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Company Introduction( 公司介绍 ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Company Introduction( 公司介绍 )

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Company Introduction( 公司介绍 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Company Introduction( 公司介绍 ). ● The General Introduction of the Geographical Position of Huachang Antimony: Convenient traffic and transportation; Introduction of railway, highway & airway (referring to the VCD attached).

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Company Introduction( 公司介绍 )

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Company Introduction(公司介绍)

●TheGeneral Introduction of the Geographical Position of Huachang Antimony:

Convenient traffic and transportation; Introduction of railway, highway & airway (referring to the VCD attached).

● In the boundless earth of Hunan Province, there is a very resounding name for half a century. That is the modern larger scale enterprise - Huachang Antimony Industries, which contributes the whole country and nation with innumerable precious deposit and is flush of gold light.

● Shenyang Huachang Antimony, which was a joint venture with other companies & purchased and strypped-down the old Huachang Antimony .It is located near the hill of the Huilongshan in Yiyang City, Hunan Province. North to Zijiang River & south to Luozhan route of Changshi railway, Huachang has a convenient traffic & transportation. The company created Yiyang Antimony Smelting Factory. Based on this, the company has developed to be a group company that owns the total asset of RMB 100 millions, with its production capacity of all kinds of antimony products of 15,000 WT & processed antimony products of 5,000WT. In 1997, Huachang Antimony took the leads in getting the ISO9002 International Quality Certificate among all national antimony-producing companies & then got the ISO9002:2000 Quality Certificate in 2006. Now the company has become the second largest antimony producing enterprise & the most prepared antimony variety enterprise all over the country. The corporation has been listed as the supplying base for the antimony goods exportation by the national Commercial Department.


HuaChang Antimony Industry Development Courses

● Feb. 1965, set up Yiyang Smelting Chemical Plant .

● Dec.1965, newly built a 6㎡ antimony trioxide furnace & its hop-pocket dust-receiving system .

● Feb. 1967, the vertical well burned furnace had been developed to four holes within one line & newly built a 6㎡ reverberator furnace & its hop-pocket dust-receiving system.

● Dec. 1969, the reverberator furnace had been developed to be 10㎡.

● Mar. 1972, newly built a 0.7㎡ blast furnace & its condensing dust-receiving system.

● Jan. 1973, established the antimony workshop & machine workshop.

● May, 1973, newly built the second 10㎡reverberator furnace & its dust-receiving system.

● Sep. 1973, export antimony trioxide outside China at the first time.

● Dec. 1980, newly built the second 0.7㎡ blast furnace of which furnace campaign firstly broke hundred days reaching107 days

● Sep. 1982, the Special # Antimony Trioxide was awarded “Quality Product Certificate” by Ministry of Metallurgical Industry

● Dec.1983, the Special # Antimony Trioxide was awarded “Excellent Product Quality Certificate “by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

● May. 1985, “HuaChang Brand “had been approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as our registered brand for antimony trioxide product.

● Oct. 1985, newly built the second 6㎡antimony trioxide furnace.

● July.1986, the “Third-level Measuring Qualified Certificate “was issued to us by the Provincial Measurement Bureau.

● May. 1988 got “The secondary Measurement Qualified Certificate”.


HuaChang Antimony Industry Development Courses

● June.1988, different particle sizes of antimony trioxide products had passed the Provincial-Level Technical Expertise

● Nov. 1988, was awarded “Quality Control Prize of Hunan Province.”.

● July. 1989 got the title of “Provincial-level Advanced Enterprise of Hunan Province.”

● Aug. 1989. got the titles of” Provincial Second-level Standardized Enterprise” & “National Second-level Standardized Enterprise.”

● Jan. 1990, got the title of “Provincial File Management Advanced Enterprise in Hunan Province”.

● May, 1990, got the qualified “second-level enterprise” after counter-check.

● Dec. 1990, the high efficiency flame retardant antimony trioxide (the products with different particle sizes) got the title of” Provincial High Quality Product.”.

