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  1. Tutorial: Banner Access and Use for Faculty and Staff BANNER

  2. WELCOME PRESENTERS • Joann Arlington: 7-2428 • Barbara Bebergal: 7-0056 • Etina Qirjo: 7-0228 BANNER

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE • This session is designed for all staff who works with graduate admissions processes. • This includes: • Advising and Counseling Advisors and Staff • Advising Faculty • Department Chairs and Coordinators Banner

  4. DECISION PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES • Admission Decision Form can be found at • Submit by e-mail to BANNER


  6. FERPA Form Required of all FAU staff and faculty members FERPA FORM BANNER

  7. BANNER student security access form • The Banner Student Security Access Form is located at • Select the Banner Student – Admission, Financial Aid, Registrar form and follow the directions on the form. BANNER

  8. Use SPAIDEN to view biographic and demographic information for all persons associated with the institution Current Identification Tab bio/DEMO information Click on Current Identification Tab to view full name BANNER

  9. Registrar and HR updates this information when informed of name changes SPAIDEN – Alternative identification Click on Alternative Identification Tab to view alternate names/IDs BANNER

  10. Each Address record has it’s own entry Use the vertical scroll bar to view all entries SPAIDEN TAB - ADDRESS Use the vertical scroll bar to view all address entries BANNER

  11. Each Telephone record has it’s own entry Use the vertical scroll bar to view all entries SPAIDEN TAB - telephone Use the vertical scroll bar to view all entries BANNER

  12. Student must request confidential status through Registrar or Personnel/HR if also an employee HR SPAIDEN TAB - BIOGRAPHICAL BANNER

  13. Only the FAU email address will be maintained Exception: Prospect’s email address will be maintained when added by Admissions SPAIDEN TAB - EMAIL BANNER

  14. Each Emergency Contact record has it’s own entry Students are responsible for adding this data using Self Service Banner SPAIDEN TAB – Emergency Contact Use the vertical scroll bar to view all emergency contact entries BANNER

  15. Use SOAHOLD to examine a student’s hold record information Use to place, remove and view hold information Many different Hold Type codes Examples: TZ The From and To date fields identify the dates that the hold is valid The Origination Code field and Description field identifies the department/office that placed the hold VIEW HOLDS Note: If Release Indicator is checked, only the person who placed hold can remove it BANNER

  16. Use SPACMNT to examine a student’s comment record information SPACMNT used to place, remove and view comment information on a student’s record Anyone with update access to SPACMNT can post comments Each comment includes a Comment Type,Originator code and comment text Each comment record has it’s own entry VIEW COMMENTS Use the vertical scroll bar to view all comment entries BANNER

  17. Displays information about a student’s standardized test scores Best scores for GRE and GMAT at the bottom Additional information blocks – Options menu SWATEST – TEST SCORE INFORMATION BANNER

  18. Use SOAPCOL to examine a student’s previous college information SOAPCOL displays Attendance Periods and Degree Details information for each prior institution if applicable SOAPCOL– Previous Colleges Use the vertical scroll bar to view prior college records Use the vertical scroll bar to view multiple degrees from the same college BANNER

  19. SAAADMS– ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS • Application tab : Displays application status, curricula summary and field of study summary Use the vertical scroll bar to view multiple applications BANNER

  20. SAAADMS– ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS • Curricula tab • Has 2 sub tabs • Field of Study tab BANNER

  21. SAAADMS– ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS • Checklist tab • Displays application checklist details BANNER

  22. SAAADMS– ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS • Comments in SAAADMS • Sources, Interests, Comments Tab • Displays comments placed by Graduate Admissions representatives. Users responsible for processing the Admission Decision Form will enter any conditions to admission. Graduate Admissions will copy the condition in the comment field with the Originator Code GCND These comments will be appear in the applicants’ acceptance letters to advise them of the conditions imposed by the department BANNER

  23. Banner owls Banner Online Web Linked Services • Application Status BANNER

  24. Banner owls • Application Status BANNER

  25. Banner owls • Application Status Application Status comes from SAAADMS, Application Tab Requirements come from SAAADMS, Checklist Tab BANNER

  26. Banner CODES SAAADMS Admission Types: Checklist Items – Status Codes. Student Type – always G Residence Codes Attributes Conduct BANNER

  27. Banner CODES SAADCRV Decision Codes SWATEST Test Codes SOAHOLD Hold Codes BANNER

  28. Thank You Graduate CollegeStudent Support Services BldgSU-80, Room 101Boca Raton Campus(561) 297 Banner