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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. 1 September 2013. AGENDA (1/2). Welcome by the President ad interim Association activities & progress report Approval of 20 12 Financial report Association objectives 201 3 /201 4 EC election results  Motions Volunteers acknowledgement Lifetime Member.

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annual general meeting


1 September 2013


AGENDA (1/2)

Welcome by the President ad interim

Association activities & progress report

Approval of 2012 Financial report

Association objectives 2013/2014

EC election results 


Volunteers acknowledgement

Lifetime Member


AGENDA (2/2)

EDTNA/ERCA Manuscript and ScholarshipAward

EDTNA/ERCA Accreditation & Endorsement of Education programmes

Future Conference

Any other business

Date and venue for next AGM

Close of the meeting


Association activities



Maria Saraiva

EDTNA/ERCA President ad Interim


Achieved objectives 2012/2013

Consolidation of project developed in partnership with

European National Associations

  • The joint EDTNA/ERCA project with the European Renal Care National

Associations (ENRCA) “Quality Improvement Implementation in Renal Units

across Europe” was successfully finalized

  • Project Results to be presented at the Malmö Conference,

S11 EDTNA/ERCA session, Sunday, 1 September at 12:45, Artisten Hall

implement environmental approach throughout the association

Achieved objectives 2012/2013

Implement environmental approach throughout the Association
  • EDTNA/ERCA continues to raise awareness of environmental aspects in Renal Care: Green Innovation Award results will be presented at the Malmö Conference
  • Environmental Guidelines are available in 8 languages
  • The Association continues with electronic communication to EDTNA/ERCA members, volunteers, online membership application successfully implemented
  • EDTNA/ERCA preferably collaborates with service providers and suppliers having ISO 14001 certification
arbor research edtna erca collaborating in dopps 5

Achieved objectives 2012/2013

  • EDTNA/ERCA CRAs will continue providing for the monitoring and data collection process of DOPPS in Europe for next 5 years
  • New country member Turkey has joined DOPPS
  • EDTNA/ERCA cooperates in the move from DOPPS 5 to DOPPSLite
  • EDTNA/ERCA cooperates in “DOPPS” on Peritoneal Dialysis

Achieved objectives 2012/2013

To collaborate at European and world wide level in education and research to improve quality of Renal Care
  • JORC Supplement on Home Therapies (February 2013)
  • JORC Supplement on Quality Management, to be complemented with a workshop at the Malmö Conference

S 14 Quality improvement Workshop, Sunday, 1 September

at 14:00, Artisten Hall

  • Translation of handbooks into various languages
  • ICN Accreditation (ICNEC)
  • University and Industry courses Accreditation/Endorsement

Achieved objectives 2012/2013

To implement the regular use of Social Media in order to strengthen EDTNA/ERCA by increasing communication and visibility worldwide
  • EDTNA/ERCA extended Twitter services are in place
  • The Association is evaluating presence on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Digital media education tools are being investigated
  • Tailor made Local Conference Website
quality management s ystem approach

Achieved objectives 2012/2013

Quality Management System approach
  • Continued harmonization and re-definition of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Operating Procedures (OP)
  • Implemented new EC accountability grid taking into consideration Quality Management System requirements, e.g. process orientated approach
  • Implemented Brand Ambassador Programme - new trainingconcept for KMs/LMs

Collaboration with industry

Next steps in Go Green in Dialysis

New joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care Initiative

  • Green Innovation Award
  • Recognition to innovative ideas, best practices and procedures, which

contribute to the promotion and development in the field of environmental

protection in dialysis

S 26 - Environmental management in renal care

Concert Hall, Monday, 2 September 2013, 14:00


Collaboration with industry

Guidelines on Vascular Access Cannulation and Care

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care project to achieve enhanced multidisciplinary renal team practice in HD and produce VA guidelines

Jean Pierre van Waeleghem Jitka Pancířová Maria Teresa Parisotto


Collaboration with industry

Guidelines on Vascular Access Cannulation and Care

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care project team


Collaboration with industry

Survey on renal nurses and dieticians

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Shire Pharmaceuticals project

  • Renal care professionals responsible for providing dietary advice to

patients in renal units in the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK

completed the questionnaire (48 renal dietitians, 35 renal nurses and 1

renal physician from hospitals and outpatient clinics)