● Apr. 1991, the company was awarded “Excellent Management Enterprise Prize” by Nonferrous Metal Industry Corp.of China.(Viz Golden Eagle Award)

● Oct. 1991, the company was awarded: Excellent Enterprise Management Proze of Hunan Province.”

● Sep. 1992, set up Yiyang Antimony Waterproofing& Heat-insulation Powder Plant.

● Dec. 1993, set up a smelting branch factory in Dushan City, Guizhou Province.

● May, 1994, set up Shanghai Management Department.

● Feb. 1995, set up Guangzhou Management Department.

● May, 1996, established branch offices in Beijing, Yuyao &Jinan.

● June. 1996, the company rose to “National Secondary Enterprise “.

● Dec. 1996, the newly-built “Three Special” antimony trioxide production line had been finished & put into production.

● Jan. 1997, restructuring of enterprise as “Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd”.

● Dec. 1997, the company had passed the ISO Quality System Certificate ,got free iimport-export authority , “Huachang “brand was evaluated as one of the famous trade marks in Hunan Province.

● Dec. 1998, the company was awarded the title of “Outstanding Enterprise of Hunan Province” by Hunan people’s Government.

● Apr. 1999, the nanometer-level antimony trioxide, developed together with the Chinese Academy of Science Chemistry Metallurgy Research Institute, had succeeded in trying to produce.


HuaChang Antimony Industry Development Courses

● Oct. 1999, succeeded in trying to smelt crisp embritite by fining blast furnace.

● Jan. 2000, the high efficiency antimony trioxide (catalytic antimony trioxide) product line had been put into production with capacity of 2,500Mt/Annual.

● Apr. 2000, six 5㎡ oxiden furnaces dealing with lead antimony alloy had been put into production.

● Jun. 2000, the silver converter furnace had put into production. with capacity of 10Mt/Annual.

● Oct. 2000, the lead electrolysis workshop had been completed & put into production.

● In 2001, according to the standards of ISO 9001: 2000, the company improved the quality management system & operated in accordance with the standards in new edition & the company quality control system document.

● In 2002, the company carried on the standard transformation of ISO 9001: 2000 & the quality system authentication.

● In 2003, the company was awarded as “Quality Credit-worthy Enterprise.”

● Apr. 2004, set up the Hong Kong Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd which gives the priority of import and export business.

● Jul. 2004, the Asia-European Master Batch Manufacturer was built by the way of joint-venture and cooperation

● Nov. 2004, the joint-venture and cooperation between Changde Antimony Manufacturer, Guohui Antimony Factory and Shengli Chemical Plant was sucessful.

● At the end of 2004, Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd primary strypped-down.

● During the January of 2005, Hunan Hengsheng Group, Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd and Yiyang Bailong Antimony Purchased Hunan Huachang Antimony Industry Ltd and succeeded in strypped-down.

● Feb. 2005, set up Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co., ltd and continued export supplier qualification.

● Jan. 2000, the high efficiency antimony trioxide (catalytic antimony trioxide) product line had been put into production with capacity of 2,500Mt/Annual.

● Mar. 2005, determined that all the foreign trade business would be dealt by Shenyang Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,ltd & Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Limited in Shenyang.

● May, 2005, set up the Foshan Office, Dongguan Office, Fuzhou Office,Jining Office &Tangshan Office.


HuaChang Antimony Industry Development Courses

● Nov. 2005, the environmental-protection, flame retardant antimony trioxide produced by Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co., ltd had passed the High-tech products & High-tech Enterprise Authenticates of Hunan Province.

● Apr. 2006, the company cancelled the branch offices in Dong guan, Fuzhou, Jinan, Tang Shan, Beijing, Wuhan , Guangzhou offices and the subsidiary company in Shijiazhuang.Built the direct sale pointsin Foshan and Jiangyin. The company tried its best to let the customer saw the products directly & reduce the middle link in order to save the cost, lower down the sale price of the products & materially benefit the end users.

