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Color, Color, Everywhere…. Color Webquest PowerPoint Presentation
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Color, Color, Everywhere…. Color Webquest

Color, Color, Everywhere…. Color Webquest

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Color, Color, Everywhere…. Color Webquest

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  1. Color, Color, Everywhere….Color Webquest ID Fall 2010

  2. Color, Color Everywhere - Introduction • For this project you will be researching how color affects us and how we can use color most efficiently in our interior designs. • You will be working individually to come up with color recommendations for each one of your clients (assigned by Ms. Storms) needs.

  3. Color, Color, Everywhere…Task • Your task for this assignment is to step into the role of an interior designer and come up with a color plan for the rooms designated by your client • The color plan should be done using some kind of multimedia presentation (powerpoint, prezi, wall wisher, sticky nodes, ect.) that will then be presented to the class at the end of the planning • For each color suggested you should provide justification for picking that color • Along with your presentation you should create 3-5 quiz questions that deals with the information provided in your presentation…the class will be taking the quiz written with your and your classmates questions

  4. Color, Color, Everywhere….Process • Draw for client situation • Research impacts of color and mood • Create a multimedia presentation that deals with the information learned and provides suggestions for your client needs • Create quiz questions

  5. Color, Color, Everywhere…Multimedia Presentation • Your presentation should contain the following items: • Introduction to your client • Color suggestions for all of your client’s needs • Justifications for all of your color suggestions • A minimum of 3 color samples for each room, for your clients to view • List of resources used (may use 2 of provided websites, and 1 of your own)

  6. Websites for your use… • • • •

  7. Color, Color, Everywhere…Time frame • You will have 2 days in class time to work on completing this project • Quiz questions will need to be completed and handed in by October 6th, 2010 • We will be presenting this project to the class on October 12th, 2010 • We will also be taking the quiz on October 12th, 2010

  8. Color, Color, Everywhere….Evaluation • You will be evaluated by the following items: • Rubric provided in class • How well you use class time (25 pts) • Quiz Questions provided (10 pts) • Quiz results (10 pts)

  9. Questions?

  10. Client #1 – Carson and Gail Smith • Newly married • Just purchased first home • Ranch style house located in town • Their tastes are very simple. They enjoy having inviting spaces where they can entertain guests. They like traditional styles, and nothing too showy. • Looking to redesign the following rooms: • Bathroom • Master bedroom • Spare bedroom • Kitchen

  11. Client #2 – Evan and Roxy Rowland • Evan (mechanic), Roxy (Elementary teacher), Sydney (11 yrs old), Alexandria (8 yrs old) • Roxy and Evan are a very modern family and enjoy new trends, and keeping a fresh look in their home. • They live in remodeled large apartment above a store building in a suburban area • They are looking to redesign the following rooms: • Bathroom for Evan and Roxy • Bedroom shared by both girls • Family Room • Evan’s “sports” room (He is a HUGE Husker’s fan)

  12. Client # 3 – Cedric and Deanna Coleman • Cedric (firefighter), Deanna (works in retail), Brooklyn (2 yrs old), Benton (due to arrive in 3 months!) • Cedric and Deanna are very busy young parents. They live in a Victorian style home. They are VERY traditional and they love to accentuate their home’s style. Their home is full of the original trim, and wood floors. It is over 100 years old. • They are looking to redesign the following rooms: • Family room • Benton’s baby room • Master bedroom • Bathroom