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Banner 7. Another Year… Another New Release…. It’s All Web. Banner 7 - Portal. Luminis Enter your personal bookmarks here. Can be customized to display the functionality you need most. For example, the Parking Permit Application can become visible when new permits need to be requested.

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Banner 7 l.jpg

Banner 7

Another Year…

Another New Release….

It’s All Web

Banner 7 portal l.jpg
Banner 7 - Portal

  • Luminis

    Enter your personal bookmarks here.

    Can be customized to display the functionality you need most. For example, the Parking Permit Application can become visible when new permits need to be requested.

    Will provide single sign-on capability.

Banner 7 confidentiality page l.jpg
Banner 7 Confidentiality Page

  • Message lines are gone

  • Must change screen resolution to 1024 X 768, otherwise all parts of the form will not be visible.

Banner 7 opening menu form l.jpg
Banner 7 – Opening Menu Form

  • New Menu Form

    • Items on the Menu Bar – Window and Help

    • Addition of the Tool Bar

    • Products Line replaced by Drop-down list

    • Icons are replaced with text

    • Magnifying glass is gone – Search or List

    • Tells you who is connected to the session

Banner 7 opening menu form5 l.jpg
Banner 7 – Opening Menu Form

  • New Menu Item: XTender Solutions – Imaging

  • You only see what you have access to

  • New Banner Messages section

  • New Links on the right

  • Link to My Institution

Banner 7 new forms look l.jpg
Banner 7 – New Forms Look

  • UIS Icon is no longer available

  • Menu Tabs on many forms

    Provides another way to navigate forms

  • The F5 key will call up a “Go to” window, where users can navigate to another form without having to return to the main menu. Pressing F5 again will close the window.

Banner 77 l.jpg
Banner 7

  • Right-clicking anywhere on the background canvas will call up the Options menu. The Options menu now includes Rollback, Save, Exit, Print, and Add to Personal Menu, in addition to forms and windows that relate to that particular form.

  • When a radio button or check box is present, you can click on the label to select that option rather than having to click directly in the circle or box.

Banner 78 l.jpg
Banner 7

  • Name searching from SPAIDEN and all other %IDEN forms, APAIDEN, FOAIDEN

    You can tab to the Name field and enter the Last Name, a comma, and the first name. The % can be used.

    A list of the matches will appear where you can further refine the search.

Banner 7 common matching l.jpg
Banner 7 – Common Matching

  • An attempt to minimize multiple PIDMs, but not a silver bullet

  • For data entry, not for searching – enter all data in one screen instead of into five different blocks

  • Called from all “IDEN” forms if you click “Generate ID” or enter an ID number that doesn’t exist in Banner

Banner 7 on line help l.jpg
Banner 7 – On-line Help

  • On-line Help

    -Form Field and task help

  • How it is accessed:

    -Online Help button on toolbar

    -Online Help option in Help menu

    -Help Center link on main menu

Functional change highlights l.jpg
Functional Change Highlights

  • Advancement

    * Giving button on APAIDEN is now available if the

    constituent has ANY contribution

    * AGIMATG—New form that shows Employer Waiting

    Matching Gifts

    * APAPERS and APATELE are now obsolete

  • Accounts Receivable

    * Document Number field added to TSADETL and TSAMASS

    * TGACOMC--When comments reach the end of a line, the cursor

    now stops instead of erasing the whole line

Functional change highlights12 l.jpg
Functional Change Highlights

  • Finance

    * FOAPERS and FOATELE are now obsolete; this information is now

    included on FOAIDEN

    * FTMAGCY and FTMVEND—information on these forms has been

    reorganized, and common matching can be called from here.

  • Financial Aid

    * Setup for Common Matching for the Tape Load Process

    * New form—ROIASIQ—assists in determining if the student had a

    prior aid application or has a record in the Student or Accounts

    Receivable system.

Functional change highlights13 l.jpg
Functional Change Highlights

  • Student

    * Concurrent Curricula structure. There are two ways of keeping

    track of curriculum data

    —you can overwrite the existing curriculum or keep a history.

    * New form—SHATCKN (Course Maintenance Form) replaces


  • Human Resources and Payroll

    Tabs added to many forms

    No major functional changes

Banner 714 l.jpg
Banner 7

  • Use of the Emergency Contact Form

    (SPAEMRG or the Emergency Contact tab)

    Should the University make use of the Banner Emergency Form to collect this information?

Banner reminders l.jpg
Banner Reminders

  • Don’t search from the gateway window or the grey screen otherwise you will be kicked out of INB.

    The INB window will disappear !

  • When you click on the Confidentiality Screen and move into Banner you are accepting the responsibility to protect the data

  • EXTRACT Data option

  • Reporting Banner Errors to the Help Desk

  • Cancel Query icon, Enter Query and Execute Query

  • Calculator and Calendar icons

  • Banner Support Page

  • My Banner

Banner 7 duplicates and ssns l.jpg
Banner 7 – Duplicates and SSNs

  • If you find duplicate records, enter the same SSN on both records. The records will appear on a weekly list for processing.

    Then send e-mail to Lorraine Mancuso indicating which record should be deleted.

  • If an SSN is entered as an ID, all information on that person will be deleted and the person who created the record will need to recreate the entire record.