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Hurricane Tile removal

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Hurricane Tile removal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It will likely break into pieces, so wear safety glass during this process.

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What Determines the Success of Ceramic Tile


The major risks and challenges that you will face while undertaking Hurricane Tile removal are;

wall or floor damage. Not all tiles will have a problem while removing because many come off

without any major trouble. Some will leave a lot of debris behind.

The structure of the underlying floor or wall will determine the success of ceramic tile removal.

Therefore, the process can either be simple or complex. It will be very easy to remove tiles from

a simple wallboard. Another factor that will come to play is whether the tiles are installed on a

cement foundation or whether they are mortared directly.


You may find that you have no choice but to break the tiles. Scraping the grout from the outer

parts of the tiles is the first thing you do when preparing for ceramic tile removal. You will use

simple tools like razor scrappers and knives. Never forget to keep safety first. Your fingers

should be well protected.

To protect yourself, use special blade holders. A heat gun might come in handy for those parts

that prove to be very difficult. This solution should be a last resort when grout is too difficult to


Once you have removed all the grout, the removal of ceramic tiles will be much easier and

more faster. Begin with a loose tile then you will find the other tiles coming out. Push upwards

to remove the tiles without breaking the corners. The edges are especially vulnerable and they

will definitely make the work harder.

The next task you undertake during ceramic tile removal is the cleaning of adhesive or cement

remains. Use products that will be helpful for the cleaning. One example of products that will

be very helpful are Methylene chloride products. Try them because they will make your work

very easy.

However, while using methylene chloride, you will be required to take great caution. This is

because the product can interfere with your health and cause harm. More specifically, the

fumes will harm your body. Therefore, make sure you have enough ventilation. Also, make sure

that your exposure to the by products is minimal.

It is only through proper preparation of this process that you will achieve best results. Do not

rush into the process to avoid damage to tiles. There are various reasons why you could be

undertaking this project of ceramic tile removal. Mostly, you might be considering the

remodeling of your floor or wall adding another design.

It is probably easier to have professionals do the removal. This is because they have more

experience in dealing with all the aspects that are involved. They also come with the proper

equipment that make the job easy. If you do not mind parting with some money, this might be

the best way to go.


If you choose to go it alone, have a few friends or family members help you. They will make the

process not only easier but more enjoyable. Allocate enough time to the process and it might

be a job for the weekend when you have a lot of time to spare.