● According to the statistics, the export of the antimony products in 2006 exceeded the domestic sales for the first time.The total export amount of all antimony products reached 8,000MT.



The overall introduction & constitution; the distribution of all the companies; the responsible content of each company; Product variety (mainly introduce catalytic antimony trioxide and production workshop); each workshop’s population, production program & technical process &, the control situation of the raw material & working instruction of each link


Changde Antimony Manufacturer:(常德锑品厂)

Dalian Five Star Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd(醋酸锑工厂)

OuYa Masterbatch factory(三氧化二锑母料厂)

Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd(香港华昌)



Huachang Antimony is composed of Yiyang Huachang Antimony Co.,ltd, Changde Antimony Co.,ltd, Guohui Antimony Co., Ltd, Shengli Chemical Factory, Ouya Masterbatch Factory, Dalian Five Star Chemical Co.,Ltd & Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Limited together by shares.


工艺流程图Operation guideline of antimony trioxide furnace

1. General principles

1.1 All workers and staffs of the antimony trioxide furnace including 5 technicians and 36 operating workers should learn knowledge of quality management, metallurgy technology, safety etc, should improve their operation, reduce energy consumption and increase economic efficiency.

1.2 Post responsibility

1.21 Responsibility of furnace director

a). Take full responsibility of the whole furnace production, including bags shaking team and packing team, control the production plan and various production and technical target.

b). Organize all workers and staffs to study technology, to complete the production task given by the company.

c). To audit and supervise production of all working teams, to insure the production conditions well including equipment, tools and lightening.

d). To timely handle various problems in production, insure the quantity and quality of the production.

e). To implement the stipulation of shift hand over and take over, insure the workshop safety and sanitation.

1.22 Responsibility of the team foreman: to organize production of the work team, handle various problems and accidents linked with production, insure the complete of the production tasks. To keep the equipment, tools and lightening in good condition. To keep the order of the workshop. To keep record of production and shift.

1.23 Responsibility of furnace operators: furnace heat up, furnace operation, accident handle.

2. Specifications of fuel & raw materials

2.1 Specification of fuel


工艺流程图Operation guideline of antimony trioxide furnace

3. Furnace heat up

New constructed furnace after overhaul, heat up for 15days. metaphase repair, heat up for 7 days.

4. Preparation before blast and start up of blasting

a). After the completion of furnace heating up, feed in antimony metal according to the formula.,4-4.5tons of antimony metal to be charged within 24 hours.

b). Monitor the temperature of the antimony liquid, once it reach 750℃, stop charging of coal, bump out the gas and ash from the chamber.

c). Inspect blowing pipes, skim the impurities on the surface of the antimony liquid.

d). Start up blasting fan and the in-between exhaust fan, start trial run.

e). Install the blender, start up the compressor, connect the blowing pipes, normal operation, switch the waste exhaust off.


工艺流程图Operation guideline of antimony trioxide furnace

f). After 8 hours blowing, sampling and inspecting the whiteness and content, if meet the standard, then shaking the bags have the antimony trioxide drop down to the bottom of the reverberator.

5. Daily operation:

a). According to the formula, feed in raw materials, control the impurity content to meet the standard: As≤0.05%, Pb≤0.05. Raw material charge should be at small quantity in many times.

b). To observe the react chamber every 20-30 minutes, to take the antimony trioxide off from the inner wall of the chamber and the surface of the blowing pipes as well as the outlet. The day shift should clean the react chamber one time a shift. And every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to clean the furnace hearth.

c). To observe the antimony liquid, if the impurity and bulb cumulated, to handle timely.

