ons sparingly. Too much of a good thing can be bad if you think about it more clearly.

  6. Instead of pulling that bag of sour cream potato chips, you might want to settle for a bag of lightly buttered popcorn on a movie night. Commercially prepared potato chips may have sodium that is beyond your ideal serving requirement. Consuming too much may be detrimental to you especially if you are watching your weight and your cholesterol levels. A bag of popcorn is a healthy snack alternative to your favorite pack of sour cream potato chip.

  7. Fancy a big fat all-beef burger after a stressful day at work? You might want to ditch that in place of a burger that is every bit as juicy and delicious but made with chicken breast. Compared to the other parts of the chicken, the breast area is the healthiest because it is not as fatty but can be tasty if seasoned well with salt and pepper. A healthy snack alternative should not cause your dream fast food meal crashing down the floor. A little change in meat choice can make a huge deal in impacting a health snack alternative.

  8. You can visit to get more information about having healthy snacks.