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MIM 524 Global Sourcing Class one

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MIM 524 Global Sourcing Class one - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIM 524 Global Sourcing Class one. Introduction. Welcome to Global Sourcing & Supply – MIM 524!. Agenda for the class. Welcome to Global Sourcing! Class Logistics/Expectations Review of Syllabus Careers in SCM SCM & the Firm Team Formation & Case Arguments Zin Oblisk

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MIM 524

Global Sourcing

Class one



Welcome to Global Sourcing & Supply – MIM 524!

agenda for the class
Agenda for the class
  • Welcome to Global Sourcing!
  • Class Logistics/Expectations
  • Review of Syllabus
  • Careers in SCM
  • SCM & the Firm
  • Team Formation & Case Arguments
  • Zin Oblisk
  • Commodity Assignment
  • Guava Puree
typical class flow subject to change
Typical Class Flow…Subject to change
  • Typically arrive by 5:00 to meet with students prior to class if necessary
    • Available to meet other times by appointment
  • Start at 5:30 –Start with initial lecture/discussions (one small – 10 min break)
  • Approx 7:00 – dinner break (25-30 min)
    • I will be available to answer questions, etc.
    • Please be sure to clean up any food or drinks in room
    • Dinner Break time might change depending on guest speaker schedules
  • Third hour will be either team/group discussion, guest speakers or follow on lecture
  • Fourth hour will be Current events discussion and review of next sessions materials plus one small break (10 Min)
    • Note: Current Events discussion will go toward class participation scores as well as other activities including peer reviews
class attendance participation
Class Attendance/Participation
  • Attendance is critical
    • My lecture will NOT be a repeat of the reading
    • If you are unable to attend, please email me and make arrangements for a class mate to get you hand outs, etc.
    • Sign In sheets will be used for each class
  • You will be responsible for all materials covered in class
  • Open classroom discussion is key to solidifying the concepts and checking for understanding
  • Class Participation Graded on
  • Attendance/Class Participation & Discussion
  • Current Events
  • Peer Evaluation/Comprehensiveness
  • Case Submittal = 20% (Team)
  • Case Presentation = 10% (Team)
  • IKEA Written Abstract = 5% (Individual)
  • Starbucks Written Abstract = 5% (Individual)
  • Commodity Study = 25% (Team)
  • Final Exam/Presentation = 25% (Team)
  • Class Participation (current events, class discussion and peer evaluations) = 10% (Individual)
  • Please note, you will form a team of 4-5 members for the case study, commodity study and the final exam/presentation.
    • Grade will be applied across all members
    • Individual grades for IKEA/Starbucks Abstracts and Class Participation Only
submittals due dates
Submittals/Due Dates
  • Papers, Studies, Presentations should be submitted BOTH:
  • Late submittals will result in a reduction in grade
  • Important Due Dates:
    • IKEA Abstracts – June 28th
    • Case Submittals and Presentations – July 12th
    • Starbucks Abstract – July 26th
    • Commodity Studies – Aug 2nd
    • Final Presentations – Aug 9th
      • Peer Reviews will be completed during class and go toward class participation grade.
my contact information
My Contact Information
  • Email: [email protected] - Preferred method of contact
    • Email me with a way to contact you and I will respond as soon as possible
    • Quick clarification questions via email are fine as well
  • Phone: 503-712-8857 for immediate issues only during the weekday (more than likely need to leave a message)
  • Evening and weekend contact number – 503-267-7663
  • I will be available prior to class, at the dinner break and after class if needed.
    • Able to schedule other meeting times with advanced notice.
additional items
Additional Items
  • Syllabus Overview
  • Text Book
  • Required Reading
  • Commodity Study Guidelines
  • Some Commodity Ideas
  • Please return from Dinner break tonight with your teams formed.
    • I will have a sign up sheet at the front of class.
team exercise

Team Exercise

Zin Obelisk

careers in source and supply chain management
Careers In Source and Supply Chain Management
  • Transactional Specialists
  • Buyer
  • Commodity Specialist/Manager
  • Materials Specialist/Manager
  • Materials Engineer
  • Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Materials Planning
  • MFG Program Manager (MPM)
importance of supply management to the firm
Importance of Supply Management to the Firm
  • Continuity of Supply
  • As % of Product Value
  • Impact on Profitability
  • Competitive Advantage
importance of purchasing to business
Importance of purchasing to business
