d). Air blowing and temperature control

  • Motor frequence of the of the exhaust fan :initial 15-50Hz, normal 40-50Hz.
  • g). Air blowing pipe should be stainless steel pipe with diameter ¢16ⅹ3mm,length 1300~1500mm, it must be inserted into the centre of the furnace hearth vertically.
  • h). Air blowing pipe should be changed every 4 hours, the action must be swift. Broken pipe should be replaced at once. If the furnace temperature is found lower,
  • reduce the exhausting, reduce the charging amount, increase blasting.
  • 6. Exception handles
  • a). If the temperature of the react chamber is higher, increase the charging quantity and shorten the alternation, reduce the air blasting.
  • b). If the temperature of the react chamber is lower, reduce the charging quantity and enlarge the alternation, increase air blasting.
  • c). If black antimony trioxide appears, check the air blowing pipe, temperature, if exception occur, to handle duly.
  • d). If black antimony trioxide was found after the change of raw materials, advise the technicians to adjust the formula.

工艺流程图Operation guideline of antimony trioxide furnace

e). If the TAI is higher, take the following measure according to the temperature and the visibility of the furnace hearth:

Ⅰ)If the temperature is lower, reduce exhausting and increase blasting.

Ⅱ)If the temperature is higher, increase exhausting and reduce blasting.

Ⅲ)Check the pipes for leakage.

Ⅳ)Clean the react chamber.

f). Power off and equipment emergency: for short time power off and or equipment maintain, close all of the gates and cover of the react chamber, heat preservation. If the power off and or equipment maintain last over 4 hours, close all of the covers and gates in advance, fire up in the chamber for heat preservation.

7. For one of the following instance, furnace must be shut down:

a). Water jacket leakage.

b). Serious unstable of the bottom bricks.

c). Serious equipment emergency that can not maintained while production.

d). Impurity of antimony trioxide exceeding standard Pb≥0.11%.

Before the furnace shut down, to stop blasting and have the cover closed firstly, stop in-between exhaust fan and compressor, start up the waste gas exhaust fan and ladle the antimony liquid out completely. If the shut down is caused by the impurity exceeding, while the furnace and equipment all in good condition, after cleaning of the cyclone dust collector and the flue, fire up and heat up the furnace again. Otherwise, have the furnace cool down gradually, under the instruction of the workshop to start another furnace terms.

8. Interior control standard of antimony trioxide production:


工艺流程图Direct Current Arc Plasma Product Line

Workshop: 500 M2 Technican: 4 Engineers. 14 skilled works in one team with senior high school graduation education, Total: 3 teams.

Product Introduction:

We adopt high frequency plasma equipment to produce catalytic antimony trioxide thus with the advantage of less raw material &low cost

Particle Size of super particulate antimony trioxide is 0.03micron-0.1micron, crystal structure as cubical shape with fine physical chemical properties.

It is widely used in Chemical Industry, especially used as catalyst for poly-condensation of Terylene Polyester Pellet which is superior to antimony trioxide from the other countries of the world.

High Frequency Plasma technics was introduced in 1998; the production capacity of catalytic antimony trioxide is 1200Mt/Year, catalytic antimony trioxide is used as the catalyst for poly-condensation of polyester with high catalytic activity, crystallographic form, particle size, particle size distribution, light stability, solubility& decentrality in MEG all of which can come to the same standard that the products of the same kind both in and abroad, moreover, this kind of Catalytic Antimony Trioxide with high purity ,clear white color, the other datas have reached domestic advanced level ,is the preferred catalyst for polyester production .Used this kind of catalytic antimony as additive will bring out polyester pellet with good color and stable &reliable quality., During recent 10 years this kind of catalytic antimony trioxide have been used in large and medium-sized polyester pellet factory such as Liaoyang,Shanghai,Tianjin,Jinan,Hainan,Sichuan and Guangzhou more than 10 cities .All of our customers are satisfied with our product and appoint us as the pinpoint antimony trioxide supplier for polyester pellet factory all the year round.. The domestic sales volumn of catalytic antimony trioxide account for more than 50% of all antimony trioxide market, and also it is well sold to Europe, American, Japan, India and South Asian Area. As the only one antimony trioxide manufactuer in China which have been ranked with the member of Polyester Industry technical assistance team.


