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Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting

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Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting. 1. The Year in 5 Slides 2. APM Overview and Outcomes 3. 2010-11 Plans – top-line items. 2009-10: A Year in 5 Slides. The year of….. Climate Change Bill… Climate Change (Scotland) Act… Public Sector Duty…

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Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

Annual Review & Annual Planning Meeting

1. The Year in 5 Slides

2. APM Overview and Outcomes

3. 2010-11 Plans – top-line items


2009-10: A Year in 5 Slides

  • The year of…..
  • Climate Change Bill… Climate Change (Scotland) Act… Public Sector Duty…
  • SCCD Year 2 reports… 21 reporting by end of 2009
  • SSN’s first one-day annual conference
  • Best Value 2 and a brand new ‘Sustainability Framework’
  • LCLIPs phase 2 and SCCIP secretariat fully functional
  • Scottish Sustainable Procurement Action Plan… and the revitalisation of the SPWG
  • The final year of the Local Footprints Project… and the start of a new programme
  • SOAs V2.0 – around 20 LAs using Footprint and more referring to carbon reduction…. SOA Menu of Outcome Indicators V4.0
  • 5 Quarterlies (!!??!!) plus 6 Local Footprints national events – virtually one a month
  • SSN staff changes… SSN office move
  • Core grant secured for 20010-11…
  • Inverclyde comes to life in SSN….

SSN Annual Review 2009-10

  • Annual Planning Meeting 09 Objectives:
  • SSN remains well-respected and valued / S’g members and SSN members active and involved
  • Programme priorities remain relevant, with BV work dependent on work of others
  • SSN impact and reach needs to be enhanced, including working with strategic partners and other parts of local government
  • Information – the lifeblood of SSN
  • Pace of change
  • SSN resources- core and new sources to be secured
  • Operational dynamism needs to be linked to achieving strategic radicalism, with partnership working remaining central to SSN’s work
  • Annual Conference – revised to a one-day event / build of experience of past conferences

Programme Priorities

  • Climate Change
  • Alignment of SSN’s national CC work with COSLA’s CC TG and OSG.
  • Positive relations remain with Carbon Trust and SCCIP, and SSN’s work on area-wide emissions/footprinting can play important role moving forward on PS Duty & SOAs
  • SCCD Reports provide wealth of valuable information – yet to be fully analysed – and consistency of approach improving across LAs and CPPs
  • Major concerns about pace of change, scale of change, depth of analysis
  • Local Footprints
  • All targets met or exceeded / Final evaluation reflected excellent achievements of this project
  • Strong partnership working, outcomes focused, flexible/reactive, broad impact across LAs and schools (and potentially communities)
  • Training, interface to technical experts, a ‘shared service’ for LAs, well-positioned with NI186, Carbon Budgeting, scenario planning and policy analysis
  • New legislative landscape throws up challenges and opportunities for Footprinting… but relations with SG and IS bode well for exemplar and schools work in 2010

Programme Priorities

  • Sustainable Procurement
  • SSPAP out in October 2009
  • SPWG meeting regularly again and is focusing on a less ambitious programme of work - possible SP quarterly format to meetings – sharing good practice and moving the agenda forward
  • Networking the networks will be vital in achieving efficient impact
  • Challenge of adhering to SPAP timescales
  • Best Value / SOAs
  • Audit Scotland due to be invited to future S/g meeting. SSN responded to BV2 consultation
  • BV2 pilots provide potential context for collaborative learning
  • LFP provided briefings on integrating Footprint method into SOAs
  • SSN/LFP responded to the Outcome Indicators Project – Quarterly Meeting, Briefing etc.. Meetings with IS
  • SG and IS interested in SSN work on SOAs and CC/SD outcomes

SSN Members, Communications & Events

  • 5 Quarterlies = 218 delegates / majority local government
  • Good overall ‘return rate’ to events
  • With LFP events, SSN has run a national event in every month, except March, July and August (and we done 2 in April)
  • Conference – max delegates, strong LA&Public sector turn-out, high exhibitor numbers – very positive feedback
  • Website – steady growth, now with new website news and search functions
  • Forum – nose-dive / now shifting to the Communities of Practice site
  • Membership – varies across local authorities from 1 member to 9 members

Annual Planning Meeting 2010

  • Agenda
  • 1. SSN 2009 Progress Report
  • 2. SSN Research Findings
  • 3. Break-out groups
    • How to secure senior level engagement
    • Smarter ways of working
    • Ask not what SSN can do for you, but what you can do for SSN
  • 4. Business Planning for 2010-11

APM Report and Key Messages

  • Report finalised and will be posted on CoP in next week.
  • Key messages and actions:
    • 2009 has been another successful year for SSN
    • The 4 programme priorities remain relevant, with a focus on climate change
    • SSN should seek to develop senior level engagement through top-down and bottom-up methods
    • SSN needs to work smarter – do things differently, seek added-value, recognise our initiation role
    • Need to improve flows of information, especially sharing
    • SSN Conference 2010 will adopt a similar format to 2009
    • Governance and procedural matters need clarifying: Membership, AGM, Steering Group

Membership Criteria & Steering Group Renewal

  • Membership
  • SSN’s Operating Principles paper lists who qualifies to be an SSN member. We will develop membership criteria and resources that clarify who’s a member, what this entails, and how members can more effectively access SSN services.
  • Steering Group Renewal & Procedures
    • Based on clarified membership, and focusing on the critical role of ‘lead-SSN members’ in each council, we will elect new Steering Group members.
    • We will be filling 1 or 2 current vacancies in the next couple of months – to pilot the ‘election’ process
    • We will have a third of steering group members stepping down each year (all can be re-nominated). Three year terms for all new members.
    • Election process will run each year from October to December – with new Steering Group members joining in December ready for APM in early new year. Current Steering Group will remain in-position for time-being.
    • Steering Group members decide on Chair and Vice-Chair. Other Steering Group members will hold portfolios (programme priorities & organisational development roles)
  • Goodwill and Trust will remain key to SSN’s ways of working

Next Steps

  • Annual Planning Meeting and Research Reports will go on the Communities of Practice website
  • Membership criteria and Steering Group procedures will be clarified and communicated to all members
  • Steering Group renewal will be piloted over the next month or so, with full election process in October to December
  • Next Quarterly likely to be 14th June in Edinburg on Procurement
  • Offers of venues for September and December Quarterlies would be welcomed – talk to SSN staff
  • SSN Conference and events draft programmes will go on the CoP for members to contribute to
  • SSN Conference registration will open by 1st June, with full publicity materials live from 18th June