  • Questions focused on dietary protein intake recommendations,trends in

phosphate consumption and awareness and adherence to binder therapy


Collaboration with industry

A Guide to Implementing Renal Best PracticeinHaemodialysis

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Gambro Project

Project Team Members


Collaboration with industry

A Guide to Implementing Renal Best PracticeinHaemodialysis

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Gambro Project

Project Co-ordinators on behalf of EDTNA/ERCA

Jitka Pancířová, Anki Davidson


Collaboration with industry

Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) survey

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Amgen project

  • Project aims to help understand the nephrology nurses professional educational needs around the management of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (SHPT)
  • The results will help to provide recommendations on how to improve the focus and quality of education given to nurses around this subject

Liana Poulia, the Project co-ordinator


Collaboration with industry

Multilingual Patient Education Documents (for renal nurses)

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & B. Braun Avitum project aiming

  • To establish the difficulties faced by renal nurses in caring for culturally diverse CKD patients anddevelop multilingual patient education documents as a support tool for renal nurses

Tai Mooi Ho Wong, a Project co-ordinator on behalf of EDTNA/ERCA

Simone Klein, a Project co-ordinator on behalf of B. Braun Avitum


Collaboration with industry

These documents will be translated into several languages and will be available on both websites

Multilingual Patient Education Support Tool for Renal Nurses

A total of 10 documents on CKD Stages 1-3

were produced in Englishas first step:

  • About Your Kidneys
  • High Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Home BP Monitoring
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Physical Exercise
  • Stop Smoking
  • Low-salt Diet
  • Common Medicines
  • Reactions Following Following Diagnosis

Collaboration with EKHA

Continuous partnership withEuropean Kidney Health Alliance(EKHA)

Jitka Pancířová, EDTNA/ERCA Executive Director &

Professor Norbert Lameire, EKHA Chairman


Collaboration with EKHA

Continuous partnership withEuropean Kidney Health Alliance(EKHA)


Publications 2013

  • JournalofRenal Care
  • 4 Regular Editions + 2 Supplements on:
            • Home Therapies
            • Quality Improvements
  • Increasing online usage. Over 50,000 article accesses in 2012
  • Included in Wiley Blackwell collections. Over 1600 libraries around the world have access to the JoRC
  • Strategy for next year: Supplement on Transplantation

Publications 2013

  • Newsletter
  • Available in the following languages thanks to Volunteers translations:
  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Distributed hard copies in: English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish
  • All PDFs in the open side of EDTNA/ERCA web.









Publications 2013


Acute Kidney Injury-A Guide to Clinical Practice

Translation from English into Spanish

Project leader: Spanish Key Member: Carlota Hidalgo

Hard copies in Spanish thanks to FME

Renal Transplantation-A Guide to Clinical Practice

Translation from English to Italianby EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch

Peritoneal Dialysis – A Guide to Clinical Practice

Translation from English to Italian by EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch


Publications 2013


Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis–

A Practical Guide to Reduce the Environmental Burden of Dialysis

  • Translation from English to Turkish by:

Turkish Nephrology Nursing Association

  • Translation from English to Portuguese by:

Maria Saraiva and Filipe Cristovao,

Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

  • This book is now available in 8 languages:

Czech, English, French, Italian, Portuguese,

Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


Other Publications achieved in 2013

ONLINE educational resource for Health Care Professionals (HCP) – Electronic Library

  • Project Leaders: Karen Jenkins (UK) Lesley Bennett (UK)

An ongoing project to create educational materials at three distinct levels: Novice, Advanced and Expert. Every level will be identified by a color. The first ones:

  • Expert Level

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Renal Bone Disease

  • Advanced Level

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Immunosuppression in Transplantation


Publications under the following Consultants accountability to be launched soon:

  • Book on Immunosuppression

Jose Luis Cobo Sánchez ( TX Consultant)

  • Translation from English to Greek: Nutrition for Adults with CKD

Liana Poulia - Nutrition Consultant (Greece)

  • Book on E-health

Aase Riemann ( Peritoneal Dialysis Consultant)


Cooperation with other Associations

  • Croatian Nurses Association
  • TNNA
  • Italian Branch
  • Soben

QualityImprovementImplementation in RenalUnitsacrossEurope - A survey of National Presidents of Renal Health Care Associations“

AnEuropean Network of Renal Care Association (ENRCA) project

10 National and International Associationsparticipated in thisproject:

  • Israeli NNA
  • FS Nephro

S11 ENRCA Session, 12:45, 1 September 2013, Artistenhall


EDTNA/ERCA & Social Media

New ways of communication with EDTNA/ERCA


SinceJanuary 2012 EDTNA/ERCA is on TWITTER

Dailytweetingaboutthelatestnews on EDTNA/ERCA and renal care

Since 2013 EDTNA/ERCA isinvestigatingthepossibilities

ofusingFacebook and LinkedIn



Presentation and Approval of Financial Report 2012

Edita Noruisiene

EDTNA/ERCA Treasurer ad Interim


Financial Conclusions 2012

  • In the financial year 2012, the Association continued with the consolidation of the financial status.
  • Services to members, delegates and partners and educational offerings to Renal field were maintained at a good level.
  • The Association continued to work on various projects and organised a successful 41st International Conference.
  • The Association published a Scientific Journal, a Newsletter and new pocket books for education of Renal healthcare workers.

