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Scottish Banner

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Scottish Banner
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Scottish Banner

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  1. Scottish Banner the Creation of a public facing consumer website on hosted Windows SharePoint Services Jonathan Matthes SSUG 16th October 2007

  2. Agenda What were aims of the project What did we do and how did we do it What went well What didn’t go so well What are the learning's to take away

  3. Project aims Provide a greater level of content management over the old PHP site including support for an online product catalogue Retain creative design of the PHP site Retain features such as online feedback form Minimal impact on the end users Ongoing cost effective hosting Learn more about the limits of WSS in a hosted environment

  4. What did we do Used an ISP to manage the WSS site based in USA Planned the high level structure of the site leveraging out of the box features such as navigation Developed the site in a separate instance of WSS Migrated site structure and content over to the new environment Many calls to IT support in the USA at 2am!

  5. Site Structure

  6. Logo with link to Home Page Automatic volume and issue number Navigation control Branding Web Part Page Area

  7. Before

  8. After

  9. What went well Management of all structured content now in lists The design of the site migrated easily over to WSS Enhanced end user capabilities through anonymous list access Creation of a secure Administration site Security allows roles to be split between offices Simple product catalogue implemented through image libraries No code developed

  10. Anonymous List Access

  11. Structured Content

  12. What didn’t go so well No access to box. This meant no development of code, themes or changing of any server settings. Large foot print of page compared to previous site Any changes to masterpages and styles needed to be copied to each subsite Challenges with anonymous access and 401 errors Root site styles behave differently to sub sites Moving the site between servers assigned new guids to each list Lack of SharePoint knowledge by the ISP and timezone support headaches

  13. Lessons learnt Get a decent hosting provider Research and manage clients expectations Start with a suitable masterpage Anonymous list access works well when it works Never underestimate training requirements “Use of WSS through a hosted ISP for the right type of website can be a cost effective and productive solution if properly planned.”

  14. Thank you!