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Springhill Group Home: UN Sanctions 3 North Korean Firms PowerPoint Presentation
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Springhill Group Home: UN Sanctions 3 North Korean Firms

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Springhill Group Home: UN Sanctions 3 North Korean Firms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The decision of US to let the blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng return into China’s fold following his escape from authorities is straining ties between the two countries as diplomatic dialogues opened in Beijing./n /nThe 40-year old Chen who is now considered a dissident became an international human rights inspiration to many Chinese after earning the ire of the local government for exposing forced abortions in line with the country’s one-child policy. The self-taught lawyer took to the US embassy after his escape, apparently to ask for help but was eventually ushered into the Beijing Hospital./n /nAccording to a senior official’s statement to Springhill Care Group, Chen has indeed went into the embassy that day and has requested for medical treatment for his injured foot. American medical personnel have then conducted medical tests and made appropriate treatment during the time he was there./n /nImmediately after the incident, the Chinese government has expressed its disapproval about the entire affair, demanding an apology from the US for taking Chen in./n /n“What the U.S. side should do now is neither to continue misleading the public and making every excuse to shift responsibility and conceal its wrongdoing, nor to interfere in the domestic affairs of China,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin.

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United Nation’s Security Council has decided to freeze the assets of 3 North Korean companies and consequently ban them from global trade because of their involvement in exporting, procuring and financing nuclear-related weapons.


UN’s sanctions committee has named the 3 blacklisted firms as Korea Heungjin Trading Company, Amroggang Development Banking Corporation and Green Pine Conglomerate.

Amroggang is a financing company involved in ballistic missile sales and is related to Tanchon Commercial Bank, which was blacklisted in 2009 for its participation in selling of arms. Green Pine is the firm which took over most of the activities of the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, North Korea’s primary arms dealer that was blacklisted in 2009. It manufactures military maritime crafts, missile systems, torpedoes and also provides technical assistance to defense firms. Meanwhile, Korea Heungjin Trading Company was utilized to manufacture equipment with missile design applications and had been used for trading by the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation.


The Security Council committee has also approved more technology and items that would be banned for transfer from and to North Korea, adding to its list that contains North Korea’s nuclear-related resources.

Originally, South Korea, Japan, US and the European Union proposed to Security Council’s committee a list of 40 North Korean firms they wanted to sanction but China blocked the deal, resulting in only the approval of 3 companies. China usually opposes economic sanctions and is an ally of North Korea, though it had previously approved sanctions against the latter in its 2009 nuclear test.


Before the final decision of the committee, Springhill Group Home discovered that the companies included in the sanction list included 5 individuals and 8 more firms. The UN sanction committee works on a consensus basis, meaning that any individual member of the council is capable of blocking an agreement.


Diplomats have tried to minimize the incident where Beijing vetoed most of the entities on the proposed list. They have asserted that the “committee’s strong and united response shows that the Security Council is determined that there be consequences for this provocation and any future North Korean violation”. Apparently, they believe that such measures will increase North Korea’s isolation and make it harder for it to move forward with its illicit programs.


The United Nations has sanctioned the 3 North Korean firms in light of the nation’s failed April 13 rocket launch where it claims to put a satellite into orbit amidst a general suspicion that it is actually a missile test, something that is exclusively reported by Springhill Group Home.