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Pre-Class: Monday 8/20 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Class: Monday 8/20

Pre-Class: Monday 8/20

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Pre-Class: Monday 8/20

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  1. Pre-Class: Monday 8/20 Try to think of as many synonyms or associations to the word ‘challenge’ as you can.

  2. Pre-Class: Tuesday 8/21 Read the passage and answer the questions below. When I took my little brother Jesse to my friend's party, he greeted everyone with an enthusiastic, “How’s it going?” and then prattled happily to anyone who would listen. He wasn’t bashful about helping himself to snacks and sodas either. He was cheerful and energetic the whole evening. I wasn’t surprised when he was the most exuberant charades player. I would have to say my brother Jesse is an extrovert. • The word prattled means: 2. The word extrovert means “outgoing.” What would connote an outgoing person that is out of control?

  3. Pre-Class: Wednesday 8/22 Identify two tone words for the following situations: • a funeral • graduation day • your best friend’s birthday party • a fight with your parents • you just won the lottery

  4. Pre-Class: Thursday 8/23 What is the theme of the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling”

  5. Pre-Class: Friday 8/24 Give two quotes from the poem “A Man” (pg. 10) that supports the theme to never give up.

  6. Pre-Class: Monday 8/27 • What is the difference between paraphrasing and quoting? Why would you use either of those techniques?

  7. Pre-Class: Tuesday 8/28 • What is a symbol? Give two examples of symbols. • Example: Statue of Liberty- symbol of hope and freedom

  8. Pre-Class: Wednesday 8/29 • Identify seven prepositions within this paragraph. One has been marked for you. • The trip through the mountains was an exhilarating experience. We left just after dawn in a van loaded with passengers and luggage, We believed that the trip would take between six and eight hours, and we hoped to arrive at our final destination before dark.

  9. Pre-Class: Tuesday 9/4 • MAPS

  10. Pre-Class: Wednesday 9/5 • MAPS

  11. Pre-Class: Monday 9/3 No School- LABOR DAY

  12. Pre-Class: Thursday 8/30 What does the Greek prefix “arch” mean? What does the Greek root “type” mean? Give an example of a word that uses either the prefix or root.

  13. Pre-Class: Friday 8/31 What is an allegory?

  14. Pre-Class: Thursday 9/6 What is needed for an Objective Summary? Why?

  15. Pre-Class: Friday 9/7 What before, duringand after reading strategies can we use to better understand a difficult text?

  16. Pre-Class: Monday 9/10 Describe each of the stages of the hero’s journey.

  17. Pre-Class: Tuesday 9/11 What are the three main stages of the archetypal hero’s journey? Paraphrase them. Use page 27-29 of your SB book for help.

  18. Pre-Class: Wednesday 9/12 What types of challenges might occur in a hero’s journey? Provide three examples of challenges faced by heroes that you have read about or have seen.

  19. Pre-Class: Thursday 9/13 What is the first stage in the hero’s journey? What three steps make up this first stage?

  20. Pre-Class: Friday 9/14 Why was Odysseus on his journey?

  21. Pre-Class: Monday 9/17 Explain how the scene with the Cyclops is an event that illustrates “The Road of Trials” in the hero’s journey.

  22. Pre-Class: Tuesday 9/18 Think about the things that Disney heroes usually do and or the way that they usually act in the movies. With this in mind, what do you think it means to be a “typical” Disney hero or heroine.

  23. Pre-Class: Monday 9/24 Rethink the essential question: “What defines a hero?” Using the knowledge from what we have learned thus far, construct a response to this question.

  24. Pre-Class: Tuesday 9/25 The word herculean comes from the Greek word Hercules, whose great strength helped him gain immortality. Writers use herculean as an adjective describing a difficult task or people with great power or strength. With this in mind, use the word herculean in a sentence.

  25. Pre-Class: Wednesday 9/26 The word typical means “combining the essential characteristics of a group.” Knowing this and utilizing your knowledge of Greek prefixes, what do you think the word atypical means? Have we looked at any atypical heroes thus far in the our unit?

  26. Pre-Class: Thursday 9/27 • We are going to begin Embedded Assessment 1. Think back to when we unpacked the Embedded Assessment at the beginning of the unit (refer to pages 53-56 in Springboard) and write a brief description of what you will be responsible for doing in Embedded Assessment 1.

