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  2. MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE MODULE • The Phoenix Motor Vehicle Module is an integrated part of the suite of municipal software products used to provide municipalities and water districts a tool to manage the billing, cash receipts, demands, abatements, warrant processing, refunds and overpayments.. This module is totally integrated with the other Phoenix Municipal Software Modules.

  3. Manages Excise Bills Prints Excise Bills Processes Interest Prints Demands Cash Receipts Abatement Process Overpayments Refund Process Data Transfer Process To Communicate With Deputy Tax Collector Turnover Reports Abatement Reports Refund Reports Payment Reports Various Other Reports Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

  4. Motor Vehicle Excise Bill • Manages Excise Bill with Online Access • All Current Data Available Online • Excise Bill Can be Viewed and Managed In One Place

  5. Motor Vehicle Excise Bill • Prints Excise From Database

  6. Excise Demands • Demands Can Be Generated • Demands Can Be Printed or Sent To Deputy For Printing • Demands Are Totally Integrated With The Rest of The System

  7. Warrants Are Generated With In The System Warrant Are Then Transferred To Deputy Tax Collector Warrants Transferred From Deputy Tax Collector Are Uploaded Into The System Service Has Been Made Mark Has Been Applied Warrant Has Been Turnovered Excise Warrant Processing

  8. Excise Abatements • Abatements Are Managed by Abatements Function • Abatement Function Totally Integrated With Billing System

  9. Excise Cash Receipts • Cash Receipts Managed in a Online Function But Still Keeps Them In a Batch For Cash Management • Cash Receipts Totally Integrated With Rest Of System

  10. Overpayments & Refunds • Overpayments Are Generated By The Cash Receipts Function Or The Abatement Function • Refunds Are Managed Within The Overpayment Function

  11. Motor Vehicle Excise Interest • The System Manages Interest Based On The Interest Parameter Set On Installation

  12. Motor Vehicle Excise Reports • The System Maintains Numerous Reports • Turnover Reports • Cash Receipt Reports • Refund Reports • Abatement Reports • Commitment Reports • Miscellaneous Reports

  13. PHOENIX MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE • Interested In Further Information? • Contact Us At: • Phoenix Computer Systems Inc. • 596 Roosevelt Ave • Springfield, Ma 01118 • Telephone: (413) 796-9600 • Email: • Web Site:

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