are paid links evil
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Are Paid Links Evil

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Are Paid Links Evil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are Paid Links Evil. A Tale of Propaganda and Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Michael Gray – SES San Jose – August 2007. Google is Not the Government. Don’t Listen to Corporate Propaganda. Google’s Version of Advertising. Google developed an algorithm based on links

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are paid links evil

Are Paid Links Evil

A Tale of Propaganda and Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Michael Gray – SES San Jose – August 2007

Google developed an algorithm based on links
  • They expect you to change your business model and implementations to compensate for flaws in their algorithm
  • Google made 1.12 billion dollar profit 2nd Quarter 2007
  • Google expects you to sacrifice income and profitability to compensate for their flaws
  • They expect you to do it for free!!!
the trail of lies for no follow
The Trail of Lies for No-Follow
  • No follow was developed to combat blog spam
  • 3 Months after no-follow was widely adopted Google changed the rules
  • Google took advantage of the entire web publishing world for their own goals
what constitutes a paid link
What Constitutes a Paid Link

How can you know the context of the link

why is google opposed to paid links
Why is Google Opposed to Paid Links
  • Paid Links Work
  • It’s nearly impossible to rank in any competitive SERP without paid links
  • … Unless you are Wikipedia
  • Google runs a competitive advertising product
  • By eliminating competition Google insures the profitability of their product
creating fear uncertainty and doubt
Creating Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
  • Google tries to convince you that by buying or selling paid links, you are breaking the law or being unethical
  • Google creates fear of losing your rankings and traffic by being removed from their index, if you don’t follow their guidelines
google has overstepped it s boundaries
Google Has Overstepped it’s Boundaries
  • According to Google their mission is to “organize the world’s information”
  • Google’s mission is not to tell you how to build and implement your website
  • Google’s mission is not to tell you how to buy or sell advertising
  • Google’s mission is not to tell you how to run your business