Financial Conclusions 2012

  • The basic reserve required was maintained.
  • The Capital increased to 642.807 Swiss Francs (CHF).
  • The flexible assets are found in bank account and short term investment accounts.
  • Transfer and settlement accounts show fully explained and consolidated balances.
  • Accrued expenses and income are at normal levels, transactions accounted are fully transparent and explainable.

Financial Conclusions 2012

  • The result of the year 2012 shows a surplus of 176.192 CHF.
  • The main reason for this result is the cost conscious working in all areas, a continued interest in the International Conference by delegates and excellent support from industry partners.
  • The good results compensate a reduction in membership receipts, are positively influenced by lower conference expenses than forecasted and income from publications although receipts from advertisements for print publications are less successful then in past years.

Financial Audit 2012

  • The official Revision and Audit of the Finance Accounts 2012 took place on 16th March 2013 in the premises of Alpina Treuhand, Seestrasse 91, 6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland
  • All documents were available at the revision. The balances of Bank Accounts were found to be equal to assets booked.
  • All transactions are correctly booked and transparent.
  • Short term finance investments were balanced. The investment strategy ensures best security and flexibility regarding liquidity required.

Financial Audit 2012

  • I quote from the Report of the Auditors:

“In our opinion the accounting records and financial statement comply with Swiss Law and the articles of the Association. We recommend that the financial statements submitted to you are approved”.



  • The process to safeguard the financial independence and viability of the Association remains a challenge for the near future, in a period of world-wide economical instability.
  • Cost containment, safe investment of reserves and support to the organisation of a successful conference are the main goals for the Finance Team also in 2013 and onwards.
  • EDTNA/ERCA strives to maintain the level of services on a high level, is investing in improving services and support to volunteers and will continue to support innovation in many aspects to support Renal care workers.

With great sadness EDTNA/ERCA faced the loss of our experienced, skilled and highly committed Treasurer, our dear colleague and friend

Alessandra Zampieron.

We owe her our deep respect. She will stay in our memories.


I would like to thank:

All my colleagues in the Executive Committee

and in particular

Mr. Alois Gorke, the Finance Co-ordinator,

and other professional providersfor their support during the year 2012.


Approval of

the Financial Report 2012

by the AGM




Maria Saraiva

EDTNA/ERCA President ad Interim


Executive Committee elections results

Executive Committee elections 2013 with effect as per 1 September 2013

  • A total of 149 ballots counted, 0 of which were invalid
  • 1154 members with voting right (June 2013)
  • A quorum for a postal ballot shall be 7% of the voting Members
  • = > minimum81votes

EC elections results

Executive Committee elections 2013 with effect as per 1 September 2013


Yes Votes           NoVotes                   Abstain

Marianna Eleftheroudi 142 3 4

Elected as Executive Committee member as per 1 September 2013

Susan Rogers142                  1                                6

Elected as EDTNA/ERCA Secretary as per 1 September 2013

Maria Saraiva1431                                5

Ratified as EDTNA/ERCA President, with effect as per 1 September 2012

Edita Nourisiene13748

Ratified as EDTNA/ERCA Treasurer, with effect as per 1 September 2012

Elections were closed and are declared valid.

promote renal care through education and continuous professional development

Objectives 2013/2014

Promote Renal Care through education and continuous professional development
  • Strengthen the role of the renal multidisciplinary team to enable quality of care for the renal patient
    • by preparing educational materials which will help these professionals in the education of patients and families
  • Increase awareness to the role of renal multidisciplinary care team taking care for renal patients, in different European countries
    • by being involved in projects at national level and bringing EDTNA/ERCA knowledge and expertise

Objectives 2013/2014

Development of educational material for nurses in order to enable them to answer the needs of patients from different ethnicities and cultures

