Unit 13 Language Study
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Unit 13 Language Study Word study & Modal Verbs. Yan Dang Mountain. No water, no life. Ability. What Properties does water have?. turn solid when frozen . Water can. give off gas when heated. dissolve gases and solids. Ability. What does he/she hope he/she can do?.

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Unit 13 Language Study

Word study & Modal Verbs

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What Properties does water have?

turn solid when frozen

Water can

give off gas when heated

dissolve gases and solids

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What does he/she hope he/she can do?

She can perform ballet( 芭蕾 ).

He hoped he could fly a plane.

On Oct.15,2003,

he was able to (× could) complete China’s first space flight.

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What ability would you like to develop?

I hope I can …

I hope I am able to…

I wish I could…

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What do you need to do in order to reach your ability?

I must/should…

I have (got) to …

I need to…

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Ability Necessity

I hope I can …

I hope I am able to…

I wish I could…

I must/should…

I have (got) to …

I need to…

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Can you help solving problems?

Could you help me with my problem?

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The road signs indicate

People may/can…

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When a driver sees the road signs,

he mustn’t/can’t…

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When a driver sees the road sign,

he must/have (got) to/should…

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News report

As many as 3000 million people throughout the world could face a water shortage by 2025 if the present situation continues. By then, the global population is expected to reach about 7.5 billion. Many big cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, will suffer severe water shortages, …

  • If it is true, what may or will happen in the future?

  • What should people do to solve the problem?

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  • If it is true, what may or will happen in the future?


A water shortage can/could …

Lack of water may/might…


If lack of water continues, people will/must/should…

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  • What should people do to solve the problem?

People (We, Scientists,etc.) should/ought to/had better…

Or We can/could/may …

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can / could, may / might

can / could, be able to

can / could, will / would, would like

must, have to, have got to, need

must, will, should

can / could, may / might

could, may / might, shall

should, ought to, had better

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Modal Verbs

can / could be able to


He can/could fly a plane.

must/ have to /have got to/need

We must protect water.


He had to get special training.

People can walk this way.

can/could may/might/mustn’t


A driver mustn’t drive beyond the speed limit.

Guessing (possibility /certainty)

might/may/could /should/must /will/can

Lack of water in the future may result in several problems.

could/may / might shall/should/ought to had better

Suggestion /Advice

We had better use water for more than one purpose.

can/could/will /would/would like

Could you help me? /Would you like to help me?


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1.One of your best classmates is absent from class, and you care much about his or her absence. (guessing, ability, necessity, suggestion, etc.)

2. Your school carry out a ban on carrying a cell phone in the school campus. You and your classmates argue over this school rule. (permission, necessity, request, suggestion, etc.)

3. In your family, your parents have found the charges(费用) for water and electricity are rising these days. You are having a family meeting. (guessing, request, necessity, suggestion,etc.)

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Finish grammar exercises on page 21 and page 98.