工艺流程图Direct Current Arc Plasma Product Line

Taking the lead in adopting high frequency plasma process engineering to produce antimony trioxide for polyester industry Huachang Antimony Industry factory make the high quality antimony trioxide production technics simplified ,original,easy to control. During manufacturing procedure there is no acid, alkali, metal, noxious gas and other matters which will influence the quality. Without the impurities we are in the position to guarantee the catalytic antimony trioxide with stable and reliable quality. There is none of noise, pollution, and corrosion during the whole process, meanwhile we are in the position to control production process effectively, reduce the impurity which may transfer to the product, consequently guarantee the high quality, reliable performance.

This kind of catalytic antimony trioxide come to top in China and also takes place of the traditional wet process which are composed of huge equipment, multifarious process,more causticity, it also conquer the antimony trioxide with easy to absorption of moisture, fade, agglomeration, difficult to storage ,with acid radical and impurity .This technology was awarded “ New Product Development Achievement “ second prize in 1990 , got the national patent in 1992 , awarded “advance of science and technology” second prize by people’s government in 1993.This kind of catalytic antimony trioxide with the property of : finely particle size, level of degree, larger than surface area ,high coloring, good decentrality in polymer and coating solvent ,effective inflaming retarding performance. So it is widely used in textile, plastic, rubber ,coating especially used as flame retardant for cable and other architectural decoration materials. This kind of catalytic antimony trioxide can be used to replace of normal grade of antimony trioxide in plastic flame retardant during treatment , reduce 10%-30% recruitment but with good flame retardant effect and also will improve the quality.

Owing the Technological Process & Production Operations instructors are under classified phase so it is not convenience to make detailed introduction, please understand. Therefore


工艺流程图Direct Current Arc Plasma Product Line

Catalytic Antimony Trioxide & Environmental Protect Antimony Trioxide Internal Control Specification


Changde Antimony Manufacturer:(常德锑品厂)

Changde Antimony Manufacturer is an all-round manufacturer specializing in producing antimony ingot. It is the greatest antimony ingot producing manufacturer in Hunan Province. After joint-venture and cooperate with Huachang Antimony Chemical Col.,ltd, Changde Antimony Manufacturer speeds up the step of reforming and opening, strengthens the quality inspection and enlarges the production scale. Therefore, its products not only satisfy the supply for Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd, but also are exported to overseas all over the world. The products are trustful and popular with domestic and overseas customers.

Adhering to the guidelines of sustainable development, carrying out the development strategy of mining first, managing with scale and exploiting in-depth, the manufacturer wants to be a large scale company which will make the mine a blend of saving the materials, choosing refining and repairing projects. The manufacturer now has four mines which are exploited by the way of inclined shaft together with shaft drainage. The mining depth is nearly thousands meters and the annual exploitable amount is about 60,000MT.


Dalian Five Star Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd(大连五星锑业化工公司)

With the active capital operation, Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd set up Dalian Five Star Antimony Chemical Co., Ltd by the way of joint venture and cooperation. Dalian Five Star is a special-type chemical production producing company. It mainly produces PTA oxidation catalyst used in petrochemical industry.


OuYa Masterbatch factory欧亚三氧化二锑母料厂

The company has the international advanced producing equipment and technology for PTA oxidation catalyst and PET poly-condensation catalyst. The mainly products are antimony triacetate, antimony glycol ate, cobalt acetate and magnesium acetate, which are the acknowledged high-quality substitutes of imports by the Ministry of Chemical Industry, Sino Petrol and other PTA, poly-condensed products producing companies domestic. Its annual producing capacity is 2,800MT. In recent years, the products have been sold to dozens of countries and areas, including USA, Europe and South Asia, etc. The products have wined the trust by their high quality and now they are the first-choice and long-time purchased products for many overseas consumers.

