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ConocoPhillips Organization PowerPoint Presentation
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ConocoPhillips Organization

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ConocoPhillips Organization
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ConocoPhillips Organization

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  1. ConocoPhillips Organization

  2. Mulva

  3. Berry

  4. Leone

  5. Cross Functional Teams: Fluid & Lithology Prediction Basin Systems Earth Modeling Heavy Oil Deep Water Low Cost Wells Arctic & Others… Gas ConocoPhillipsUpstream Technology Organization

  6. Jim Handschy Jim Handschy Manager, Global Geology Integrated Geological Analysis Juli Ericsson Manager, Stratigraphic Prediction and Analysis Cal Cooper Manager, Structure and Basin Fluids, Chief Geologist, UT Jim Blankenship Manager, Integrated Studies Steve Gast, Manager, Formation Evaluation Carol Riddell Administrative Assistant Rose Luna Administrative Assistant

  7. Juli Ericsson Juli Ericsson Manager Stratigraphic Prediction and Analysis Stratigraphic Prediction and Analysis Geoff Haddad Deepwater Clastics Doug Moore Stratigraphy Laird Little Deepwater Clastics Dave McGee Deepwater Clastics Mark Olson Stratigraphy Lorna Richmond Stratigraphy Bill Morgan Carbonates Chip Feazel Carbonates Anita Csoma Carbonates Hank Tran Geoscience Technician Tara Benda Clastics John Suter Clastics and Heavy Oil Thomas Demchuk Biostratigraphy Ron Waszczak Biostratigraphy

  8. Jim Blankenship Integrated Studies Jim Blankenship, Manager, Integrated Studies David Lewis Seismic Petrophysics Randy Mitchell Seismic Petrophysics Francis Connors Seismic Petrophysics Milt Enderlin Borehole Image, Stress and Strength Analysis, Sedimentologic Studies Bill Kilsdonk Structural Geology, Geopressure Analysis Jacek Lupa Geopressure Analysis Ray Reid Borehole Image, Stress and Strength Analysis, Sedimentologic Studies and Dipmeter/Sonic Processing

  9. Cal Cooper Kate Weissenburger Petroleum System Analysis Structure and Basin Fluids Cal Cooper Manager, Structure and Basin Fluids, Chief Geologist, UT Reservoir Structure and Containment Rocky Hardy Reservoir Mechanics Eric Michael Petroleum System Analysis Brad Huizinga Petroleum System Analysis Heather Perfetta Petroleum System Analysis Chris Zahm Reservoir Structure Khalid Soofi Remote Sensing Robert Krantz Structural Analysis Peter D’OnfroFault Seal/Top Seal Peter Hennings Structural Analysis Regional Analysis Chuck Shearer Basin Modeling Rosario Scheerhorn Basin Modeling, Inorganic Geochemistry and Diagenesis Albert Holba Organic Geochemistry Lung-Chuan Kuo Basin Modeling Guy Flanagan Gravity and Magnetics Hongxing Ge Structural Analysis Robert Hooper Structural Analysis Scot Krueger Structural Analysis Carol Scott Remote Sensing Technician Jan Foote GeoscienceTechnician Mary IvesGeoscienceTechnician

  10. Steve Gast Steve Gast Formation Evaluation Management Formation Evaluation Jim Klein Petrophysics Carrie Foster Reservoir Modeling Gordon Fielder Reservoir Modeling Dirk Seifert Reservoir Modeling Ron Thompson Reservoir Modeling Larry Maple Petrophysics Pat Noon Petrophysics Jeff Martin Petrophysics Al Shultz Clastic Stratigraphy Peter Delaney Petrophysics David Wood Petrophysics Jon Gaston Depth Conversion and Modeling Melinda Meacham Formation Evaluation Technical Support

  11. Terry Lucht

  12. Don Wallette

  13. Nahill

  14. Mark Noble

  15. Don Robertson

  16. Gary Smith

  17. Cornelius

  18. Patterson

  19. Harding

  20. Schaaf

  21. Venezuela E & P Organization VTT

  22. MERC Region

  23. Qatar

  24. Qatar – Capital Projects

  25. Qatar – Commercial and Business Dev.

  26. Qatar – Capital Projects

  27. Upstream Asia Pacific

  28. Warwick

  29. Storaker

  30. Knudsen

  31. Knudsen

  32. Bailie

  33. Australasia BU Exploration Department 2003 - 2007 Australia Exploration Vice President Exploration/ExploitationBobby Nolen Administrative AssistantSimone Boland Principal GeophysicistWilliam Ashby Principle Geophsicist Michael Raymondi Reservoir EngineeringTeam LeaderDag Sanner Senior GeologistMaggie Fleming Technical AssistantSuellen Kinnaird PrincipleGeophysicistMark Sloan Exploration TechnologistTim Cox Senior GeophysicistCharles Faulkner Senior GeologistFrank Krieger Senior ReservoirEngineerDavid Jamieson Cartographer Bruce Beer Senior GeologistKim McInerney GeoscientistTBA Petroleum EngineerIgor Jacimovic Geologist Ed Hooper Operations Geologist Rob Rutherford Reservoir Engineer Maurice Vanderhaeghen Expatriates Nationals Petrophysicist Hank Koelemij Contractor

  34. Drilling Division Australia Drilling Dennis Morgan/ (Norm Omsberg) Drilling Manager Jo Forster Administrative Assistant Glenn MencerDrilling Team Leader Daniel Healand WESR Suzy SpencerDrilling Contracts Procurement Specialist John Willis Drilling Superintendent Mark Bickley Senior Drilling Engineer Hans Urdahl Senior Completions Engineer Chris Pereira Logistics/Expeditor Johanne Kinsey Drilling Accountant Scott Elder Cost Control Analyst Clyde McFarland John Dale Don Presnell Dany Simonton Drilling Supervisors Iain ClyneSenior Drilling Engineer Senior Completions Engineer TBA Guy Hattersley Senior Drilling Engineer Bill Stibbs Ensco Offshore Drilling Superintendent National Contractor Steve Smillie Drilling Fluids Specialist Theron Gordon Tech Aide/DIMS/Maxwell Expat Expat – US based TIGA/Other Contractors Hakon Skjevlik Directional Drilling Specialist

  35. Australasia Division Senior Management Structure 2003 Australia Senior Mgt. President Australasia Division Stephen Brand Senior Administration Assistant Susan Abrahams Vice President HR Flora Furness Vice President EKKN Operations John Kent Manager HSE Uwe Doring Joint Venture Manager Jon Schultz Vice President Darwin Area Blair Murphy Vice President Managing Counsel David Bridges Offshore Installation Manager Paul Day Vice President Finance Jarl Ellingsen Vice President Capital Projects Michael Britton Vice President Operations & Drilling Mark Tompkins Vice President Exploration/Exploitation Bobby Nolen Vice President Commercial Mike Nazroo Global Information Systems Supervisor Peter Mannolini Manager Pipeline Glenn Nespeca Manager Drilling Dennis Morgan/ (Norm Omsberg) Principal Geophysicist Bill Ashby Director Negotiations Robin Antrobus Manager Accounting Warwick Wilson Project Manager LNG David Lundeen Manager Operations George Manning Taxation Manager Dane Paddon Operations Manager LNG Doug Yates E Expatriate Manager Supply Chain Glen Gorton N National

  36. Schoenthaler

  37. Nichols

  38. Sledz

  39. title

  40. title

  41. title

  42. title

  43. Schlumberger Organization