  • Identify and develop educational materials for renalcare teams helping them educate, advise and guide patients from different ethnic origins
    • by developing materials in different languages suitable for educate and guide people from all origins and ethnicities
  • EDTNA/ERCA organizes educational meetings on local and international level to spread educational materials,knowledgeand expertise
    • by having EDTNA/ERCA Ambassadors in various countries worldwide leading the voice of the renal teams
act to achieve better understanding of the continuing change in the renal healthcare environment

Objectives 2013/2014

Act to achieve better understanding of the continuing change in the renal healthcare environment

EDTNA/ERCA is committed to:

  • Partnership with Renal Industry and Renal Associations both at local

and international level

    • by cooperating in projects that will answer the needs ofrenal forum
  • Act toward prevention of renal disease
    • locally and on EU level in collaboration with our allied associations and organizations

Objectives 2013/2014

Continue increasing visibility of EDTNA/ERCA worldwide by increasing the use of Social Media and website


  • Aiming to increase its search profile
    • enhancing Association’s visibility in major search engines
  • Participating in Nephrology Social Media forums on the web
  • Aiming to open a profile on LinkedIn
  • Making the Association’s Webpage more user friendly
  • Aiming to increase visibility
    • by encouraging people to participate in discussion forums e.g. RenalPro lead by EDTNA/ERCA volunteer

Volunteers acknowledgement

Maria Saraiva

EDTNA/ERCA President


EDTNA/ERCA volunteers

  • Newpostsofcurrent EDTNA/ERCA volunteers:
  • Susan Rogers EDTNA/ERCA Secretary
  • Marianna Eleftheroudi ExecutiveCommitteemember
  • Berislav Poje ScientificProgrammeCommitteeMember

EDTNA/ERCA volunteers

  • New EDTNA/ERCA volunteers:
  • Anna Kliś KM forPoland
  • CiaraWhiteContinuingEducation articles coordinator published in the Journal of Renal Care

Leaving EDTNA/ERCA volunteers

  • Leaving a current post:
  • Maria Saraiva EDTNA/ERCA Secretary
  • Marianna Elefteroudi KMM
  • Nurith Blumenthal SocialWorkersConsultant
  • Doesn‘t continue the 2nd term:
  • Gabriela Magrian KM for Poland
  • Posts cancelled in December 2012:
  • Martha Girak LM for Austria
  • Viktoria Szlonkai LM for Hungary
  • Resigned November 2012:
  • Mohammed Shami Al Jondeby ILM for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


No motion for AGM 2013 was submitted


Lifetime member

  • EDTNA/ERCA member since 1987, KM for Greece and KMM since 1992
  • EDTNA/ERCA President 2009-11
  • Participated in ENRCA projects and contributed in the coordination with Greek renal centers
  • Books translation, support of the new nurses for abstracts writing, participating in research projects
  • Contribution to the promotion and organization of EDTNA/ERCA’s Conferences,
  • She has built a reputation in Greece and she is well respected by both nurses, doctors and managers, even in other disciplines related to renal field.

Lifetime member

Anastasia Laskari, Greece



Manuscript & Scholarship

Helen Noble

SPC Chair


EDTNA/ERCAManuscript & Scholarship

3rd Prize

full year EDTNA/ERCA membershipfor maximum of 3 abstract contributors

O 79

Impact of the therapeutic regimen on the quality of life

of dialysis patients

F. Loureiro1, A. Gomes1, M. Machado1, F. Vieira1, J. Fazendeiro Matos2

1Fresenius Medical Care, NephroCare Braga, Braga, Portugal2Fresenius Medical Care, NephroCare Portugal, Porto, Portugal


EDTNA/ERCAManuscript & Scholarship

2nd Prize

Prize in the amount of 250€

P 024

The effect of liquid and salt control training on the intradialytic period

E. Topbas1, D. Murat Öztürk1, S. Dedekoc1, T. Kavalali1,

Y. Sapci1, F. Öztürk1, S. Can1

1Amasya University / School of Health, Nursing Dept., Amasya, Turkey


EDTNA/ERCAManuscript & Scholarship

1st Prize

Prize in the amount of 500€

  • P 036
  • Illnessperception and hopelessness in haemodialysispatients
  • M. Mollaoglu1, F. Candan2, B. Yürügen3
  • 1Cumhuriyet University, Nursing, Sivas, Turkey2Cumhuriyet University, Nephrology (MD), Sivas, Turkey3Okan  University, Nursing, Istanbul, Turkey
7 th september 2014 radisson blu latvija riga latvia

Date and venue for next AGM

7thSeptember 2014

RadissonBluLatvija, Riga, Latvia



List of exhibitors valid as of 23 July 2013