All company’s products have been in conformity to ISO9002 quality system standard. The company fully takes the advantage of the antimony resources to choose the best-quality material from the antimony ore, and then to produce the antimony trioxide by strictly cooperate and process the every steps. Therefore the producing cost has been greatly decreased. As to the products’ quality, the company control the contents of the harmful elements very strictly, like Se, Pb and other heavy metals from the original materials, which puts the consumer companies in relaxation.

Asia-European Antimony Trioxide Master batch Factory:

Asia-European Antimony Trioxide Master batch Factory is processing company for the antimony trioxide master batch set up by Huachang Antimony in the way of joint-venture and cooperation. Huachang is working at the antimony deep-processing products. Aiming at the human rights and environmental protection of European and US countries, Huachang, cooperating with European professors, invests plastic and flame retardant antimony trioxide master batch products. There are more than 30 kinds of flame retardant master batch: PP401、PP401B、PA405、PE402、PE402B、PO408、ABS 0186、PE9000 CE、PA 0694、POL 0331、UN 8064 BE、PP 507、PP/E 205、PP/E 848、PP/E 855、PP/S 044、PS 815、PS 7056 CE、PS 6246 CE、PS 0958、VG 401、PA 600、UN 8079 BC、PC 700. The annual producing capacity is 1,500MT.

According to the different demands, choose the different antimony trioxide master batch in order to satisfy customers; demand at the most. These products have wined the trust of many European consumers and their sales will be increased more and more.


Hong Kong Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd(香港华昌锑业化工有限公司)

The company is an overseas company registered by Huachang Antimony in 2004. The main business of the company is to import and export the antimony trioxide and antimony metal in Huachang Antimony. Since there is quota limit for antimony trioxide and antimony metal, some customers with small quantity can not imported directly from the suppliers, therefore, HK Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd can fill up this deficiency and open a convenient door to the customers with small quantity.



Office: In charge the daily grind, included to transfer,supervise and communicate the factory production plan. In this department, established the information center,they take charge the drumbeating, web construction, renovate the antimony news. Now , they are establishing the antimony website, serve for the supplier and other attention people in the antimony industries in the world.



Foreign Trade Department: take charge the export of products and import the raw material, control the export of Hong Kong HuaChang Antimony Chemical Limited.. They fetch in the trade supervise software ,and store all the detailed information of the customer, the software will remind and surprise them to keep in touch with the customer. They look the aftersales service as the most important thing, pay more attention to the quality,maintained the old brand of :huachang”and improve the reputation of new brand”five star”. They give the customer reply in time every day, and complete the task soonly. Their credendum is “ do best at pains that we can do, or choose don’t do.



Domestic market department: take charge the domestic market and aftersales service.

Purchase department.: take charge the communicate with factory, prepare the raw material to supply the production. From the raw material to the production, they keep step by step until the completed production, and noted the details in document of the production for the customer’s next order.

Human resource department: In an effort to enhance morale and productivity, limit job turnover, and help organizations increase performance and improve business results. Take charge the Human Resource Project Management and Consulting.



Human resource department: In an effort to enhance morale and productivity, limit job turnover, and help organizations increase performance and improve business results. Take charge the Human Resource Project Management and Consulting.



Quality inspection center: according to the quality target of “advance quality”, contruct the wonderful quality system. Established the inspection center in the every production tache. Every factory of HuaChang Antimony passed the certificate of quality in Chinese, they are got the qualification of supplying and export the antimony product from Ministry of commerce of The People’s Republic of China.

