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League/LSC Conference Call PowerPoint Presentation
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League/LSC Conference Call

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League/LSC Conference Call - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009. League/LSC Conference Call. Agenda. Top LSC’s What’s New FTD CU Benefits GM Chrysler Sprint News of Interest Follow-up Overcoming Objections Best Practices/Success Stories League Communication Schedule. Top LSC’s. What’s New.

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Top LSC’s

What’s New


CU Benefits




News of Interest


Overcoming Objections

Best Practices/Success Stories

League Communication Schedule

what s new
What’s New
  • Beginning November 1, 2009
  • Members receive 20% discount on:
    • Flowers
    • Plants
    • Gift baskets
    • And more
  • Web site encourages members to

use their credit union credit or

debit card

what s new1
What’s New
  • Beginning November 1, 2009
  • Bundled discounts on medical and lifestyle products and services
  • Discounted monthly subscription rates
  • Examples include:
what s new2
What’s New

General Motors

  • Private Offer (Nov – Dec)
    • $750 Private Offer pilot developed with five largest credit unions. Targeted direct mail/email developed by each credit union. Data mining capability will be a key metric.
  • College Graduate (Nov – Dec)
    • $750 college graduate pilot

through Michigan State University

FCU. Approximately 2,500 grads eligible.

what s new3
What’s New


  • Affinity Rewards Pricing for Credit Union Members
    • Discounts 1% to 2% below invoice.
    • November 1st target start date.

New Sprint Partner League

  • Welcome to the Oklahoma League – our newest partner on the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program!!!

Sprint Goes Green with IIA and Credit Unions

  • CUs can order recycling countertop displays at
  • Displays include 50 postage paid envelopes for recycling wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards.  

Credit Union Member Discount Includes Sprint Any Mobile, Anytime Plan

  • The Sprint Everything Data Plan = unlimited calls to and from any wireless phone on any network at no additional charge.  Plans start at $69.99.
  • Any Mobile, Anytime Plan usually not included with affinity discounts.
new vehicle inventories low
The Cash for Clunkers program drove an increase in the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of new vehicles sales. For the first half of 2009, the SAAR of new vehicles sales was less than 10 million, in August that number jumped to 14.1 million.

On September 1st, there were 49% fewer new vehicles available to sell.

Good news for the auto and their service and support industries. Plants have re-opened, and workers are back on the line.

Until inventories are replenished and consumer demand once again increases, competition for auto loans will likely increase. Credit unions will need to monitor their rates against competitors and continue to offer the best deal possible to members.

New Vehicle Inventories Low


residual values increasing
An industry wide shortage of used vehicles is driving higher used car values and in turn increasing new vehicle residual values.

Leasing is once again more attractive to finance companies who previously walked away.

The IIA lease program was developed to mitigate the residual value risk to credit unions. When combined, the IIA lease program and rising residual values makes getting into the leasing business now, very attractive.

Residual Values Increasing

Residual Forecast

Actual Retention

Source: Automotive Lease Guide

follow up
  • Sprint Incentive Checks will be mailed mid to late December.
  • Marketing Materials Fulfillment:
    • 683 credit unions have ordered marketing kits
    • 1193 credit unions have not responded
    • We need your help… no cost to credit unions to order!
  • 2nd qtr. Incentive payments should arrive late October. As discussed, CUcorp will audit league web sites for contractual compliance.
overcoming objections
Overcoming Objections
  • Credit Union:  We have a “Preferred Dealer” list or work with a company that gives our members auto discounts already. 
  • Response:  That is fantastic!  So, your members are used to your credit union helping them save money.  This program is the perfect complement to that.  Letting them know about the auto discounts through the IIA program is simply giving them the option to determine the best deal they can get.  If your members can save more money using the IIA discount on a new GM or Chrysler vehicle than through your other service, why would you not want them to?
  • Additionally, the IIA program offers discounts on so much more than autos.  There are partnerships with: Thor Industries for savings on RVs, Sprint for savings on wireless services for both individuals and small businesses – members have saved more than $31 million with the Sprint  discount already,  Allied Moving and Storage for both in and out-state moves, and Universal Studios and FTD Florists are joining the mix November 1.
overcoming objections1
Overcoming Objections
  • Credit Union: We don’t want to spend money promoting IIA.
  • Response:   The IIA program has always offered marketing materials at low or no cost.  The printed pieces simply needed to be downloaded from website and printed at the credit union or their preferred printer.  Additionally, there are many tools for credit unions to use that don’t cost anything at all:  email, on-hold messages, newsletter articles, print and on-line ads, logos and web banners.
  • However, since October, IIA has offered FREE printed materials to all credit unions signed up to support the program.  Credit unions can order inserts to be shipped directly to their mail house, additional pieces to use as take ones at the credit union branches, and posters for both GM and Chrysler - all at NO COST to the credit union. These pieces are in the new American Values theme. There are also American Values themed email, on-hold messages, newsletter articles, print and on-line ads, logos and web banners to use as well.
future league communications
League Conference Calls 1st month of each quarter (Wednesday’s at 3 pm EST)

January 13, 2010

April 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

October 13, 2010


Phone: 888-742-8686

ID: 9691663

Monthly updates via PowerPoint presentation

2nd Wednesday each month

Available on line

IIA Newsletter

(First Friday of every month)



Future League Communications