the usage of idb analyzer from our research on homework n.
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The Usage of IDB Analyzer: From our Research on Homework PowerPoint Presentation
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The Usage of IDB Analyzer: From our Research on Homework

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The Usage of IDB Analyzer: From our Research on Homework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Usage of IDB Analyzer: From our Research on Homework . Saki Ikoma Penn State EDTHP ( Girls’ Advantage? Homework and Educational Achievement . Gerald LeTendre ( Penn State) Motoko Akiba ( Florida State University) Sakiko Ikoma ( Penn State)

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the usage of idb analyzer from our research on homework

The Usage of IDB Analyzer:From our Research on Homework

Saki Ikoma

Penn State EDTHP


girls advantage homework and educational achievement

Girls’ Advantage?Homework and Educational Achievement

Gerald LeTendre (Penn State)

MotokoAkiba (Florida State University)

Sakiko Ikoma (Penn State)

GuodongLiang (University of Missouri)

Creative Commons image by

Flickr user peapodsquadmom

research questions for today

Research Questions for Today

Do 4th grade girls do more homework, on average than 4th grade boys?

analytical methods

Analytical Methods

Data: The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 data

Sample: 4th grade students (36 countries)

Analysis: OLS Regression with Jackknifing method using the IDB Analyzer by The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)

idb analyzer

IDB Analyzer

A free-of-charge software by IEA for the purpose of merging and analyzing large-scale data

Windows Only (Mac: Possible with VMware, etc.)

Any Data from IEA can be used: TIMSS, PIRLS, TEDS-M (PISA or TALIS?)

IDB Analyzer only creates syntaxes to operate your commands on SPSS

good things about idb analyzer

Good Things about IDB Analyzer

 You can merge large-scale data without

any complicated procedures.

All the auxiliary variables (e.g. weights

etc.) will be automatically added when

you choose your variables.

You can use jackknifing method.

IDB Analyzer creates an excel file and

graphs automatically for you.

There are some limitations for analysis: e.g. You cannot do ANOVA.


Automatically Selected!

Select countries you focus and hit the button (You can also select all countries at once).

Then hit Next

at the bottom!


When you select your variables…

ID and weight variables are

automatically selected!


File: T07G4HWGENoriginal.sav

Let’s start SPSS!

Select all (Control+A), then RUN!

The syntax is already saved.


Be careful! Still running!

When it’s done, you can open the dataset on SPSS.

Based on your codebook,

next step is recoding your variables of interest on SPSS.


After you ran syntax,

you save it as a new dataset


You can use your RECODED dataset 

You can also use TIMSS test scores if you want (in order to do that, you have to include PVs when merging the data).

Make sure you select

a right weight.

If you want to do multiple imputation, you can do that on SPSS, save it as a new dataset in your TIMSS folder, and use it on IDB Analyzer.

You have some options for your analysis!


You choose DV and IVs (Country ID is the must).

In this case:

DV: Homework Time (G4PHWGENERAL)

IVs: Gender (G4GIRL) and Student SES (G4PSES)

Weight: Total Student Weight (TOTWGT)

Then, generate the syntax (Start SPSS), select all, and run it.


Below is the SPSS Output file, but also…

You will get ALL countries’ data at once like this.

International Average is calculated at the bottom

  • 4 Excel Files are AUTOMATICALLY generated 
                  • - T07HWGENREG_anova
                  • - T07HWGENREG_Coefficients
                  • - T07HWGENREG_Descriptives → Check this out!
                  • - T07HWGENREG_Model

Opening T07HWGENREG_Coefficients.xlsx…

Making data

easy-readable 

any questions

Any Questions?

Saki Ikoma

Penn State EDTHP