Labour Union: Exert the function of labour union, construct harmonious corporation.According to the enterprise spirit of “Look the enterprise as the family, carve out hardly, look out the world,untiring development” , they organized the activity to enhance the vigor of members, promote the development of company. Credity HuaChang will construct harmonious corporation with you


The New Huachang’s pursuit, corporate culture and philosophy (华昌的追求 )

The strategic philosophy New Huachang Antimony pursues is as below: Make fully use of the Huanchang’s antimony resources and make all the process integrated: from exploiting antimony mines, refining antimony metal to manufacturing antimony trioxide in various grade and usages; then from the antimony trioxide in various grade to processing separately catalytic antimony trioxide, environment-protection antimony trioxide, antimony triacetate, antimony glycol ate and antimony trioxide master batch. Among all these steps, the manufacturers must control the quality strictly and proceed fully in accordance with the quality control instruction sheet of each manufacturer. Use advanced electric monitoring and measuring equipment to keep track of all production technique all the time and grasp the key point of quality in each progress to make sure the products can satisfy the customers at the most.. Strengthen the whole competition of Huachang by getting benefits from each process and accordingly realize the strategic aim of Huachang Antimony. Make sure Huachang has the real ability and qualification to transfer profits to consumers, realizing Huachang’s aim and to serve more customers in antimony industry. Show Huachang’s value by trying the best to serve more antimony consumers and to provide information of antimony industry for more people concerning. Consequently realize Huachang’s strategic aim and benefit and contribute to more people all around us.


The World Antimony Resource Distribution :(全球锑资源分布情况)

1 The distribution diagram of all the antimony resource in the world (全球资源分布图


2 The antimony resource reserve situation in the nations all over the world(世界各国)

1 The distribution diagram of all the antimony resource in the world (全球资源分布图


3: The producing capacity of the antimony sulphate in all the continents of the world shows in the below diagram


China is the most richest country in the antimony resource in the world.

China is the most richest country in the antimony resource in the world. The total reserve amount is 278 million MT, which is the No.1 in the world. There are 111 demonstrated reserves and the reserve amount and the producing amount are all NO.1. China’s antimony resource are mainly distributed in below provinces: Guangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, guizhou, gansu and Jiangxi, etc.. Their reserved amount is more than 80% of China’s total amount. Hunan province is the biggest antimony producing base which produced 33,251MT antimony ore in 2006, 54% of the total amount. According to the distribution diagram of antimony metal and the data of the state Statistical Bureau, the producing capacity of Hunan, Guangxi and Yunnan Province in 2006 is accordingly 59%, 20% and 10% of the total amount. There into, the cumulative production of Hunan Province is 86,781MT, increasing by 14.69% compared with the same time last year. The producing capacity of guangxi and Yunnan province is separately 29,277MT and 14,707MT, increasing by accordingly 15.69% and 28.05% compared with the same time last year. Below are the producing enterprises that have greater increasing amount: Hechi Southern Non-Ferrous Metal Refining Co., Ltd, Hunan Huachang Antimony Chemical Co.,Ltd, Lightening Star Antimony Mine Co.,Ltd, Changde Antimony Co.,Ltd and Dushan Dongfeng Groups Co.,Ltd


China’s domestic antimony consumption pattern and the antimony consumption rate shows in the below diagram:


China’s manufacturing and supplying situation(中国生产和供应状况图)



History Price Situation ,Current Price Situation ,Furture Price Tendency and Dovelopment Direction


2006年价格走势综述Price Trend Summary in 2006

In 2006 global non-ferrous metal market is strong ,the futures prices of copper ,zinc ,lead,

aluminium,nickel ,gold and silver have reach new peak during the recent years. Antimony is also

the bright star in non-ferrous metal of 2006 ,after 3 month's adjustment antimony set up the

price rising procedure .At the end of Jan hte price have rised USD 100/Mt ,the published price

of 99.65% Antimony Metal ,Rotterm Ex- warehouse price is USD 3,900-4,025/Mt fromBritish "《MB》

During Feb to May,2006 antimony market experienced a swiftly rising period ,antimony price have creasted

one and another new peack but without not regress.The price have been from USD3,800/Mt-USD3,900/Mt to

USD 5,700/Mt -USD5,800/Mt in May with 5% rising rate compared the same period of 2005 have rised 83.87%.

the price trend causing every head to turn in admiration.

