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Phoenix. English I Louise S. McGehee School 2004. (“The Phoenix Bird”). The Origin of the Phoenix.

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English I

Louise S. McGehee School


(“The Phoenix Bird”)

the origin of the phoenix
The Origin of the Phoenix

The origin of the Phoenix goes back in time to Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, a beautiful rainbow bird was born from the first rose in a rose bush. But when Eve ate the apple and they were expelled from the garden, a flaming sword of Cherub fell from the sky. A single spark fell into the bird’s nest and the bird was burnt to death. But in the nest lay a red egg which held the Phoenix, a bird of fire.

myth of the phoenix from different parts of the world
Myth of the Phoenix from Different Parts of the World

The myth of the Phoenix came from Egyptians who believed that the Phoenix lived by a well in Arabia. It was thought to be eagle-like with gold and red feathers. Only one Phoenix lived at a time and for five hundred years. When it is about to die, the Phoenix builds a nest and lights himself and his nest on fire. From the ashes a new Phoenix would appear.

The Myth of the Phoenix from China is that it represents the yin and yang, peace and disharmony. Also, in the Chinese myth the creatures only live for 12.994 years at a time.

(“The Phoenix Bird”)

the phoenix
The Phoenix
  • The Phoenix symbolizes life after death, immortality, and resurrection.
  • Also, it represents the sun rise and set, because the sun always dies in flames and rises in flames.

(“The Phoenix Bird”)


Myths and Stories

According to Greek legend, the Phoenix was believed to have lived near a cool well. Every day when the sun would rise and set, it would duck itself into the water of the well and would sing a song that made the sun god want to stop and listen to the sweet sound.

In its culture, it was a beautiful sight but rare.

(“The Phoenix Bird”)


(“Fantasy and Mystical”)

(“Fantasy and Mystical”)

modern world phoenix
Modern World Phoenix

Although, there is no such thing as a Phoenix, it is still part of the modern world. Shakespeare mentioned the Phoenix in his work, The Tempest. Also, a computer company named Phoenix Technology helped start the PC industry in 1979. There is also, a city in Arizona called Phoenix. People still use the famous bird’s name today. Lastly, in the comic book X-Men, Jean Gray becomes possessed by the Phoenix and turns into Dark Phoenix.

(“Fantasy and Mystical”)

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