Production parts





  • Computers Consumer
      • electronics

Automotive Pharma Service




types of purchases
Types of Purchases
  • Production Materials
    • Raw Materials
    • Parts and Components (Sub- Assemby)
  • Capital Equipment
    • Machinery
    • Vehicles
  • Capital Projects
    • Construction
types of purchases16
Types of Purchases
  • MRO Supplies
    • Operating Supplies
    • Spare Parts
  • Services
    • Repair Services
    • Buildings and Grounds
    • Professional Services & Consulting
    • Travel
    • Marketing & Advertisement
basic purchasing objectives
Basic Purchasing Objectives
  • Maintain Continuity of Supply
  • Least Total Cost of Ownership
  • Develop Purchasing as Strategic Asset
  • Create Competitive Advantage
basic purchasing activities
Basic Purchasing Activities
  • Sourcing
    • Finding Potential Suppliers
    • Qualifying Suppliers
    • Selecting the Supplier and the Contract Type
      • Single Purchases
      • Multi -year Agreements
basic purchasing activities19
Basic Purchasing Activities
  • Contract Administration
    • Tracking Progress
    • Expediting
    • Progress Payments
    • Other Life-of-Contract Activities
  • Developing and Managing Long-Term Supplier Relationships
  • Managing Change in the Supply System
assigned reading
Assigned Reading
  • MIT Sloan Management Review – Achieving Excellence in Global Sourcing by Robert J. Trent & Robert M Monczka
changes in the business environment

Changes in the Business Environment

What Are Business System Changes?

changes in the business environment22
Changes in the Business Environment
  • Globalization of Trade
    • Deregulation in many industries
    • Product commonality across cultures and countries
    • Formation of trade blocks (NAFTA, EU)
    • Improved transportation
    • More sophisticated information and communications technology
  • Regulation of Banks and squeeze of credit markets
  • Process Orientation
  • Outsourcing
  • Best-in-class Supplier Networks
supply chain issues
Supply Chain Issues
  • Co-ordination of Purchasing Requirements – Pooling of Purchase and Standardization
    • Across Departments
    • Across Divisions
    • Across Countries
  • Integration of Purchasing, Inventory Management and Logistics (Design for Supply Chain)
  • Integration of Purchasing and Engineering with Production Planning (Design for Cost)
supply chain issues24
Supply Chain Issues
  • Make or Buy
    • Outsourcing
    • Offshoring
  • Reciprocity Agreements: Countertrade
  • Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing
    • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Environmental Issues – Sustainability & Regulation
  • ROHS, Halogen Free


􀂾 An icon of international outsourcing, among other things.

􀂾 Barbie has matured into a multi-billion-dollar a year industry, with sales and production on a global scale.

􀂾 Mattel Inc., Barbie’s parent company, estimates that three Barbie dolls are sold every second of every day.

􀂾 Design is performed in California. U.S

􀂾 Oil and plastic Pallet are made in Taiwan

􀂾 Her nylon hair is made in Japan;

􀂾 Her body molds are made in the U.S.;

􀂾 She is assembled in Indonesia and Malaysia;

􀂾 She is clothed in China

strategic planning global sourcing
Strategic Planning – Global Sourcing
  • Vision Statement
  • Strategies
    • Long Term Action Plan
    • Commitment of Organizational Assets
    • Creates Competitive Advantage
  • Performance Measures
    • Metrics based/Score Cards
the initials tqrdceb stand for
The initials TQRDCEB stand for:
  • Technology
  • Quality Responsiveness Delivery Cost Environment Business
strategy development
Strategy Development
  • Corporate Strategies
  • Supply Strategies
  • Commodity Studies
  • Commodity Strategies
  • Individual Supplier Strategies
new strategic developments in purchasing
New strategic developments in purchasing

Leveraged purchasing and supply strategies

Global sourcing

Supplier integration

Early supplier involvement in new product development

Reciprocity agreements and compensation agreements

Environmental issues and business integrity

1. Seller’s market Buyer’s market

2. Increasing pressure on sales prices and margins leads to:

supply system strategy
Supply System Strategy
  • Key Activities
    • Sourcing
    • Continuity
    • Least Total Cost
  • Three Flows of Supply Chain Management
    • Information
    • Materials
    • Funds
    • Manage in Both Directions
supply system strategy32
Supply System Strategy
  • Four Emerging Trends
    • Outsourcing
    • Technology Utilization
    • Sustainability
    • Risk Management
risk identification

Risk Identification

Ties to Current Events

sustainability and risk
Sustainability and Risk
  • Survival = Risk Management
  • Risk Identification
    • Forecasting Risk
    • Supplier Selection Risk
    • Supplier Performance Risk
    • Logistics Risk
    • Inventory Risk
    • Ongoing Operations Risks (Business Continuity Planning)
  • Focus is on Both Immediate and Long Term
  • Formal Evaluation and Mitigation Plans
scotts miracle gro case
Scotts Miracle Gro Case
  • Case Argument Assignments
next class
Next Class
  • Cultural Issues in Supply Mgt
  • Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • IKEA Case In Class Discussion
    • Abstracts due at beginning of class
  • Scott’s Case – Lecture/Team Break Outs
  • Current Events – Bring your articles
  • Guest Speaker – Morgan Hartnell