Once the antimony price come to USD 5,700/Mt -USD5,800/Mt ,owing to be non ideal comsuption cooperation

there are more drift atmosphere which cause accumulated goods with limited time ,meanwhile the price begin

to drease at the first time of 2006 .At the end of May,2006 the international antimony market price have decrased

to USD 5,150/Mt -USD5,300/Mt with 9% decreased rate .

The domestic price reduction rate even exceed the international market which have been adjusted from

RMB 45000/Mt ( Early of May) to RMB 39000/Mt ,rudction rate to be 13% .

The lowest international market quotation have been in June which have experied a repeating testing period of

USD 4,750/Mt and it keep steady at last .

As the siutation of raw material and fuel material price rising antimony market price begin to rise and marketsituation begin to readjust .At the end of July hte price have recovered to USD 5,500-USD5,600/Mt ,after this there are also repeating adjustments periods.Early of Nov hte price have been USD 5,500Mt -USD 5,600/Mt until the end of 2006 the rising tendency did not appear.Generally speaking the first half of 2006 the market is heartquake but the other half is calm.


Operation characteristics of Chinese antimony industry in 2006

Operation characteristics of Chinese antimony industry in 2006

1. The increase of production is going to be soft without obvious

speedingup but the "short supply status" of antimony metal have not been settled yet.

2. Export quantity of Antimony Trioxide products keep steady growth ,

but the quantity of antimony metal decrease obviously.

why antimony price strengthen in 2006.

A. Support from favourable fundamental plane.

B. Short supply of global antimony metal and limited increase of international antimony market.

C. Swift growth of Chinese demand.

D. Market Stock reduction

E. Impetus from both manufactuer and marchants .

Analysed the rising main reasons of the first half of 2006 someone will consider it is the

maketing control feedback from Chinese antimony manufactuer who play play the important direction role

global antimony market,In our opinion non elimination this factor but what are the most important :

two powers ect : lack of raw material and prodduction requirement which are also the heavy weight for the rapidly price

rising .


2007年市场展望2007 Market Outlook

China is the biggest consumption contry of metals, it is also the main driving force of golbal commodity demand increasing.

With the strong China economic growth, analysis are contiuing potimism with the base metal market of 2007. For antimony, as a

strategic minor metal,the shortage of raw material will still be the main underpin of its high lever consolidation in 2007.

As the supply shortage of raw material is the main momentum and support of current market, the resumption of mining in Nandan

will not be ignored. It is reported that in year 2007 the resumed mine of Nandan is out of dated mine number 100, its output

to be very limited. Therefore, the increasing of output in Nandan district in 2007 to be modest.

With the reinforce control on exploitation of minerals that China dominated, also with the gradully exhausting of the reserve, the supply will not increase at high speed, the marekt will remain good development. The price of antimony products

will climbing gradually in the coming years. With the Chinses consumption orentied the global demend increasing. And the inventory of antimony will still at its historic low level. Therefore, the antimony price of 2007 will not be lower than previous year. It is forecasted that eventhough demand for antimony trioxide in 2007 will be strong, with the steady increasing in production, the price competion will be more and more seriously. The export will be flinty, surplus will be see

in the domestic market. It will be difficult to reach new high record price, surging at its high level will be the main tone

of the market.

The antimony market started its consolidation since last Auguest, in the first quarter of 2007, market remain dull, price wave in a narrow range of 5500-5600$/MT. Market participtans concerning increasing gradually. With the affect of the Chinese New Year holiday, trading is limited. However, even though the international market is wandering, Chinese producers and traders never change their optimism on the future market. Though inquiry is not too much, but price always remain at its high level, quotation of domestic No. 2 antimony ingot is about 41000-42000Yuan/ton.


回暖尚需要时日More time need for reversal

Even though the long term outlook is optimism, that with the tight supply of raw maerials, the market will be running at its

high level. However, with quick supply increasing and unromantic consumption, will disbenifit the market stabilization. The market adjustment will last a much long period, wave at its high level to be still the main tone of the market in the closing future.


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