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Chapter 24 book 2

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Chapter 24 book 2. Drawn to the loadstone rock. The title of this chapter represents the compelling force to return to France even in its turmoil from the safety of England(Mr. Lorry and Darnay ). Summary.

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chapter 24 book 2

Chapter 24 book 2

Drawn to the loadstone rock

The title of this chapter represents the compelling force to return to France even in its turmoil from the safety of England(Mr. Lorry and Darnay)


The revolution is speeding up along with violence in France, killing the king and queen and overthrowing the government and the wealthy, basically escalating the revolution from the last chapter. Tellsons bank becomes a gathering place for the rich because of its safety in England. Aware of the turmoil in France Mr. Lorry decides to go to Paris to save the documents and other valuables there in the French bank. However before he leaves Mr. Lorry then receives a letter to be given to Marquis. Of course Lorry can not find Marquis because he is Darnay. Darney hears of this and convinces lorry to give him the letter, so he can give it to Marquis. The contents of the letter tell Darney that Gabelle has been captured and imprisoned for maintaining his mansion. Darney Decides he must leave for Paris and writes a letter saying good by to Lucie.

literary devices
Literary devices
  • Personification- Here The revolution is being portrayed as if it is running fearfully wild, giving an idea human characteristics. Significance-This shows how the revolution has become uncontainable and unstoppable in France“….and he even saw himself in the illusion with some influences to guide this revolution which is running so fearfully wild” page 245
  • Allusion-Here the passage makes a reference to a famous catholic prayer. Significance- This is telling the reader that after Monseigneur had created this huge mess he realized its evil and disassociated with it.“Monseigneur after boldly reading the lords prayer backwards for a great number of year and performing other potent spells for compelling the evil one, no sooner beheld in his terrors and took to his noble heels.” page 236
literary devices1
Literary devices
  • Foreshadowing-the author seeing the rock (France) as no danger foreshadows problems in France for Darnay in future chapters. Significance- Here the author hints that Darnays trip to France may not go as smoothly as he planned
  • “ Yes the Loadstone rock was drawing him in and he must sail on , until he stuck. He knew of no rock and saw hardly any danger” page 245
essential quote
Essential Quote

“Yes like a mariner in the old story, the winds and the streams have driven him within the influences of the loadstone rock , and it was drawing him to itself, and he must go”

Shows how Darnay really doest want to go but feels this natural almost mystical urge that draws him back