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Essentials Color. Candy art. Food has become a common medium used in art these days. Your medium for this project will be candy. Project requirements.

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Essentials color

Essentials Color

Candy art

Project requirements
Project requirements

  • Pick a work of art from the master list of images. If you pick artwork not from the master copies it must be approved by the instructor and you will need to print out images in black and white.

  • You may work from a detail cropped area of the artwork. You do not need to copy the entire image. You will need to do this a computer.

  • Trace the outline of the image on to a piece of cardstock paper.

  • Bring in at least one bag of colored candy. Nerds, Skittles, Gumdrops, Licorice, etc. Pick candy colors that will go with your color scheme.

  • There will also some extra candy supplied to use if needed.

  • Pick a color scheme from the lecture. These include monochromatic, complimentary, local, neutrals, analogous.

  • Thevalues in your artwork must match the darks and lights in the painting you are copying. You will have both a color and black and white reproduction to work from.