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Sushmita Kari Asha Mathew Niramayee Sarpotdar Sashi Mangu NandhaKumar Ramanathan PowerPoint Presentation
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Sushmita Kari Asha Mathew Niramayee Sarpotdar Sashi Mangu NandhaKumar Ramanathan

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Sushmita Kari Asha Mathew Niramayee Sarpotdar Sashi Mangu NandhaKumar Ramanathan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team Idea Chutney. Sushmita Kari Asha Mathew Niramayee Sarpotdar Sashi Mangu NandhaKumar Ramanathan. Farhan Kalsekar Amit Agarwal Sachin Arora Dhiraj Jetwani Praveen Kumar Bala Murugan. Design Challenge . How might we reconnect with the child in us. Persona - 1 .

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Presentation Transcript

Team Idea Chutney


Asha Mathew





Amit Agarwal



Praveen Kumar


design challenge

Design Challenge

How might we reconnect with the child in us.


Persona - 1

Name : Mahika

Age : 28yrs/Single

Lives in : Bangalore

Native of : Jaipur, Rajasthan

Occupation : Investment Banker

Earns : 2 L per month

A Day in Her Life

6:00 am : Yoga

7:00 am : Singapore call starts

9:30 am : Indian Markets

2:00 pm : European Markets

11:00 pm : Review of US Markets

Reads Books on Weekends.

Sometimes Retail Therapy.

  • She Loves
  • Eating Paani-poori from the roadside vendor but scared to be spotted.
  • Travelling.
  • Swimming.
  • Sleeping late on weekends.
  • Reading Dilbert, Cavin
  • Her Pain Points
  • Misses her family
  • Perfectionist. Gets irritated.
  • Clueless about future.

Persona - 2

Name : Karnab Swami

Age : 35yrs/Married

Lives in : Delhi

Native of : Assam

Occupation : Journalist

Earns : 5 L per month

A Day in His Life

4:00 am : Goes to bed.

7:00 am : Checks News Channels around the world.

9:30 am : Sync up with team

2:00 pm : Editing for News Hour

9:00 pm : Live on News Hour, Shouts, Howls, Insults, Plays Judge, Is the court

  • He Loves
  • Beer with friends.
  • Reading novels.
  • Game of Badminton
  • Wild Life Photography.
  • His Pain Points
  • Most of the stuff in and outside work.

Work related stress

Mid Life Crisis

Connected to a lot of acquaintances but the bond is only superficial.

Longs to be with friends and shed inhibitions intermittently (go crazy for a bit)

Tries to re-connect with childhood memories via the internet but finds limited content. Doesn’t find most of the vintage stuff that was available during childhood.

Has a lot of physical memories from childhood that can be digitized and archived.


service concept

Service Concept

Service Concept

Childhood/Break-away/Adventure experiences for professionals

Experience Design


To relieve them of stress and increase their happiness quotient

High level service attributes

Real world and virtual experiences

Offered directly to professionals or through organizations (their employers)

service concept1

Service Concept - Childhood/Break-away/Adventure experiences for professionals

Designed for – Urban Working Professionals

Customer Segments / Target Audience – Professionals in the age group of 25-60

  • Target Audience pain points/attributes
  • Stressed
  • Over-worked
  • Hectic lifestyle

Service Concept

  • Value proposition
  • Pure unadulterated FUN
  • Being able to explore possibilities without any boundaries
  • Being able to de-stress and let go
  • Target Audience needs
  • Need time for themselves – “ME” time
  • Have FUN
  • Network/Make friends without the “pressure” of networking

Customer Journey

Sign up

User Collates childhood memories to be archived

Memories on the cloud, along with the other online experience.

Bachpan Van visits to collect pics/ artifacts and also carries some vintage collectibles, etc.

User can create a memoir of his childhood with the archived content.

market ecosystem

Professionals and/or Organizations

Market Ecosystem

Idea Chutney (name to be changed)

Business competes for target audience’s “share of time” and “share of wallet” – it is identified that this is discretionary spend

Vendors (Transport, equipment, website, trainers, speakers etc.)


Hobby shops, Travel companies, Theatre, Films, Movies, Social Events, Gaming companies, Shopping malls etc.


Idea Chutney (name to be changed)


Service Components

Real world –

Hobby exploration / development

Random discussions



Crowd-source experience design

Experience design for alumni / school get togethers

Mobile van

Virtual –

Friends connection

Old movies / TV snippets / Old ads / Cartoons

Rating mechanism

Order surprise merchandize packages for friends (marbles, tazosetc.)

sales strategy

Customer relationship

  • Regular personal level interaction
  • “Partner for life” relationship

Idea Chutney (name to be changed)

Sales Strategy

  • Word of mouth publicity
  • Through propagation of app
  • Invitational events/Free workshops
  • Through social media networks
  • Regular & continuous customer engagement
  • Newsletter and story sharing
  • Channels
  • Word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Print media