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Contempt (Synonyms):. Disdain, scorn Strong feelings of disapproval toward what seems base, mean, or worthless Disapproval tinged with disgust. Describes Jewish view of Jesus; Jews are not alone. Mt.22:1-14 (21:28-32, 33-46). I. Three Groups Of People. 1. The wayside – three brands.

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Contempt (Synonyms):

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contempt synonyms
  • Disdain, scorn
  • Strong feelings of disapproval toward what seems base, mean, or worthless
  • Disapproval tinged with disgust

Describes Jewish view of Jesus;Jews are not alone

Mt.22:1-14 (21:28-32, 33-46)

1 the wayside three brands
1. The wayside – three brands

1.The good: said no (3). Mt.23:37

2.The bad: ignored; busy (5). Mt.21:30

Preoccupied with farms, businesses

Forgot cost of salvation, uncertainty of life, value of soul, authority of God

The invitation: honor and command

1 the wayside three brands1
1. The wayside – three brands

1. The good: said no (3). Mt.23:37

2. The bad: ignored; busy (5). Mt.21:30

3.The ugly: angry (6)





2 good ground 10
2. Good ground, 10
  • Said yes to God. Makes sense to listen
  • Those who reject gospel do not frustrate purpose of God
  • They go to feast [salvation; studies]


Jews Canaan


Jews Canaan


Jews Feast


Gen. Feast

wayside good ground 3 full 10 12
WaysideGood ground3. Full, 10-12
  • Accepted invitation, but didn’t last (as rocky or thorny soil)
  • Man w/o wedding clothes
    • Indifferent?
    • Careless?
    • Lazy?
    • Stubborn?

Real problem:

Full, not hungry



I. Three Groups Of People

II. Gospel Is For All,With Conditions

god calls good and evil 3 4 8 10
God calls good and evil (3-4, 8-10)

After calling, He questions (11-12)

  • Wants all to come; won’t tolerate those who abandon holiness
  • Wedding garment: clean clothes suit-able for the occasion?

The question . . . the answer(Ro.1:20)

wrath of god
Wrath of God

Against the unwilling (3),busy (5), violent (6) . . .

and some who came (10-13)

  • Accepting the invitation is not enough
  • 13, bound = will never escape






mt 24 38 39
  • Even the chosen get distracted
  • There is a small step between Christ mocked and Christ crucified

We can live the life

Distracted by life…by second-best

Scraps…ritual…tradition (1 Co.11:29)

what should i wear
What should I wear?
  • Put on Christ in obedience, Ga.3:26-27
  • Wear Him in faithfulness (Ro.13:14; Rv.19:7-8)

Jesus look-alikes

“…and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him” – Col.3:10


I. Three Groups Of People

II. Gospel Is For All, W. Conditions

III. We Know Elect By Obedience

many are called few chosen 14
Many are called, few chosen, 14
  • 2 Th.2:14
  • Calvin: unconditionally chosen by God

“We preach no restricted gospel. All who hear that gospel are called, but it does not come w. power to every heart: but fewarechosen”–Charles Spurgeon

Man can be only “completely passive in the process of conversion” and there can be no “cause w/in men for their different reactions to the gospel”–G. C. Berkouwer

lord says no
Lord says no!
  • Mt.22:14, our fate = our choice
    • He chooses those who choose Him
    • He rejects those who reject Him (23:37)
  • Mt.22:8 = Ac.13:46-48

“To be chosen does not mean to be thrust into the Kingdom apart from our decision and regardless of our conduct”– Robert Mounce

Readiness: fulness of time, Ga.4:4

Those who reject: Jews, ch.21

Servants:John B., apostles, & others

Many: Gentiles (10; 28:19)

Inspection of king: Judgment

Few: chosen (the faithful)


Don’t justtalk aboutserving God


Perils ofdisobeyingGod


Not enoughto acceptinvitation