  27. Pre-Class: Friday 9/28 • List 10 heroes (ones we have talked about, and ones you can think of on your own)

  28. Pre-Class: Monday 9/24 • We are going to begin Embedded Assessment 1. Think back to when we unpacked the Embedded Assessment at the beginning of the unit (refer to pages 53-56 in Springboard) and write a brief description of what you will be responsible for doing in Embedded Assessment 1.

  29. Pre-Class: Tuesday 9/25

  30. Pre-Class: Wednesday 9/26

  31. Pre-Class: Thursday 9/27

  32. Pre-Class: Friday 9/28

  33. Pre-Class: Monday 10/15 Using your book, write the definition of a double negative (page 59)

  34. Pre-Class: Tuesday 10/16 Look at page 60 to find the Latin prefix of pre and the root cis, can you think of any words that use these?

  35. Chapter 1 • At the conclusion of their meal, what ritual does the family have? • What was Lily angry about? • What happens to babies who don’t grow at a fast enough rates?

  36. Chapter 2 • How do parents get a child? • What is the name of the baby that Jonas’ dad is taking care of? • What does everyone receive at their “twelve” ceremony? • What is a “comfort object?”

  37. CHAPTER 3 1. What is different about Gabe? 2. Why can no one point out or talk about his difference? 3. What is the job of the speaker? 4. What was the object that Jonas threw in the air that changed?

  38. Chapter 4 • Why does every child need to do volunteer hours before their “twelve” ceremony? • Why does Jonas never talk about his friend Benjamin’s success during his volunteer hours? • What is Jonas doing for his volunteer hours in chapter 4? • Infer where someone goes when they leave to go to the releasing room.

  39. Chapter 5 • What feeling did Jonas have from his dream? • Why do some feelings have to be reported? • What does Jonas take for his stirrings?

  40. Chapter 6 • What job does Lily want Jonas to get? • Where are Jonas and his family headed at the beginning of chapter 6? • What is going to happen to Gabe? • How does the community do a ceremony of loss?”

  41. Chapter 7 • What job does Asher get? • What happened when it got to be Jonas’ turn? • What do you think Jonas was feeling at that point?

  42. Chapter 8 • What job has Jonas been selected for? • Why did the Chief Elder skip Jonas and then announce his assignment last? • What are 3 qualities Jonas must have to be able to do this job correctly? • What happens at the ceremony that lets Jonas think he does have the ability to “see beyond?”

  43. Chapter 9 • What feeling does Jonas have right after receiving his assignment, at the beginning of chapter 9? • How does everyone else feel about Jonas’ assignment? • What is one rule/difference about the job “receiver of memory?” • How does Jonas react/feel about the rules?

  44. Chapter 10 • Why is Jonas so amazed by the books? • Why does the current receiver look so old? • What is the current receiver going to transmit to Jonas? • What is the first memory that is transmitted to Jonas?

  45. Chapter 11 • Explain the transmission of memories process. • What happens once the current receiver gives Jonas a memory? • Why does Jonas’ community not have snow anymore? • Name one more memory Jonas receives this chapter.

  46. Chapter 12 1. What “changed” about Fiona? 2. What is the “change” Jonas keeps seeing? 3. Why doesn’t the community see colors? 4. What memory does Jonas get at t he end of the chapter?

  47. Chapter 13 • What does Jonas realize about the society where everything is the same? • Why does Jonas’ community make all the decisions for people? • Jonas sees the color red on the elephant. Why? • Why is being receiver so physically and mentally hard?

  48. Chapter 14 • How does Jonas get hurt in this chapter? • Why can’t Jonas receive medicine for his pain? • Why did the committee decided not to raise the population? • What does Jonas do to sooth Gabe?

  49. Chapter 15 • What memory does Jonas receive in this chapter? • Why was this memory so hard and difficult for him? • Why does the Giver apologize for giving the memory to Jonas?

  50. Chapter 16 • Why was the birthday party memory so special? • Why do you think that Jonas’ society does not have grandparents? • What feeling does Jonas learn that he’s never really experienced before? • What rule did Jonas break on the last page of the chapter?