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Expository Text. By: Leslie Valdivia . Article . http :// teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/upfront/features/index.asp?article=f031008_Hitler This is the link to the article I did “Hitler Comes To Power 1933.”. Questions . I wonder why Hitler Hated Jews so badly?

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expository text

Expository Text

By: Leslie Valdivia



This is the link to the article I did “Hitler Comes To Power 1933.”

  • I wonder why Hitler Hated Jews so badly?
  • I don’t understand why Hitler had so much power?
  • Do you think what happen in 19933 and what Hitler did will happen again in this time period?
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Text to Text: This article relates to the book that I had read it was the “Dairy of Anne Frank.” Both book and article talk about how much Hitler hated Jews and how Anne Frank had to live her life cause of him.

Text to Self: This article reminds me of when I met an old man he was Jew victim of Hitler. He was hurt and starved mostly all the time (in that time period)

Text to World: Every History book talks about how Hitler use to treat Jews people and how much hate he had.


The author infer that the world should aware so what happen in World II with Hitler wont happen again.

The author provides the evidence by explaing that in recent years, President Vladimir gradually moved Russian in authoritarian direction, and so was President Hugo chavez has done the same in Venezuela. Both Presidents wanted to stay President for life although they were defeated and didn’t get their wish. And what happen with Hitler was different. Hitler gain so much power that he got every way he wanted and was a President until he died. So this infers is supported.


This article “Hitler Comes to Power” By Patricia Smith discuses how Hitler gained power. A group that picked him thought that Hitler was going to make them gain the power however Hitler was the only one who came out wining to power. Germany was defeated in War World I and lost a lot of money so it made it easier for Hitler to get more power and he blamed everything on the Jews. Hitler wanted more land and that’s how World War II started. “So nevertheless we need to stay on guard of a politician who announces that his country’s destiny is determined by expansion, whether it’s a land grab or a political and economic domination” says historian Peter Black of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. The last part of the article explains that if we get somebody that did mostly everything that Hitler was doing to gain power that we should try and stop it because it might happen again in this time period.